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Hello everyone I am Philip from blackbull
markets New Zealand here and this video I’ll be taking you through Bitcoin this
is the cryptocurrency that got everyone into cryptocurrency which kind of
sparked the whole say almost say trading fashion or investing fashion
trading for people so this is kind of a got a lot of people made a lot of people
lose money made a lot of people made make money so we’ve got a lot of
millionaires who made money out of bitcoin who made their riches from this
couple of currencies so that’s why we take this one I’m going to take you
particularly through this one it is say so say the father of all or Godfather of
all cryptocurrencies so I’ll just take you through the technical side of
things I’m not a big fundamental fan if you guys have realized therefore my
videos I feel fundamental analysis is kind of not really a 100% well i wont say 100% not really accurate a lot of people think you know
they know what’s gonna happen with fundamental analysis but I’ve found that
a technical analysis is doesn’t Trump fundamental analysis because if you
listen to news people what starts going really high we’ve really great really
great now this currency or this will this stock war this cryptocurrency has added as
highest as everything is going great and all of a sudden it turns around making
big drops if you’ve noticed if you’re just listen to the news you your pick
up there that usually does happen yeah so that’s what the particular
analysis that kind of gives you a put over I would say bit of an advantage
over people who use fundamental analysis it also means you know you can try to
be bit more relaxed makes people a book you can be a bit
more relaxed about your trading not having 500 screens on your on your watch
listening to news you know picking up making sure they looking at your phone
making sure there’s nothing I god no world drama no big major news events and
not listening to the swag I tell you all this is happening now
not having all the news channels so sorry wandered a bit off but I mean you
probably get the point that’s why I prefer to use technical analysis you
know it’s sit down in a nice quiet room play some music if you prefer to play
rock music not so quiet but yeah it just just gives you the opportunity to just
focus purely on the charts and purely on the training not having to freak out
about what’s going on around the world to know what’s gonna happen next so I’ll
take you through the cypher water I’ll take you through this by labeling so
I’ll just show you what I’ve got two main labelings first is this impulse
wave and I’ll show you that other want a bit later so my first choice was this
this impulse wave waves one two three could see waves one and three were similar
in length so we had a shorter wave five you can see wave four made a triangle with
a small e wave over there but still follow the rules of elliott wave sorry
still follows the rules of elliott wave and usually if there’s a small e wave that undershoots this trend line we can see a quick shift sorry quick sharp
move to the upside or to the downside of pinning if you’re looking at a bull or
bear market and you could see that has happened here
with our labeled wave five so and then obviously triangle as well indicates the
finishing move kind of shows that only one will move to this to the in the
direction of the trend before it turns around and you can see it has entered
here’s a triangle again a sharp move to the upside and it’s a massive turnaround
here so what a thoughtful wave two I have got a W X Y with it’s internal wave
little label it but I’ll take you through it see ABC coming up with a
sharp victim just quickly guys this is why again I there was a probably news of
in here and City one look at Bitcoin and shooting up again is it going to recover
this time and obviously no it hasn’t so this particular analysis if you had
drawn your New York channel even earlier over here connecting so connecting here and here not very okay I’d
say not not too accurate but I mean you could see it if we’re still created as a
support line you could say no I won’t go further up it’s a lot you would have
thought that this was the turnaround point for for Bitcoin but it again it
wasn’t so coming back to here you can see it’s still follows nicely
in this channel are they coming obviously ABC for the y wave and then
what I’ve got here is a label labeled one wave opening with a big gap on
Monday also showing a good indication that the market is gonna continue this
uptrend like we’ve had here did make a gap big move to the upside corrected
people would have thought oh no then other ones can happen here but if you
didn’t know you’re taking analysis you know okay this was a triangle even if
you do follow the world technical analysis it off the Elliott Wave you can
see it was good form a triangle over here you can see it broke early so you
could have entered another trade over they putting your take profit at the tip
of their previous one looking for a double top which it has sort of formed
and you know after the double top if it breaks to the show to the long side if
it bounces which should which it did there you could have put your stop-loss
up over there we don’t have taking you out and continue down for a nice move to
a downside so back to elliott wave I will just fix that a little bit of a big
fiction have to fix it okay so you can see like I said wave
one kind of wave two if it does break here break that level over there
let me just have a look what this was the low was seven thousand nine
hundred fifteen point twenty for for this candle over here so if it does
break that level you can you can say okay this counters is invalid maybe
it’s kind of continuing in W XY double X Z padded to the downside making it a
triple zigzag for wave two which is still allowed and then we can look for
potential whose upside as long as it doesn’t break this low we can say great
petitions to the upside but if it does go up here breaks a nice double top
again it gets ugly cool waves one two and then wave three has started petition
where three are started and then if it breaks over here even better let me know
a long-term primary wave three has now you could have now have started and to
determine where that’s gonna go I’ll show you Fibonacci so we use a Fibonacci
to determine which way the waves have gone so wave 3 is usually 60 so 161.8
percent of wave 1 but it can also be a hundred percent of wave 1 so
is a hundred percent of wave 1 we can look for levels of $11,000 again for
Bitcoin which is great for people along in Bitcoin investing things so that’s
why I recommend you guys if you do trade please watch these videos whether you
trade with us or not you know please just watch these videos
like could help you a great way of trading kind of like its kind a market updates
