Are we Cardano crypto outliers?

Welcome everyone so I’m here with Berry
so Berry’s a good friend of mine we’ve been going back for a decade plus we’ve
known each other for a long time so we’re in the same area right now we
actually from the same area we don’t live in the same area right now so we
thought we would shoot a couple collab videos together and this is a good
friend of mine so we’re just gonna go back and forth we both love Cardano
alright by the way we’re both very bullish and we’ve been talking about it
since since the beginning and we have the texts to prove so we’ll drop those texts
when the bull market returns to make everyone feel good but today’s
topic is going to be about a book called outliers I don’t know how many people
have read it and I read it a while ago and there’s a section in the outliers
book and we were just going to discuss this and in the terms of investing and
basically the section in the outliers book talks about the richest people in
history so it basically did this analysis and the richest people in
history there’s a disproportionate number of those kind of people that were
born from the years 1850 to 1860 and this was because this was the start of
the Industrial Revolution and the railroad was here so all the Carnegie
Mellon’s and JP Morgan’s and the Rockefellers these are the kind of
people that were born during this era and made an amassed a great amount of
wealth and the second era was actually people born in like 1950 to 1960 because
by the time the internet came they were between their 20s and 30s and the reason
why I bring this up today is because I think the third time in history where
there’s going to be a massive wealth gain by certain individuals is
happening right now people born from like the 80s to the 90s you know you
guys are 20-30 years old some might be younger Millennials exactly even the gen
Z babies to an extent yeah depending on how early you were in the early 2000’s. As far as what do you think is like a
prime age I mean it’s good not to be too young because if you’re too young you
don’t have the capital to invest or too old you may not even care about it but
like if you’re what what do you think that age range
perfection and during these time is and you don’t want to exclude everyone
because there’s people that are investing that are in their 50s and 60s but
so from so as a citizen in the United States like that’s what we’re
talking about yes okay so if I’m in the United States I would say anywhere from I would
say about twenty about twenty years old to about I would say twenty eight twenty nine so like a range of like eight years from 20 to about
28 okay okay why is because on average you’re getting to your later years
the later 20s people fill their life with things like you
know children yeah careers you know some people get settled into their career and that’s also like the perfect prime age of
energy it’s like the amount of energy you have to even put towards anything
like you know your career to make earn more money and also knowledge those are probably like the most prime years for any any person in
America to gain as much knowledge as they can so from 20 to about
28 and that’s like the biggest slice of knowledge,
experience, and capital so I think 20 to 20 28 I mean I kind of agree
like the 20s is ideal for speculative investment, but like the
advantages of being a little bit older like maybe between 30 to 50 you may have
more capital and you may have more access to funds, but the drawback is you
may have children so you you don’t want to your risk to reward you
don’t want to be like gambling as much as people in their 20s or in
terms of your percentage of net worth, but if you’re like 30 to 50 and you have
like a lot of money already or you’re making that transition to have a lot of
money it’s probably perfect because you probably have more capital then, but
then again how long will it take so if I’m if I’m 35 let’s say like the internet right it took about I don’t
know nine plus years for things to really start rolling in
before becoming every day used within the world so crypto is so
early it’s really still very volatile so if I’m 35 and I
have to wait let’s say 15 years now I’m 50 years old
for my money to appreciate to reach whatever goal I have yes it’s a good I
guess retirement plan I guess I would say or it’s a great way to go out yeah,
but then again if I’m 20, by the time 15 years come by 21 you know
I’m still mid 30s I still have a lot of life in me now I can actually enjoy the
fruits of my labor so that’s why I said like that’s why I picked younger ages
because it’s not all about making the money because you know
if I gave you a billion dollars at 89 years old what’s the purpose yeah this was the point yeah yeah you make a good point
you make good point but we’re on accelerated time scales here so everyone should feel
like it’s not going to happen in 15 years it’s going to happen a lot sooner than that
you know I would say max three to five years to tell you the truth max before
an epic an epic transformation I’ll give it longer than that, longer than that
I’ll give it I’ll take five from your end and make that my beginning and I’ll say five to about nine five to eight years, so we’re in 2019 are you saying like 2024 yes because for adoption or
another price appreciation adoption because price appreciates price appreciation to me like it’s like anything in the world like the majority of the time the reason people like you know pious isn’t pious because
you know it’s pious because gods love pious so huge prices so like
let’s say bitcoin or whatever Cardano Let’s say Cardano goes to forty dollars for
one you know just saying you will see a
lot more people jumping into that project because it’s a bigger tag on it
you know even when I first
started buying cryptocurrencies or getting into it and I look I don’t want Litecoin, I want Bitcoin because I just see a
bigger number, I see a bigger price, I see a bigger tag so that’s what really
attracts the people well not the people, but majority of people you know
they see oh it went from 100 to 10,000 they’re just looking at that final number they’re not
really looking at it went from a penny to $10 of looking at it went from 100 to
10,000 whatever percentages are important yeah they’re
not looking at a percentage gains they’re just looking at okay this is at 20,000
that’s huge when really Bitcoin was nowhere near the top performer of 2017
yeah or 2018 in retrospect so that is true so five to eight the reason why is because even with proof of stake how many forks are we going to see with proof of
stake now you have to also account like Bitcoin had a lot of obstacles in
its road you know with like scams you know exchanges just taking people’s
money stuff like that so you have to also give time for these new projects to
go through that growing stage as well like yeah things
will be a lot more regulated in the future like you’re right were no more
sped up time timeline, but life happens so we don’t know what’s
going to happen to certain dev teams yeah some people may disagree on something and split up or this may happen within this
cryptocurrency project that may slow up or add certain regulations that may be
unattractive to conglomerates or investors just investors period
okay there are things in this world
and within the news that’s spread FUD or whatever and it’ll affect the
growth okay okay okay maybe we can talk about that in the
next video let’s focus on growth in the next video and see what
could be what what potential roadblocks for proof of stake there are okay alright
everyone thank you for listening please like, comment, and subscribe
leave your comments below tell us what you think and until the next video thank
you thank you

