Apex Legends Dev Responds To Iron Crown Controversy! – Changes Coming August 20!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. So Respawn has just addressed the whole Iron
Crown loot box controversy, so I wanted to update you all on it and give my opinions. I’ll go over Respawn’s post, then share my
thoughts on it all. so let me cover respawn’s response first. I’ll put a link to it in the description. Hey everyone, At launch we made a promise
to players that we intend to do monetization in a way that felt fair and provided choice
to players on how they spent their money and time. A core decision during development of Apex
Legends was that we wanted to make a world class battle royale game – in quality, depth,
progression, and important for today’s conversation – how we sell stuff. With the Iron Crown event we missed the mark
when we broke our promise by making Apex Packs the only way to get what many consider to
be the coolest skins we’ve released We’ve heard you and have spent a lot of
time this week discussing the feedback and how we structure events in the future, as
well as changes that we will make to Iron Crown. To get right into it, here are the changes
we are making: Starting on August 20, we’ll be adding and
rotating all twelve of the event-exclusive Legendary items into the store over the course
of the final week of the event for the regular Legendary skin cost of 1,800 Apex Coins. You will still be able to purchase Iron Crown
Apex Packs for 700 Apex Coins if you choose. The store schedule for the week will be as
follows: For future collection events, we will provide
more ways to obtain items than just buying Apex Packs. So that’s the overall response from Respawn,
and from the 20th of August all players will be able to purchase skins directly. There were a lot of developer comments in
the Reddit thread for this post, but essentially the story is this – Apex Legends needs to
make revenue, and running events like this and the wild hunt event have proven to be
an excellent way to boost revenue and engagement. Now, what’s interesting is despite all of
the hate, the developers have said that the Iron Crown event has been wildly succesful,
and they’re making these changes, which most likely will lose them revenue, as a response
to the critisicm. So, what are my thoughts on it all? Well, I’ll start by saying I get it, it’s
a free to play game. Overpriced cosmetics are the one way to truly
bring in revenue. The majority of players simply aren’t going
to drop money on cosmetics or any content at all. I totally don’t mind if there are $20 skins,
or $200 heirloom items. At the end of the day, it’s a method for people
to support the developers and help them to bring in the revenue they need to bring in
as a business working for a games publisher. Now, I don’t agree on the whole loot box system,
and I think that it needs to be removed completely. The system encourages you to chase a certain
item you have your eyes on, and I’m not for that in video games whatosever. I’d hope that future events like this, oh
and by the way, there will be future events like this, will have less of a focus on the
loot box element and more of a focus on simply purchasing items. That’s fine. I’m okay with that, and I think we as the
community should be okay with that. Respawn has been great at giving us all of
the content for free, and have just kept cosmetics, nothing else, behind paywalls which is absolutely
how things should be in a free to play game. There aren’t any pay to win elements. So, keep it how it is, remove the loot boxes,
and I think the community would be happy. What are your thoughts on all this? Let me know. I’ll see you in the comments. Cheerio!

100 thoughts on “Apex Legends Dev Responds To Iron Crown Controversy! – Changes Coming August 20!”

  1. I don't agree with the pricing of the items on the store. 1800 for a single legendary skin is too expensive or 700 for a pack. If we argue that is a free to play game then we are defending this high prices and later we will see this same pricing on 60 dollar games as standard. Also it should be a way to people who play hundreds of hours have a possibility to buy some items with grind currency.

  2. The problem is the set a precedent with the last event by having the cosmetic items attainable through playing the game. That is where my disappointment and frustration comes from. I get they need to make money but not at the prices items have been from the start. If I could get 1 skin for every $5 I spend then I would be giving them my money. And I think a lot of people would be more willing too. That would be even more money for them then having high prices on the stuff.

  3. does anybody else not care at all about skins? they aren’t beneficial at all. they’re gonna turn this game into BO4 /:

  4. As much as the lootbox thing is a complete joke, it's a free game, people. Not only that, it's a popular game. The devs need to produce some form of capital from the game in order to make further changes or future games, or simply to stay in the market. Skins and other cosmetics don't influence the in-game combat in any way, so, don't worry about them and play the bloody game.

    Totally understand people's frustrations, though, particularly with EA's history. I simply play the game, have my fun and not worry about my fashion attire when cracking skulls.

