Apex Legends Official Launch Trailer

Liberation from the IMC brought chaos to the OUTLANDS and the revival of an old blood sport Some Legends fight for fortune others…answers But we shall all be forged in the glorious realm- Wraith: MIRAGE! Quiet PATH, are we clear? Pathfinder: This is my favorite part [RIFLE SHOT] Exciting! Mirage: Jackpot! Don’t mind if I do Wraith: Back off Mirage: But guys I’m a Legend in this- Wraith: Legends don’t choke under pressure Caustic: Death is inevitable It’s calling you [MACHINE GUN FIRE] Mirage: Tell death I said hello So that clears things up this is mine Mirage: [LAUGHS] Yours? if it wasn’t for me you’d still be layin’ down on the job Bangalore: Did your weapon malfunction? Or did you? Mirage: Now you see me, now you don’t Sorry did I confuse you? Bangalore: Mother- [GUNSHOT] Mirage: Isn’t sneaky your specialty? Pathfinder: I believe with 10 kills the loot should be mine Mirage: That’s a made-up number [MUSIC INTENSITY BUILDS] Pathfinder: Game over. Thanks for playing! High five? Mirage: Right, so I think we are all in agreement- Mirage: They know where you are You’ve been spotted Grenade! Gibraltar: Boom! [LAUGHS] KODAI SQUAD wins again Bloodhound: Their death still carry honor Lifeline: Poor bastards Gibraltar: Check out the loot they left GIBRALTAR [LAUGHS]

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  2. Apex legends Team…CAN you please make Different Servers vor playstation Player and PC Player? And please Patch aim pot and Auto aim glitch. I Think a lot of Players use that…that destroy the game believe me. I hope you make somethin for this

  3. 1:42 I thought wraith grabbed the gernade with her but I realized they both died EDIT: how did she kill all three of them?

  4. Rewatching this now and I can conclude that the closest thing to swearing that we have in apex is lifeline saying "poor bastards"

  5. i Have been a PC Gamer since Zork. i Prefer FPS, RTSG and RPG. Battle Royale is new to me. i Did not play Fortnite because it was cliche'. Life is too short for crappy games, so i Only play the best. Apex is impressive.

    Doom was my first FPS. The game i Was best at was UT2004. Here are some screenshots:


    i Like the differences, but they are MAJOR. The three man squad concept changes things dramatically. Personally, i Find it to be much like herding cats.

    A couple of main points are, when you kill one enemy, there's two more to kill. In Unreal, when two enemies run up behind an enemy you're fighting, they kill the enemy. In this, they kill you.


    Weapon Priorities are most important. (Practice guns in Training mode.)

    Presently i Like this:

    Primary: Havoc then Spitfire then R-301 then R-99.

    Secondary: Peacekeeper then EVA-8 then Wingman.

    HOWEVER: What i'M Seeing is, the R-99 and Wingman appear to have an advantage when it comes to Rate of Fire. So those could go to #1.

    Skulltown is the second area to Practice guns.

    i Find that you should either go to Skulltown for Practice and Kills, or go far, far away, every game. And that going somewhere 'in-between', or straight-down, is a complete fucking waste of time. Other than practicing landing in a stupid area.


    You should triple the server idle player kick time. Older people like longer breaks between matches.

    You introduced a minor bug, which kills text chat after a match, if you hit the spacebar.

    You probably noticed that. Just making sure.

    i Have some suggestions, like 'Hero Preference' and 'Deathmatch' mode. But you're doing well.

    There's no way i'M Paying $18.00 for a skin, no matter how spectacular. (But i'M Older.)

    Cool game, thanks! You know UT's free now right? i Think people are bored with the old formats.


  6. In retrospect, this trailer shows they knew Pathfinder is OP ?

    Also… I main him, and he's absolutely sick to play with.

  7. I am just watching all these trailers i never realized were here because am hyped for s2 tomorrow

  8. No joke the pathfinder is me with my teammates
    10 kills and we’re fighting over who gets the loot ?

  9. Ya'll are sneaky I'm rewatching this trailer in the middle of season 2 and I just noticed when Pathfinder comes out of the water fall hes holding a havoc way before you guys released in season one very clever Apex very clever

  10. Wraith is my most favorite. It’s literally a character that reminds me of myself because she is so serious and sneaky. I love that she represents that girls and women can do things

  11. Hey don't mind me i'm just here 5 months later finally watching all these trailers even though i have been playing this game from the start

  12. Just got into this game and having a good time with it. This trailer is over of the better game trailers I've seen

  13. The animations make this game more amazing and hype me a lot I love apex idk how they didn't beat fortnite if apex adds live events it will make it better which already is but u know

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