51 thoughts on “Are we Cardano crypto outliers?”

  1. Have to disagree to timeframes, the internet was slow, since then the speed of invention, implimentation and execution has sped up so much then any previous generations. Nothing is taking decades any longer unless it is medical

  2. Yeah Berry is being WAY too conservative here. Adoption will happen much faster; especially when you consider the coming financial meltdown with over 200 trillion in debt worldwide.

  3. ime mid 40s but my son is 20 ,great fun having a common interest in cyptos especially ada ,makes Christmas, birthdays easy when i ask what he wants its simple "send me some ada" 🙂 great job keep up the good work spreading the word on cardano

  4. Nice chat! I like that you both let each other finish your sentences and comment on what each other is saying instead of trying to top up what the other one is saying as you so often see in interviews. Your friend also seems like a nice person.

  5. Good video. Thank you both .I think adaption comes faster than how it was before. Lot more countries and economies are making faster growth than before.. it was US, Japan and China but now lot of economies are developing fast. If it took 10 years to get to some point earlier, It will take lesser time now to get there. It is because of growing globalization and common problems everybody have. So I think in general the growth and adaption is faster now than before. In my opinion

  6. I am glad I am in my young 40’s. If this were to happen 5-10 yrs ago, I would not have been able to invest what I have now. I am looking forward to some sweet times in my 50’s and beyond!

  7. Some older. I am 44. Well traveled, lived in multiple countries and spent time on multiple continents. I have seen and experienced many things and therefore have a little perspective on things.

    I know that life is but a vapour and our character is more important than age.

    Cardano is certainly a great opportunity but the real issue in life is the condition of our hearts, not the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh or the pride of life. All that stuff is temporal. Human consciousness and self awareness is no accident and therefore EVERY moment wherein we can make choices is extremely valuable.

    I find it is with age that many people begin to realise how valuable time actually is, if one can come to this realisation sooner rather than later then the sooner they can be reflecting upon the more serious issues pertaining to the soul as opposed to "spending" an inordinate amount of time upon that which is only temporal and not lasting.

    Yes, "time" is something we "spend." Time is more valuable than money, yet money is representative of time because we can use it to buy others peoples time as well as a store of value for past time we have already spent. This is why theft is wrong, for it is in effect the taking of a part of someone else's lifetime and attributing it to oneself.

    Cryptocurrency is but another representation of time when value is attached to it. I do hope that the unbanked in Africa that I know will benefit from projects like Cardano by having the opportunity to engage in the global market place whereby they can access a better store of value for the "time" they spend as opposed to less than $10 a day.

    Yet even so, let's not lose sight of what really matters. Following are some words attributed to King Solomon, who was said to be a man of vast wealth and wisdom. Who during his life indulged himself in all manner of luxury whilst he espoused sound counsel to others, counsel he would not necessarily follow himself due to the alluring nature of temporal pleasures. He certainly indulged himself with women. Yet at the very end of his life he concluded that ALL was actually vanity apart from character and here is his counsel…

    "then the dust shall return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return to God who gave it. Vanity of vanities, says the preacher; all is vanity… And further, by these, my son, be warned: The making of many books has no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh. Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God, and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is good, or whether evil." Ecclesiastes 12:7-8, 12-14

  8. I think the next time we see a new all time high will be around 2021 the latest. If it takes longer than that then that’s fine too lol 😂

  9. I noticed you throes out hypothetical $40 Ada. Realistically what are your opinions on growth/price of the coin when we reach trillion dollar market cap?

