antminer S9 how to mine DBG digibyte mining dgb coin cryptocurrency with bitmain s9 btc miner

hello YouTube this is a follow up video
on my bitmain s9 antminer series, please check those
videos to learn what comes with antminer s9 from bitmain and how to set up the
antminer s9 Bitcoin miner power supply A few days ago I received a request from
one of my subscribers on how to mine with a bitmain antminer s9
cryptocurrency coins other ithan Bitcoin if you are mining or you own
cryptocurrency mining ASIC dedicated hardware in order to maximize profits
you should be checking daily what coins are more profitable to mine for the
algorithm your miner hashes in this case sha-256 for the antminer s9, today after
browsing – , I discovered today that digibyte or DGB-SHA
is the most profitable coin we could be mining today based on complexity and
market price digibyte is a very singular coin since it can be mined with multiple
algorithms sha-256 skein qubit groestl and scrypt, each algorithm is better
suited to different types of mining hardware, SHA 256 and scrypt are
now almost exclusively mined by advanced asic miners like the bitmain antminer S9
skein and Groestl are good for GPUs and qubit is a combination of multiple types
of hardware – to mine any crypto currency you will need an account with a pool
let’s create an account with mining pool ,to then show you
how to configure the antminer s9, to mine with this pool browse to and click on the coin in this case digibyte and algorithm you will
be using to mine in this case since it is an antminer s9 let’s click on sha-256 and
then click on register at the top menu select the username a password, an email
that you will need to enter twice and a four-digit security pin let’s login, once
logged in browse to my workers under the my account, you will need to
create at least one worker with a password under your account you can name
it anything you want, this password does not compromise the security of your
account and you can put whatever you like, checking on my antminer s9 the
details for the first poll will you will need to enter , the pool details are
already filled with the previous experiment I did with it mining nicehash
check that video link to the description to learn about nicehash profitability
we will need to change these parameters to
parameters for digibyte mining, to do that click on servers at the top and copy the
field stratum URL this is the server address you will need to enter on your
s9 and miner configuration for pool number 1 prefix it with stratum+tcp://
on the URL field for the pool 1 for the username you will use your username that
worker name and the password you enter for the worker click on the save and
apply button once you enter all the details let’s wait for the bitmain antminer S9 to
reboot with the new pool details once the s9 antminer name comes back browse to
the miner status tab where you will find the blocks factory status listed as
alive back on the pool refreshing the my worker page under the my account top
menu tab and you will see the hashing speed increasing as the antminer
s9 hashing power kicks in it will slowly go up until reaching the 14
terahashes that the s9 antminer is is capable of after two day,s two days probably a half
that I’ve been mining pretty much I have made a profit of more than 4,000
digibytes so let’s go to my payout to the
transaction history on the pool and let’s take a look at the withdrawals and
pretty much it has been depositing every time that I make more than 1,000 DGB by
it has been depositing this amount so on the fourth first payment you start
mining early on the midnight on the fourth
so pretty much I ended up like four hours entry in 206 which will make it
two full days plus four hours so that will be probably like two days and 1/6
of day and I still have remaining here 500 gigabyte pretty much if we pull an
excel sheet out of this data we’re gonna see that things will change to DGB we
made me open Excel here if we had mine more time probably would have made a
little bit more but we only mined for two days and four hours these are all
transactions they are up 4021 digi but we drown there is still remaining 500
bigibyte on the pool that I can take out and they I had left
previously 771 did have on the mining pool so the total profit after we add up
those two and subscribed what was there already we mined 3749 for a
device for two days and four hours that will be the equivalent to $24 with 66
cents if it comes back to the price on on December 30 2017 then with my antminer s9 I will have mined $26 day or $24 with its assistance today if I saw the
price that they did buy this today on the market I could exchange it for
bitcoins and pretty much half a total $55 with 49 cents mind for two days and
four hours and that’s what you get when you switch to divide when the price was
up sixty cents went down by
by 0.001 cent but that’s the end of the experiment on mining digibyte it when the price was up on pretty much today if we go back today with antminer s9 the best to mine is nicehash for
a few cents over mining Bitcoin , Bitcoin price has been going up is more than twelve
thousand dollars now on December 2017 and pretty much that’s the highest that
it has been the price today is twelve thousand four
hundred and sixty seven dollars per Bitcoin which is really high
okay guys that pretty much all I have that’s the result from mining digibyte for the few days that it was up I’ve switched back to mining bitcoin
today because the price difference in between nicehash and Bitcoin is not
that great so we’re mining Bitcoin today on the slushpool and I will make a video
about that in a few minutes let me see what we’re starting with on a slush pool
so I can update this video on what are my profits over there mining bitcoins
let log in , so this is slush pool my account
pretty much I just started mining Bitcoin of this pool again today this is
what I have I don’t confirm reward let’s update this video in a few days so you
know how much I did mining bitcoins when it was at a profit expected profit of
$32 with 58 cents a day theoretically please hit the like button on this video
subscribe to my channel so you can stay updated everytime that I upload a video
to YouTube hit that notification bell so you know when I post the video when
you’re subscribed you will receive a notification and I hope you have a great
day happy mining

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  1. I have a antminer u3. In site show 1.5 GH/s. How many digibytes its make for day? The numbers are confuse, i dont know if is fractions or unitis…

  2. Gracias por crear este video, Excelente explicación lo felicito — Amigo tengo una pregunta.. después que una persona genera todos esos bitcoin como haces para convertirlo en DOLARES y pasarlos a tu cuenta de banco? podrias ser tan amable y hacer un video sobre esto? o me pudieras responder por aquí mismo si puedes te lo agradecedia enormemente ….. muchas gracias que le siga hiendo bien, da gusto ver sus videos…..

  3. Thanks for the video! How many devices do you enter in the worker account page per S9 Antminer? 1? 4? 198? Also, did you specify a difficulty rate with your worker ID name on the Antminer? Thanks!

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