Apollo DEX Is Now in Beta (APL Update October 2019)

hey welcome to bit boy crypto your
one-stop shop for all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so today we’re actually
going to be looking at Apollo we’re gonna be looking at their new DEX that
they have just launched the beta version of we’re gonna go check out the
different wallets you can use to access the DEX but what is a DEX well a DEX
means decentralized exchange and if you go to Apollo’s media page you’ll see on
March 4th they put out an article detail in their DEX now this is a sponsored
video by Apollo do want to point that out
so back in March they said they were developing a DEX that’s gonna be an
exchange servers that will allow instant transactions between nodes so if you
think of decentralization if you think of a decentralized network it’s
basically like a bunch I’m just pointing up it this means nothing to you guys
imagine it kind of like a giant web of computers and with when you’re able to
exchange things from node to node that means that there’s not a need for one
central hub inside of that decentralized network I’m doing it again I’m punching
I don’t know what I’m doing with my hands what do I do with my hands I don’t
know but anyways guys this has been in the plans for a while for them one
advantage of a DEX is a DEX is more private because there’s no need for
kyc because there’s no governing body that is basically overseeing all of the
transactions like with Binance Binance can get in trouble if they’re
allowing you know people from different countries from banned countries from
using like margin trading and things like that they could get in trouble
because Binance is technically you know it’s it’s responsible for all the
transactions on its platform with a decentralized exchange is not that
same way because apollo while the apollo wallets work with this DEX apollo
itself is not actually running the DEX the network is running it if that makes
sense so of course benefits enhance security protecting users data this is a
chart that we went over a while back in another video I did for Apollo where
dogs the difference between different privacy
coins talking about Apollo verge – and Monaro and it just shows you all the
advantages and how fast that Apollo really is compared to some of these
other projects um and like I said here it says with two second block speed
Apollo is one of the fastest Kryptos on earth so these are a March so let’s pass
word to this week and you can see the tweet here where they announced that the
Dex was released so the much-anticipated Apollo Dex is in beta and it’s here and
accessible with in the Apollo Wallet platform which we’ll look at that here
in just a second we’re going to open that up but they have eath and pax
pairings available Bitcoin coming soon so big news release nice little graphic
you know a poem always does such good work with their graphics and things like
that I think they got a good team of designers so let’s look at the article
that they put out so Apollo foundation launches decentralized exchanges from a
couple days ago with atomic swaps Apollo decks beta version includes tradingview
and uses aetherium smart contracts so here it says Apollo is announcing the
launch of Apollo decentralized exchange a proprietary software package for the
exchange of digital assets and peer-to-peer network the beta version
features atomic swaps which is smart contract technology that enables the
exchange of different crypto currencies without the need for intermediaries or
third parties so while a lot of projects are trying to figure out you know
interoperability and how to get blockchains to communicate with each
other to do different functions with atomic swaps they’re able to basically
exchange one cryptocurrency for another one now not every cryptocurrency is able
to be atomic swapped but I think a lot of the ERC 20s are able to be atomic
swapped I’m not a hundred percent sure about that I think it is predominantly
those at this point um but that is part of what is gonna make this Dex work is
the fact that they’re gonna have these atomic swaps that are going to be able
to instantly you know change over from one cryptocurrency to the next it
already said the different pairings that have so they had a quote from the
director of business development a lot of people think he’s the CEO I’m not
sure if he was at one time but C McCullough is kind of who people look at
the leader of this project so he had a quote here
he said Apollo Dex is one of the first platforms utilizing a truly
decentralized architecture says T McCullough director of business
development it will give users unprecedent control and security over
their funds we have experience we’ve experienced exchanged hacks and
unscrupulous fun freezing firsthand and this experience is fueled Apollo’s
mission to provide an unadulterated exchange experience and the truth is
that we need something different in crypto because if you’re a member in
2018 when the price was hovering between you know eight thousand ten thousand
what really ultimately caused a lot of the drops to get it down to three
thousand well at least down to six thousand three thousand to six thousand
that was kind of the hash Wars that was going on at the time between Roger Vere
and Craig Wright but not to get too far off topic but a lot of the reasons why