then if we sorry if you continue in uptrend going to the guideline wave 3 we
could look for $13,000 inward pointing it which will get people very excited
and then coming down for a correction and then for a particular booth again to
the upside to finish that primary wave five so this is my first view on bitcoin going day I’ll show you the second view again so this is what I have for
the second view you can see I’ve made a triangle
I’ll zoom out a bit secret super bitter so there’s still the for our bar chart
as well just zoomed out so you can see a bit better so this is what I’ve got here
I’ve got this as a wave coming down a corrective wave I would wave this as a
wave W and then it’s it’s it’s it’s X wave is now a triangle so you can see
ABCD add potentially wave year over here I have checked this one to see cuz in
Elliott Wave their waves E will sometimes be equal to 61.8% of wave wave
C we can see that if it is 61.8% it actually breaks a rule because the e
wave could never go beyond the end of wave C sometime does break there we know
there’s countless invalid and we can look for this this pattern over
there just zoom out so you can see what I’m talking about
so I’ll see you there this is except does break there we can determine that the stream wave the primary wave three has started so this is what I’m looking for this is
if it so I would say you know look for a balance on this on this trend line over
here just connect waves a and wave C we can we can look for a balance on this
trend line you know that’s the likelihood of the bouncing off the stream line and
then after that we can look for a potential move to the downside so like I
said on this one over here if it does break yeah if it does break this label
over here this wave one that we had on zoom in you can see it better so if it
does break this the start of wave one we could say okay great after our move we
could say okay great I’m triangle is now validated and then
we can look for potential trade to the downside completing another another wave
of this proportion because as we know waves W in waves waves Y usually usually
are about to run about 100 percent I sometimes sometimes I found that it is
61.8 % of their previous wave so if we have waves W wave X wave
Z sorry waves Y being the same length with this so we could look for
another potential trade of but you could see it we can look for another potential
trade but a big trade to the downside so investors usually go long so I would if
that does happen if we could see a lot of investors taking out taking out their
lot day long trades but if you trade you know if you’re a normal trader trading
long or short not having a bias and this is perfect so you could trade it to a
lot in to the short side yes so this is pretty much what I’m looking at guys
what I was looking at now for Bitcoin I’m not gonna go through the other
cryptocurrencies as just because this is the you know this is the big so sorry
about that so that yeah that’s that’s pretty much what I’m looking for
this is what I’m looking at and Bitcoin I’ll show you just quickly the other
ones actually y’all just really quickly I don’t try them too much but if you see
the Sprint is quite large on them especially on a theory up I think or is
that like yeah so you can see like when the Sprint is absolutely mess of this is
there four hour barchart you can see the screen is just too big for me so I
prefer to try telling with a small spread so I don’t have to pay too much
in commission yes oh actually I’ll take you say like I
said I’ll take you through them so you can see – point is made a triangle sorry
a wage falling wage your pendant just take the role analysis out of that like
I said I haven’t really got too much into this as I don’t trade them too much
so if you if you do want to trade it you know you can look for a potential break
to a long or short side break you of these this trying these barrier lines of
this hidden I mean there you have kind of similar all these points are kind of
similar seen see it has broken we can actually adjust this so if it does break either way you know
long short depending on which way it breaks and they’d like point so you can
see like point is also again formula dependant to the downside you can actually
adjust this more again there you go so break it to the upside or the
downside potential trades long or short depending on what the market does so you
can see they’re all pretty similar pretty similar kind of shapes and then we’ve got Bitcoin which is a
little bit different and but again also coming with up movement and down movement but
just that it formed that pendant or that Diagonal kind of shape there we were there
we had another coins so we are labeled this one just purely because that’s the
one I trade I prefer to trade this over all the other ones get a guy got for the
tangent you can see how a bunch I really really have a passion for training guys
I really enjoy these making these kind of videos you know helping you know my
passion is also helping people you know trading so if you guys do open an account
with us you know and you’re unsure about a strategy or if you want to taste a
strategy with strategy with us you know if you sign up you get me to talk to so
I’ll be here to discuss your strategy with you if there’s anything you want a
tweak on it if you want like a bit more personal you know I can show you how to
manage your risk way to you know way to enter your trade depending on what
chart patterns form you know there’s a I’ll always keep on teaching you how to trade
how to make money keeping our clients happy and with us for as long as we
possibly can making you a lot of money well helping
you make a lot of money on obviously we can’t trade for you so you know but we’ll
be there to teach you and I’ll be there to teach you as best as I can so that’s
the benefit of signing up with us guys but it was a product selling here but in
all seriousness guys this is this these are patterns are looking for this is why
preferred technical analysis it is just for me it is very important too
find something that works for you whether it’s news or technical analysis
where fundamental analysis or technical answers or a combination of both would
be great as well but for me I just prefer technical analysis because it is
just a bit more relaxing I don’t be sitting from the TV the whole time to
watch the news so it’s a purple long video but yeah that’s pretty much what
I’ve been looking at for Bitcoin for the cryptocurrencies this week you’ve got
any questions please feel free to ask me or contact me with my details below and
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you can just go to our website and have a chat to a
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markets safe trading have a great week and have a good one
thanks for watching it you

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