ANTSHARES REVIEW 📈 Bitcoin Price 2717 USD Crypto Currency News Chart Analysis FREE BITCOIN BTC NEO

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21 thoughts on “ANTSHARES REVIEW 📈 Bitcoin Price 2717 USD Crypto Currency News Chart Analysis FREE BITCOIN BTC NEO”

  1. Thanks BK!!! $17.71 and then to the moon!! NEO is where it's at. Thanks for having the Question of the Day and selecting my prediction. I messaged you my wallet address. Thanks again BK CryptoTrader!

  2. I planned to HODL to ANS when it was at $4.50USD. I sold tonight and am waiting for a few days to rebuy. An update promised on 7/24 was the reason for the pump this weekend. The update is delayed until "sometime in august" and the price will fall at least a little bit.

  3. I marked Neo/Ant and Bancor will grow. To what extent? I'm not sure. But buying it when it's low is recommended. Just be wary. No telling where it's soft cap, it's sell point is.

  4. What up BK~ What indicators are those lines exactly? Are they EMAs? And what are the values set at? Thanks 🙂 Upvoted!

  5. join up the largest facebook antshares group for more info…

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