Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer

No weapons are allowed on the drop ship. Any incidents of violence… I’m there, I’m closing down the bar and the next thing
I know the call comes in. Pack your bags,
we’re moving to a new arena. I’m like, whatever,
like I’m afraid of another planet. What was that? Chill, brotha. Just a minor turbulence.
Totally normal for these parts. Anyway, I been sayin’ all along,
we needed a change of scenery. Just gonna need to find whoever took
the tower down… and buy them a drink. Why don’t you just ask the new guy? Word, he ain’t too bad of a hacker.
Knows everything about anything. Hey buddy. I hear you’re the, eh,
second smartest guy in the Outlands. Wink. Come on, what are you…
hiding something? Kid’s got some moves! Approaching drop zone. Seriously? Drop zone ahead. Prepare the drop. Hope you know how to count, kid. Try and keep up, old man. Old man!? Coming through, boys! Ebuwai! Hydro-power! That’s three. For Artur. This new guy
better not mess up my stats. Or my awesome hair. That’s seven. I approve of this new planet.
The air is so… uncontaminated. High five. And here comes ten and eleven. Hey! Those were mine! Whoa, whoa, whoa, kid, it’s me!
It’s the old man. I thought, you were gonna kill me. Don’t be an idiot. I’m not an idiot.

100 thoughts on “Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer”

  1. Anyone else notice @1:40 how caustic uses his canister to block the ? lol love it….this new character will just be another victim of caustic experiment.

  2. wow. the cool edgy asian. never seen that one before. also everyone else is obviously filling a racial/gender stereotype also so… WOKE 100

  3. So something I have wondered is there is obviously only one of everybody right? So does it not make you wonder when Mirage and others says they’re on “11 kills” etc? Meaning some poor characters are getting respawned repeatedly to be killed again and again

  4. When I first watched this trailer, I was seeing shinedown in concert that very night and it just got me even more hyped

  5. Brothers, if some human leave a comment with a "fortnite is better than apex" means that human it's a fucking retart kid!!!!!! That's it.

  6. トレーニングモードでちゃんとした人型の的を置いて欲しい。

  7. トレーニングモードでライフライン以外のレジェンドも使えるようにして欲しい。

  8. トレーニングモードで銃の弾を揃えて置くのはとても助かりますが一つ一つが20発は少な過ぎます。

  9. Yo!! Gues ho making that great Clips U gues just the Best!!!??? U make the greatest intros for a video game a ever seen!!! U gues Legends to!! Keep going ur great videos and intros!!! ???

  10. look, I love this trailer and your company’s game art and your whole company’s perspective of battle royale but your pretty insignificant now.

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