    I do like other people's token idea, though, but it won't change my gaming habits.

  5. I just found this video 10 mins before i was planning on buying Iron Crown packs. You have saved me a decent amount of money, thank you sm <3 xD

  6. This is dumb, they are charging double the prize for removing the rng of skins, Respawn and EA are delusional and a bunch of retards.

  7. I don't really mind the lootbox system but I think that the fact that you stop earning them after level 100 and you have to pay to get more is a little annoying
    I wouldn't mind if they did something like you can get one lootbox after 5-10 levels past 100 that could add a little fun to the grind.

  8. I want to support you Respawn and put money in the game I really do, I am not a free loader and I absolutely love the game, the legends and the skins you've been pumping out especially with this new event, but unfortunately me and the majority of your market can't afford to spend $18 just for one skin.

    NOW If they lowered their prices by half they would quadruple the amount of people buying skins, and people would be more willing to buy multiple skins.

    Also make it so that you can trade legend tokens for crafting materials/apex coins, for example 10,000 legend tokens converts to 100 apex coins (or even 50 if 100 is too much). The amount of people who would spend money and who would keep playing and grinding the game would be unreal! And if people can't afford to spend all their time grinding and leveling up they will drop money into the game because they love it (particularly people who don't have that much free time to play).

    As a result of all this Respawn would be getting a larger amount of people dropping money in the game and everyone else will be enjoying it and getting the skins they want and feeling like it's great value for their money!

  9. Of course you don't mind, you're a youtuber who get's a lot of revenue, however plenty of us with other jobs don't have ~$200 to just drop on "meh" skins. It's already stupid that a single skin costs about the same as plenty of games, but locking it behind a CHANCE of getting the items was even more stupid. At least they made it so you can individually buy the skins, but it's still overpriced.

  10. It's a free game, I get it. But the loot boxes, those are terrible. I'd pay 5 bucks on a free game for a skin I found particularly cool, but 20 is too much. And now 200 on a melee skin?? Geez. I already bought the season 2 pass, adding season 2 pass #2 that costs 200 dollars is rediculous.

  11. They should find a way to compensate the people that spent a lot of money to get all that stuff maybe free coins or something free tix idk

  12. They’re not going to lose shit for revenue. They already cashed out on all the whales that spend $170+ for all the skins with no hesitation, and now they’re changing the pricing structure so they can get even more revenue that they missed from the people
    who would never pay $170+ for skins.

  13. Forget cosmetics I just want more small map changes like the ring of fire and maybe some balance changes. Just give us something be sides cosmetics, I'm sick of waiting 3 months. The standards for apex are too low. It's hard to not get burned out

  14. People say why would I put in money to the game when it's a free to play game?its called ignorance.there not to smart and don't know how much money it cost to make and run a game like this

  15. they have THE best example as to how to do it, FORTNITE. WHY go again that stupid retarded lootbox way? they still dance to EA strings, cut them and its all good. get good skins. sell them for appropiate prices and you get the one that want that skin to buy it. Make an heirloom 30bucks for all I care. but DONT i repeat DONT hide it behind a fucking paywall of 150bucks or more just to get a fucking item.

  16. Respawn: I want you to take my money, but not for the CHANCE at getting something I want. I want to be able to buy the skins I want.

    Random chance is predatory and a bad value. You will make much more money releasing quality items every month and then letting us buy them directly. Even if we don't buy everything, 100 people buying two skins will still be better than 1 buying all the loot boxes.

  17. I'm glad to hear this change. I might spend up to 20 for a skin or two. I won't spend 200 for it though. Only the youtubers are going to do that. That's not right to hide those skins behind a huge pay wall.

  18. Despite the fact that this pricing-policy is a punch in the face of the Community and the lootboxmechanics are legal robbery, I dont get why some ppl in the comment section think that their Grind without spending money on the game should be rewarded with any legendary cosmetic?!
    We receive Badges and higher numbers on the banners for the Grind.
    Also you get free cosmetics for the ranked Grind after s2.

    Their is an logical error in your mind.

    Their are two Things that are common to buy in games with microtransactions:
    A faster Progress and the good old cosmetics.
    This is How the System works. You dont want to pay for it then Deal with the Problem that you only are able to get a certain amount of skins through free lootboxes.
    If you pay for the game you will be rewarded with exclusive skins.