  10. I'm 34 and I'd say investing smartly takes maturity that people under 30 usually lack… At least I did. They might get filthy rich but will spend their newly acquired wealth on stupid things like lambos and yachts.

    If it takes 10 or 20 years for me to get wealthy in a big way it doesn't matter to me, although I'm pretty sure it'll be 2 to 5 years max. I have two children. I'll use the wealth to make life better for the people around me and not just on my own material pleasure.

    I see cryptos as a possibilty for me to achieve financial freedom before age 50, to be able to quit my day job and start building a career as an entrepreneur instead. I plan to start some businesses (a hacklab-type thing and some other stuff) I've been thinking about for 5+ years, as I'll need considerable starting capital to get things running quickly.

    I'd say between 30-40 years of age is optimal for investing smartly to create generational wealth.

  11. There are plenty of Gen Xers who are at a point in their careers now where they have some cash to invest, not to mention retirees.

  12. I just turned 60 two days ago. Been retired for 10 years and casually trading. Got into crypto last month and invested in Cordano and Bitcoin. Gave my children in their 20s and 30s ADA for Christmas so they had to learn what it was about to know what they had. Its created a new topic of conversation for us. Even though I'm sixty I still get excited about potential profit while being part of something that might make the world a better place.

  13. I think it's too difficult for a twenty something to get into "business". First you don't own your funds, second you don't have the perspective. I will put the range between 35 to 55 counting that I really feel like we will see a big move in the next 5 years.

  14. Ha, life ain't over at 50😂. Besides, they say the first 150 year old is already born. If I'm him and I go rich on Ada at 50, I'm looking at a 100 years of rich! That ain't bad.

  15. I'm a "seasoned" person who was introduced to crypto by my son. I've invested a descent amount into ADA…but what holds me back from investing a lot more is knowing whether Charles will stay at IOHK after his contract is up in 2020.
    IF he's not going anywhere and an announcement is made to that effect, I will feel better about investing more.

  16. Im 29 an I didnt like this age basis for investement 15 years from now Im 45 , age is just a number Im a biologist nowadays scientist are working to stop aging and make human life span limitless by 2040 aging will be stopped or even reversed for those who wish to pay for… this kind age categorizing your viewers is just disappointing my mom is 57 and even she has invested in cardano! thank god she did not watch this video

  17. Key point… accelerated time scales.
    The exponential and rapid nature of technological development, and in particular open innovation – I think 5-7 years for mass adoption

  18. Cardano is a fine project but I don’t see anything above .07 an ADA coin this year and believe bitcoin should pullback to $2000 or less in a disastrous year for cryptocurrency. Oddly, I believe Cardano will be the best performing coin and not lose anything ending the year where it started at .04

  19. I hold 20k ada because im student, and its all i have. Hope it it does well enough so i would be able to afford my education in future. 🐂

  20. im 16 and im constantly keeping updated on crypto news and i know more about it than anyone my age that i know. Im trying to be a developer for upcoming cryptos. Mainly cardano or Ripple or possibly Bitcoin. Just gotta be patient. I also got my parents into it and they are going to invest a little.

  21. Phil, next to you Rick seems like your little brother. Now, next to Berry, YOU seems like the little brother!
    (your microphone is so good that a lot of noise is heard every time you slightly touch the desk) Great content as always!

  22. Unfortunately I'm too young and don't have the income to invest significantly. Rip, but I've already accepted it. I'm more interested in the movement and getting enough money for a top of the line laptop and desktop is enough for me.

  23. Crypto has been around 10 years, but the real innovation is beginning now. The foundation was laid for the concepts, now the real development begins. So I think 3-5 years minimum is fair with a bit of luck and hard work on IOHK's behalf, and 8+ years is a very fair conservative guess. We are definitely in an accelerated information age, so if someone creates an effective viral or enterprise use case for crypto (*cough* fingers crossed Cardano), then it really shouldn't take as long as the internet did to mature.

    But we'll see eh. All I know is I ain't touching my paper wallets until I perceive the potential for the project to have been reached (or compromised). I'm holding strong indefinitely until the time to reassess comes, and that won't be any time soon.

  24. Why are you people posting how much ADA you have on here?! I mean do you post how much you have in your bank account? Bruh keep it private don’t become a target! 🤙

  25. yesterday, i bought my first cardano. I found some info about staking. Is this happening automatically on the daedalus wallet? Or can i leave it just on the exchange? Is there a staking pool ? Thank you! Great video!

  26. I think 15 years for crypto to take off is too long. The speeds of progress and evolution in the world today is amazing. I think 5

  27. Ladies and Gents. Never disclose your holdings ever. You aren’t required to do so. It’s no ones business. If people want to find out, make them do the work themselves.

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