24 thoughts on “"Are Cryptocurrencies in a bubble?" | Market History Lesson #2”

  1. Hey Nich, I was slightly too fast with my reply, didn't completely see it yet. Like you, I do believe blockchain is the future. But like you said, Companies like Facebook came after the Dotcom bubble. Afraid that's gonna happen here too. Too much bad coins. Too much coins doing the same thing too. Also, so much money for projects that I think don't even need it… The investors are extremely jumpy, and a massive sell-off will be so easy to get with this crowd. The crash will drag the good coins down with the bad ones, and it might take years for them to recover. Look at the Nasdaq graph, it took years and years to recover! I guess we don't want to have our money stuck for that long, right? Don't you think IF bitcoin tips over, this is gonna be the worst cryptocrash so far, and everything might get down 70%? It looks like it to me more and more like it. Any chance you can do an update on your view on this?

  2. Did you see the comparisons with the dotcom bubble graph? Looks so scarily similar. Also, companies tthat dont have any business in crypto are getting in, and getting money. (dentacoin, kodak, not to speak about all those scamcoins) I wouldn't be surprised if this is the top, and this month it will tumble. To much FOMO though for me to pull out:)

  3. As has been demonstrated, yes, Bitcoin was in a bubble. the bubble popped, it's stabilized, and now we're on the way to race Astons on the moon.

  4. crypto will touch and change everything! I think crypto will suck up at least 10% of the entire global GDP… that is a VERY conservative estimate.

  5. I think this might be the first comment I do on YouTube… You deserve it. Thanks for sharing your opinion on that. best I heard or read so far.

  6. Wow, ive never seen a video like this with such a clear, calm and smart explanation. Relatively new to cryptocurrencies and youve opened my eyes. Thank u, but now its time to close them again..so .goodnight!

  7. Please sir consider writing summarisations in description for us people who dont have a lot of free time!

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  10. Can you please cover this coin and say what you think?? It looks really good!


  11. Whether bubble crash or correction if a lot of people are over exposed maybe they need hedges? If this were satirised there would be new coin called Brix which is like a real world tether – simply real estate bought and held by a token crowdfund with no real purpose other than to put the money somewhere until you suddenly sell all your Brix at the sight of cheap bitcoins or something. Someone capable should really do this! ( Would you actually NEED real real estate?, Would you have to get any real auditing? – as long as people believe enough for long enough – I demand free Birx in recognition 🙂

  12. so cardano would be a good investment because its unique its block chain tech or is it basically the same shit

  13. not just dot com… human nature is irrational. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/business/1982/07/18/cold-wind-hits-penny-stocks-in-denver-area/9586c811-159a-4670-8a05-da56759a1090/?utm_term=.f6187701e1a6

  14. And what tecnology will change the world as you think it will happen? I dont know you but i can buy everything i want and doesnt matter the currency, my euros will transform into the other currency, the bank do the job for me, Why i will buy any cryto to do the same? Because the fact it is that i cant buy almost nothing with cryptos so why botter

    And keep dreaming, none crypto will rule over FIAT money never

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