we saw a lot of big drops in 2018 was due to exchange hacks and even North
Korea has actually gotten over a billion dollars in in critical currency that
they have stolen from exchanges in hacks and they’ve used that to fund their WMD
their ballistic missiles all of those programs that they have so we do know
that these exchanges are big problems when it comes to being hacked and we say
we have a sprays here in crypto obviously you may have heard it before
not your keys not your crypto if you don’t own the private key to your wallet
it is not your wallet it’s an incubator for your money and you don’t want that
you want to have somewhere that you can store your cryptocurrency that you own
it now yes you are responsible if it gets stolen at that point you don’t have
a bank to bail you out and say oh you know what somebody saw your credit card
number so I guess we’re just gonna give you all the money back that’s kind of
the pros and cons of what we’re seeing with cryptocurrency and being your own
bank you have the freedom to hold your own money and be responsible for it but
you’re also responsible for it if something were to happen
and I would like to see in the future maybe some kind of company that will
help people protect their crypto funds in terms of maybe I don’t know insurance
you can put on your wallets or something like that but that might get complicated
because we need to have all kinds of insurance fraud I guess but I would like
to see something that comes in maybe another solution to help people with
those funds but in the meantime we do have decent relize exchanges that will
allow people to do this like the Apollo decks so you can see here this is Apollo
currency calm slash en for English slash wallets and this right here if you look
over here shows the decentralized marketplace but to really get into the
decks you’d have to download one of these wallets they do have a web wallet
they have a Linux wallet windows wallet android wallet iOS wallet and the bit
fie hardware wallet so there’s all kinds of different ways that you can access
this decks if you are interested in it but the longer this short of this video
I would like for you to take away is that we need decentralized exchanges are
they the end-all be-all solution like some people say no I don’t think that
they are but we do need functioning decentralized exchanges and either the
Apollo community is a very strong community and I know for a fact I can
say undoubtedly they are going to use this decks
they’re going to use this and get a lot of use out of this I think the question
is will people from outside of the Apollo community come over to Apollo and
use the decks and I’m not sure which one of those things will you know ultimately
lead to success for the Apollo decks but it’s good to see a project doing
something proactive and trying to spread the message of keep your own crypto safe
use a decentralized wallet it’s kind of this message here it’s like okay we’re
Apollo do you trust us well good news you don’t have to trust us even if you
don’t trust us even if you don’t trust Apollo the decentralized exchange is not
Apollo they’re not stepping in and doing things inside of the decks it is the
nodes that are swapping things back and forth so it’s not one of these things
where you know you have to extend trust and that is the thing with these
centralized exchanges and really with cryptocurrency we’re trying to get to a
point Trust is automatic it’s something that
you like right now we take trust for granted right you assume that your bank
is gonna take care of you you assume that your credit card company is gonna
you know protect you and allow you to do chargebacks if someone you know does
fraud on your card but they don’t have to do that and what happens is we trust
them too much and then all of our data is stolen so big props to Apollo for
getting this Dex running you guys let me know what you think about it if you used
it already if you’ve been able to access the beta version and use it let me know
what you guys think so hope you guys enjoyed this video drop me a comment let
me know what you think about Apollo and this dex people yeah

19 thoughts on “Apollo DEX Is Now in Beta (APL Update October 2019)”

  1. Absolutely perfect. This coin is incredible. Capable of everything any of the top 20 queens can do with an option for privacy if you would wish to use it. Apollo is the fastest going out there right now at 1 to 2 second transfer speeds. Very soon we are going subsecond transfer speeds along with 1.4 million transactions per second processing. That rivals ripple XRP . And setting up a national currency for Africa is world breaking news. Once this is established you will wish that you would’ve invested in this coin unbelievable. Ethereum tried to implement database sharding and failed miserably. No other coin has been able to sustain that except the Paulo who has done this on the live database and is running right now. Bye-bye to network database bloat hello super transactions speeds I am really excited about this

  2. Well what do i think? They better come up with something asap useful cuz they price its frustrating we invested in something claimed to be the ultimate shit and that's what price is for a long time shitty nobody gives a shit about apollo all the great things but they need something to make it worth at least a cent

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