    Imaging blaming a twitch Streamer for giving his subs an exclusive icon in Front of his Name or some cool emotes and you dont get nothing because you have never made a Sub despite you watch him since years.

    If you want to get rewarded for your Grind their is an simple solution. Apex is a F2P game.
    You are able to create as much Accounts as you want.
    Just play an endless amount of Accounts to Level 100. You have your Grind and a good Chance to obtain at least 3 legendaries.

    Apex gives a ridicolous amount of free cosmetics to every Player.
    And EA and Respawn are Not Charity. They have to pay their devs, Designers, the Servers, taxes, Marketing, etc.

    Dont misunderstand. I dont defend them. As i said, Lootboxes are legal robbery. You should have the Option to buy everything you want without Gambling.
    But pls stop with this pitiful begging and demand of free cosmetics only by grinding.
    Their are exclusive Players with their nice fancy skins as reward and none paying Players. Without the whales the whole F2P concept would'nt work.

    And no one would spent hundreds of €/$/Pounds If He can receive every exclusive skin without paying a penny Just buy playtime. Because those with the highest Playtime are those, which buy the most skins and boxes.

    Simple maths.

  19. WHAT???? This is COMPLETELY missing the mark!!!! Lmao!!!! Oh wow!!! I don’t think anybody is upset because they can’t buy the skins for twenty dollars. Is this really the option that you thought was best?????? Greedy assholes.

  20. I think that this response is pretty fair. However I'm still pretty salty coz I got a Mozambique skin from mine free crown lootbox. 🤪

  21. They said that there will not be any loot boxes in any coming events.. U should have said that in ur video.. All the skins u will be able to get through playing in the any coming events

  22. I do have to say people are still bitching quite a lot. I really thought the problem was because Respawn went the Loot box suprise mechanic path. But now they have made it so we can buy a skin directly with same price as the old legendaries, which isnt anything new, thought people would be less outraged. But nope, apparently you guys want to be spoon fed everything for free, we got gameplay content for free and thats enough for a game, im frlm vietnam and the stuff are still expensive to me but im okay with respawn not making us having to gameble for the skins. This is good for people like me who only want one skin out of the bunch.

  23. U forgot to say in ur video that's still learning how free games should work coz apix is there 1st free game ever.. So they made a mistake and they learned and will not happen again

  24. This Fix is insanely stupid. You can either spend $170 to get all of the items ( purple and Gold) OR! you can spend $18 for each gold item which comes out to being nearly $216. They didn't fix the problem they just gave us an even worse option to choose from. WTF EA!!

  25. I'd rather pay $60 for a game and have free content than to have a free game riddled with microtransactions and high priced items you can't get free what so ever

  26. Good, but i dont know why you are getting sponsored by cheerios, i mean, that food has not relation with apex legends, not even with games, so you should search a sponsor that goes with the channel's thematic.

  27. I am fully on board with their response and I’ll defend it. If you hate microtransactions and the way things were done normally then that’s fine I reckon.. I just don’t like the gambling aspect of it. The price point was fair for the value but LET ME CHOOSE. These packs aren’t just your typical run of the mill common packs with 2 common quips and a rare banner frame in it. They have so called “in game value” so the prices were fair, but I’d feel way more comfortable paying for something I actually can use. Good change for what it is, at least they care about the well being of their customers headspace. It’s a free game after all.

  28. More then likely this was their plan from the beginning but they wanted to see what they could get away with. Besides, the people that were going to pay for all the lootboxes and heirloom have already done so. This "change" is only to make people think they haven't gone full EA but don't be fooled. They have!

  29. a better way to monetize your cosmetics.
    I understand that its easier to get 200$ from a few hundred people and reap the benefits then it is trying to get 10$ from that same pool of people. And some people dont wanna pay at all since its a free game hence, a free ride.

    Here me out. You have a large community who, are willing to pay. However, your prices are to high for the average consumer of your product. From a business perspective lowering your prices would have a bulk of more players throwing their wallets at you in the in-game store. Plus you get to keep your loot boxes.
    (This is what Walmart basically does and everyone shops there because of how low the prices are)…

    I also understand its not easy making video games especially a live service one. Im an 3d/digital artist my self.

