Apa itu Libra ? Mata Uang Facebook

Ok whats up guys welcome to my channel MTM channel, channel who discuss technology including the latest technology First, Technology news about facebook Facebook want to create new digital currency Cyrptocurrency Called Libra, What is Libra ? Libra is Digital Currency will be convert and backup become real asset just like obligation and other real asset so facebook can guarantee the value of this crypto currency will be stable just like dollar as currency if bitcoin, with same technology that used in Libra too This called Block chain Both used blokchain technology But the main different Libra has more stable value. If bitcoin the value is really fluctuate. and become investment in many country as for libra will be convert to real asset by facebook such as obligation, bank savings, and other finance instrument ok second, Libra is use blockchain technology is technology that use in bitcoin the other differences , Libra will be backup by Libra Association Libra association has many members around 20 – 30 member such as facebook, visa, master, ebay and other ecommerce so will be head by Libra association as The regulator ok, by using blockchain but.. because this using blockchain libra still opensource what is that mean ? you guys can make any application using libra you can download API from libra.org you can develope your app coding to become libra as payment type so this is so open source About libra association is very interesting Libra assosiation consist of libra stakeholder facebook as the chief facebook invite visa, master card ebay and other eCommerce to join in libra association. to manage this as we called it libra assosiation to sign as libra assosiation, as mention in article at least need 10 million dollar to sign to become board member aa stakeholder libra, ok, what is the task to manage the currency to become stable and not fluctuation like technology bitcoin or other blockchain cryptocurrency for digital wallet, libra use calibra as digital wallet, in future you can download it like mobile apps and other software to make us easy to do the transaction In Indonesia maybe just like gopay or Ovo or other digital wallet privacy and security for privacy and security facebook promises will priorities privacy libra user especially people who using libra with many authentication level authentication level from libra will guarantee all fund even if there is scam will be refund fully to user so facebook will have system to filter all safe and scam transaction like fraud, money laundry, or other facebook will decline it maybe just like paypal authentication level, the feature so far are so great but maybe facebook will be more strict basically libra not so far like bitcoin just the value will be not fluctuate ok and .. now become a big question for stake holder bank stakeholder world bank or central banks because ( thinking a while ) libra is global currency so global because you can transfer between countries without limit without tax this is what many countries afraid of how about if the tax payer transferred money from country A to country B from america to japan without or detected by tax institution so this matter will influence worried countries will be lost their tax income acttually if this libra will be in indonesia and allowed with using facebook platfrom what will happen will compete with each other will be competing with other local digital money i think like gopay, ovo dana etc why ? because this libra , we are as facebook user can transfer money to each other so this will make us not using rupiah or not using dollar this problem will make central bank very concern and the world because that will be undetected transaction or ghost transaction or called shadow transaction / banking the name is shadow banking even libra called as shadow banking in few countries but block chain technology is the newest technology we cannot run from it so we must face it and think foward in the future libra will change the landscape almost all people life if this is true to be launching because everybody that use facebook will use libra everyone will buy libra so what will happen maybe transfered local currency to libra and libra will be convert to obligation or long term obligation and other real asset that manage by libra assosiation so the one who control all of it is libra assosiation just like just like aa its own teritory even called as cayman island or panama island cayman and panama island is free tax heaven who don’t want to pay taxes so ussually people move their investment portofolio to cayman island so libra has potential to be cayman island for the world but that’s the future follow it with caution dengan hati – hati and wise foward ahead libra future will be bright there will be many countries denied it who don’t want libra become digital currency but like or not libra will launch and we will use it in 2020 because of that we need to prepare to learn this libra and maybe all website payment could be use libra but we don’t what countries might response to this including our contries but libra could become things that we should learn because this is will affect many people life human because facebook user is almost 3 billion people and 200 million in indonesia so you can imagine all 200 million have bank called libra what will happen to the banks we don’t know, that might be the future and that how interesting it is and that’s how cautions about it . that’s why i make this video, ok. don’t forget to help me subrice, like, comment on this video

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  1. penerbit dan pencetak blockchain libra itu libra assosiation.. klo hanya mereka yang bisa menerbitkan (tidak dmbisa di mining oleh semua orang) maka betapa kayanya mereka nanti, ibarat mereka akan memiliki seluruh bank central di dunia. bayangkan saja..

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