    1. Change the prices in the in game store and add more cosmetics (for small things).
    If you were to change the pricing for some of the items!!! i swear on god, harambe,jesus and my dead relatives you would have more people spending more money consistently then just every once and awhile. This would create a more steady revenue stream. additionally when events come around you could increase that revenue,as well as, player retention by selling bundles. But ill get into that later…

    Change the legendaries to 10$ and change epics to 5$. That pricing is way more reasonable for people to purchase then 20$ a skin. 20$ is alot of money to spend on a single skin. 20$ is enough to feed 20 people McDonald's 1 dollar cheeseburgers…

    Add more variety in the store: add reskins of certain throwrables or abilities in the store like for example make caustic gas traps into different colors that can shoot different effects of gas. Or even better make a skin for lifelines drone.

    2. Events
    Instead of doing whatever your planning. Make the events bundles like the battlepass, but charge double or triple for it!!! People would definitely buy all 24 of those skins for 20 or 30 dollars. Thats good money spent in my opinion. Then make the heirloom attainable by getting 100 wins in solos , or whatever objective you want. But the point is to make it hard to attain!!! And if they dont attain it then they always have the chance to get it in a ugh ew a lootbox,which is another stream of revenue. Aswell as make the event bundle to were you can pick and choose what you want from it in the in game store.

    3. Make the free to play and not spend community happy.
    Make it to were you can spend your legend tokens in the store for any item. But make it super grindy!!! so, you can also keep that player retention you want. This essentially would give the option to play or pay. And you can say, well thats a easy way for alot of people not to pay. Easy way to fix that is to put them on a time limit and make them super expensive like 12000 apex coins. so, you have to grind for it or pay. This would make getting characters and buying items a choice that the player has to make on what to spend their apex coins on.
    ( Plus if you were to add those most people would spend all of there apex coins that they already have leaving them to have to earn it back in game,which increase player retention again)

    These small fixes to your in game economy would fix alot of players complaints. aswell as MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!!!

    Because honestly apex has more potential then alot of games have today. This game has the ability to be a long lasting game that is also very profitable in the long run…

  30. So, a point you seem to miss when looking at the pricing of these cosmetics. Yes, its free to play and needs some form of income support but locking a large part of the playerbase out of even being able to consider purchasing anything by making a SINGLE SKIN $18 (US) is a stupidly terrible business choice. 4 skins is the same as a whole new game! Is that reasonable at all? Nope. Cosmetics should NEVER cost that much. Free to play or no.
    If they took Titanfall 2s cosmetics system, which was included in a pay to play game. I bet they would make more using that system than the current one.
    $5-10 packs of multiple skins that you can choose from, accessible to the lower income folks, would seriously boost their income, as lower priced items are easier to splurge on, resulting in more sales than you would normally get, both initially and long term. The whales and streamers will snap up everything regardless, make some super exclusive packs that cost more for them if necessary.
    Doing something like that would go miles for the developers wallets as well as reputation.

  31. Respawn is doing so much for us the community instead of thanking them these Fortnite bitches are ruining it for all and this pisses me whatever they are doing I am actually happy for it there's no game except splinter cell and max Payne that has becamed my favourite in an instant than Apex it's ❤

  32. Everybody crying about a skin costing 18 dollars. If you can't afford it and don't have the disposable income to throw away money than just don't buy it. Save your money and spend it on something useful. You are literally flushing money down the toilet because you get nothing for it in return so stop crying and make some healthy financial decisions it'll benefit you in the long run.

  33. Do a lot of people not have a big source of savings that they add to? Dropping $200 to me isn't a big deal. But I don't have any kids nor a house. But if I did I wouldn't be worried about virtual skins on a video game and be more concerned with how to improve my finances. I see this as a hobby right next to the gym so I invest my time and money into it.

    If you're struggling with money you should concentrate on improving your situation rather than bitch about how expensive a virtual item is.

  34. Try to see it as part of the EA busines plan:
    – Create massive attention by overpriced items
    – Go public with a statement pretending to understand our pain and make cheap excuses (very cheap, the costs of that statement are less than a skin!)
    – Announce a kind of 1 for the price of 2 deal… Dum people happy and pay even more, "smart" fans still using old system.
    – To earn the right to buy the most wanted trophy old style: 2 x free, 22 x 700
    – New style: 2 x free, 10 x 1800 and only 12 x 700

    And the result is "smart" people using old system, thus "prooving" people prefere gambling lootboxes above pay per skin. If only you did not need ALL the items for that stupid axe, you could say they improoved, now they only got worse!

  35. Just curious after this latest update if there were any new exclusive skins found in the files for the upcoming weeks?

  36. I respect Respawn for trying to make revenue from a free to play game. However, being as though I’m one of the people who dropped money on the Iron Crown event to unlock the cosmetics I want, you’re telling me there’s no reimbursement, or redistribution of the money I spent? They have our account information. What will they do for the people who got loot from the event they didn’t even want? What about the banner poses for Octane and Mirage? What about the music packs for Pathfinder and Lifeline? For an event that only has 10 days left to go, they need to do something, and fast, or they won’t have anyone around for Season 3.

  37. I feel like everyone's mad that the skins cost a lot, but the main complaint was that people couldn't choose their skins, and that's been solved. It's a limited time event that's why they cost extra, they are just trying to find ways to keep the game interesting while making extra revenue. there will always be stuff to complain about, but I'm just happy to know that they listen to their community and care.

  38. Oh no! Lost revenue!! The world is ending because a company who made a F2P game is "losing revenue!"
    Lol dkm. If they wanted to make revenue they should've just charged for their game. Its better than other games I've paid full price for, plenty of people would've paid for it.
    Dont make a F2P game and then complain about "lost revenue" just because you've got EA breathing down your neck about sapping every dollar out of your player base for no reason.

  39. This is good for 2 reasons:
    1) respawn acknowledges a mistake and listens to it's community
    2) i can buy the 1 and only skin i want haven't bought any packs yet but i came came close…

    To all those who complain: nobody forced you to enter their lottery…

  40. Yeah I understand they need to make money, but when it's some of the first items they have brought to the game, the prices are kind of ridiculous. Like when fortnite started with its items it didn't exactly start throwing around the £20 price tag immediately. It'd be okay if there was more good stuff and there has been more content and more consistent content. They should have had an event with much more items, a bunch or normal stuff in the epic packs to go along with the rare stuff and have the price lower, but since its staying the same £7ish for 1 pack/1 item it definitely needs the option to just get what you want. You can't charge that much for random chance items

  41. To people who think they deserve the skins for lime 5 bucks or for free you are a joke. If you ran a business you'd be bankrupt in 5 seconds.
    It's a FREE triple AAA quality game. FREE. You earned many apex packs on your way to level 100. You get good stuff in the S2 battle pass for only 9.50 bucks.
    Somebody designed that skin, put it on the character model, integrated them into the game, RESPAWN EMLLOYEES need to earn their money.

  42. People conpalining about the price . Respawn :i got it change nothing but make the skins available in the store gor 1800 coins

  43. I was hoping for a way to buy them for ingame cash, not real money. Sure, make us grind for it so as not to ruin the devs' income, but give us an option. I've got a ton of ingame cash and nothing to spend it on atm.
    Blizzard does this well with Hearthstone.

  44. DFUK i shouldve saved thecoins i got when leveling up the BP. I spent hose fucking coins on the APEX PACKS AND DIDNT TGET THE SKIN I WANTED COME ONNNNNNNN

  45. They could have done this… A 1000 coins for pack and they give us the option to select 5 skins in that pack… So we get the one we like instead of getting a Mozambique… Maybe that would have been profitable for them too

  46. Wish I wouldn’t have bought one pack just to see what it was about when it first came out now that they decide they are going to announce this…. At this point it’s fuck respawn, EA, all of them. They don’t give a shit about the community. More people in the community have voiced their opinion about the shit state of the game (weapon damage/consistency/TTK/working servers/ etc…., but they don’t address those things like they’ve addressed this loot shit that doesn’t even really matter. Fix the actual game first and fuck all the cosmetic crap. Our opinions in the gaming community hold less and less value as we allow these companies to walk over us.

  47. Skins still cost too much. 10 bucks is what a legendary is worth. Also fuck loot boxes in any form I don't care if it's cosmetic only or if it's pay-to-win fuck loot boxes. Predatory and anti-consumer monetization practices don't suddenly become okay when it's on a free-to-play game.

  48. With all the apex coins I got from season 2 battle pass, I bought 1 Iron Crown loot box to try my chance at one of those sick skins. But of course, with my garbage luck I get the Pathfinder music pack. It's mediocre.

  49. This sounds exactly like the response after the backlash against the Battlefront 2 monetisation. "We got it wrong, we wil be better".
    Blatant EA tactic of introducing an egregious microtransaction, targeting the whales and early adopters, then "apologising" and "adjusting".
    Like you said, loot boxes need to go.

    You get at least two free boxes from the event challenges. Open THOSE first, then buy if you must.
    Technically speaking, if you get lucky, a Legendary for 700 coins is way cheaper than 1800 coins.
    I'm glad that they put the cosmetics for direct sale, and they deserve to be paid for their work, but the 3500 coin Heirloom was a kick in the balls….

  51. I dont mind the loot boxes and and paying to get skins. It helps support a free to play game that we all enjoy. A free game cant improve its quality, if the community doesn't help support it. Mind you, maybe the loot box system is mor geof a gambling system that shouldn't be used to get revenue. But in the mean time, if the community wants improvements they need to help improve it financially as well. The studio bends over backwards to provide us a very clean and nice game. They have to earn something too.

  52. I say stop the excuses of it being "free to play" and just charge 20 bucks for the game. Stop adding microtransactions and holding it above our head ITS FREE

  53. Great, so now i spent £32 on crown packs and didnt get my lifeline skin… and they do this. Thanks EA. Shove your crown up your fat ass.

  54. Any skin that cost 10$ or more can go to hell. The season pass should give you these new treats for free or earned. I have 50k red apex coins. Why cant I use them for skins.

  55. Who tf even cares about skins though??? If it was pay to win I'd be pissed but I honestly couldn't give a shit about skins and heirlooms

  56. Couldn't disagree more dude. You are a content creator so your are thinking like one in this circumstance. The average person doesn't care about spending money which is majority of their audience, however they do care about things being priced accordingly. You can buy stuff for content and get views for it, the rest of us don't. We don't get a return on our investment. When apex's main competition is fortnite that has paid content for half the price that is what they will be compared to because fortnite is the leader in this marketplace. They used the excuse on their Reddit stating "we have data that proves purchases did not increase with the $12 items so we will not lower prices based on that". Which is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. Of course they won't increase. 1) the items on sale are things that are of low interest 2) you still have $2 or $8 left that you can't do anything with but buy gamble boxes (so I agree with you on that get rid of them). Their whole store set up in this game is just absolutely horrid and wreaks of EA's greed as usual. Also side note, Epic is worth HALF of EA's net worth and have been around a fraction of the time they have. Obviously already losing the video game fight EA, get your shit straight or lose the fight. Can't recoup losses from anthem from other games and can't keep prices high always expecting the whales to pay your bills. Good luck with that mates

  57. why not make it so you can not buy new skins for like 2 weeks
    afterwards you can buy them in the store on rotation
    this way the early birds feel Special but reasonable people can still buy stuff

  58. I dont think the logic follows. If things aren't pay to win and you know what you are buying, absorbent prices and limited time stipulations placed on items is still manipulative. Would it be ok if an item was $5,000 just because a few people are willing to buy it at that price? I dont think it should be illegal, but is it ethical? I think not

  59. just dont expect the developers of the free game you are playing to throw free content like skins at you as well.

  60. Is everyone forgetting that EVERY (unless it's on sale) legendary item is 1800 Apex coins? This is literally no different. Ofc we should be able to earn some of them via challenges, but this isn't that outlandish.

  61. Yet, they are owned by EA who will always push to make up for money they see as lost in other games. If they want to make money the simple solution has already been out for them by Fortnite. Add skins that cost less than Fortnite and look better, which they already do so new players come to apex over fartnite. It's literally that simple but EA will money grab wherever they can. I'm convinced the CEO doesn't even care about games period. He wants a golden parachute.

  62. I believe it should be a little bit of both, purchased skins/rewards and earned rewards through challenges, have only 2 possible earned rewards feels like it cheapened the whole event, especially when you pop an earned event pack and get only music. If there were more chances to obtain more packs without paying $10 US a pack then getting a music pack as one of the free ones wouldn’t feel so irritating.

  63. I bought a brand new game for $20. EA is greedy and Respawn is just bending over and taking it. I thought the titanfall skins were bad, guess I was wrong…

  64. The development team calling their customer base free leaders, and their community manager adding fuel to the fire. And you still stand behind this shitty company? Good luck. Lost me as a player and a subscriber.

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