Another Ripple Effect ep33; RICH buy Bitcoin as a JOKE – CRYPTO CHARTS KEEP INVESTORS OUT OF 2019

good morning guys welcome back to the channel David here with another cryptocurrency update first of all as always I want to start by thanking our new subscribers and all the commenters in our videos if you're one of the people who likes and shares these videos you are seriously important to this community you're one of the rarest gems and you're something that should be cherished and and Honnold I huddle all of you guys all the subscribers that are here on this channel I'm gonna huddle you so thank you guys for joining I had a couple of meetings over the last few days one of them not meeting his lunch dates one of them was with the stockbroker somebody he used to work for multiple stock agencies back in the early 2000s and I had the other meeting with a doctor a private MD VIP doctor who along with his friends is a very affluent person and has done extremely well for himself what would you assume that they had to say the stockbroker and the doctor this is like the beginning of a joke but it's not a joke it's actually quite serious the broker sat there and listened while still being critical of my concepts and the direction right giving me ideas of what is holding back the market and mainstream investors mind frames when it comes to strategic and educated investing so my friend Jeff the stockbroker was was going through bullet points and facts and and explaining to me some of the mentality behind traditional investors and the targets and the data that they need and want to feel comfortable in making an investment the conversation we had was very educated for the most part the conversations that I have with him are very educated he's always giving me ideas that are outside of conventional ideas now nothing in cryptocurrency is conventional but we have our ideas of the direction that this it is going in the place the utility that we want our tokens to get now when the when the conversation started with the doctor he started the conversation I brought it up I said we were standing at the restaurant and I was looking at the countertop in front of me and it said Visa MasterCard Discover American Express it told you all of the ways that you could use to pay with your credit card and I made I didn't make a joke but I made a statement that said the Bitcoin logo and again I'm an extra piece of Porter I'm not necessarily like a Bitcoin fanatic but I told him I said the Bitcoin logo was gonna be there one day and it's gonna be so it's almost gonna be like invisible because you walk up to the countertops and you don't even necessarily see those signs you don't see the fact that it tells you that it takes MasterCard and Visa and Discover and American Express you know that for the most part when you go to a gas station when you go to a restaurant or you go to the movies that they're gonna accept your credit card so you wouldn't even look at it to see what they accept so the day that the Bitcoin logos are on every one of them it's just gonna be another blind moment in life where you don't really know what it is you don't see it it just passes you by that's why we discuss we're gonna go from a point where we're gonna be investors to customers and if you want to be a customer just keep standing on the sidelines and don't do anything now but if you want to be an investor if you want to be somebody who gets in I've already told you not on the ground floor because this is not the ground floor ground floor was that fraction of a penny for XRP ground floor was it a dollar or $2 for Bitcoin so I told him about the Bitcoin obituaries the doctor and that they've been constant since bitcoins inception one of his wealthy friends one of the many wealthy friends and I'm sure we all have people that have done extremely well for themselves up until this point now that's not to say that we're jealous or envious or that we want money from them so that we can invest in a cryptocurrency know the opportunity to sit in front of somebody like that is extremely important because they the key to the other part of this puzzle that we are not necessarily focused on what is it that makes them tick what makes them put their money in the second part of my conversation with him is almost where I wanted to shut down and pull back because I do get aggressive sometimes when I have these conversations with people who are so hard-headed that they don't listen and they don't hear anything one of his friends back I would imagine we didn't get to her in the time into the time frames I didn't discuss it with him but back during the bull run one of his friends put in $100,000 into cryptocurrency or to Bitcoin whether or not he knows if it's Bitcoin or crypto or the alts or whatever he probably has no idea but his friend's portfolio value as of this point is $20,000 from a hundred that's an $80,000 loss and I've made now this is where the joke comes in I made the joke and I said well that's not that bad and and his reaction was like well what freaking planet are you living on where that's not that bad and then once you stand back and and and think about it it is bad that's a horrible loss but his next sentence was really important because he led into saying that the Bitcoin price is almost low enough that he could just buy some as a joke now this instantaneously upset me because I'm sitting here giving over information trying to explain the validity of the markets and the direction that this this is going and it just it almost felt like an insult in a sense not only to myself but to the companies that are going every single day so far and so hard against the mainstream directions of financial understanding and like if you were going to invest your money in traditional stocks crypto currencies is almost the complete opposite end of that and we're going to get into that in a little bit but if you were ever wondering how the fake news can report the same thing that the doctor is saying like Wall Street is shelving its cryptocurrency dreams or delay after delay after delay right it's like the day after backed raises a hundred eighty million dollars for a small percentage of their company like imagine the backs went on to Shark Tank and you've got if you have Mark Cuban and and Barbara and Robert and all these guys sitting there listening to the pitch from back and that would be like the shark take investors buying into backed idea without a working business model it's only basically a business plan and possible customer acquisition opportunities in the future one hundred eighty million dollars for a small percentage now if you quantified that if you try to now give that an entire value to the company we would need to find out what percentage they sold for exactly how much and then we can find out what the valuation of the company is itself the company that they sold a small percentage to but the day after that we get this hundred eighty million dollars all these reports come out saying that everybody's shoving their ideas and maybe they're shoving their ideas so that they can raise more money that is pretty interesting what we're gonna do now is as I went on to the Yahoo Finance charge this morning I'm trying to understand because the stockbroker explained to me a couple of different things and that is that traditional investors they want the data they want the info they want to be able to see what's going on so I pulled up the charts for Apple once I did that I I started to do a comparative to what Apple charts look like what it includes and what it doesn't include I'm gonna go ahead and and put in a couple of pictures here right now in this video I don't know if I'll remember to do it but just so that you can see that on the charts there is multiple sections the traditional stock charts that do not exist on the cryptocurrency charts okay like beta so if you compared the two charts what exists on the traditional stock charts that does not exist on the crypto charts why does it exist and what does it mean the first thing is beta okay now beta is the measure of the company's common stock price volatility relevant okay so that's one section that exists in traditional stocks that doesn't exist on the cryptocurrency charts the next is the p/e earnings which is the price earnings ratio for the most part that's that's the ratio of the company's stock price to the company's earnings per share the ratio is used in calculating in evaluating companies the ratios used in evaluating companies then you've got earnings per share which is EPS now remember all these things that I'm reading to you right now they don't exist on the cryptocurrency charts it does not exist what what it is is is you've got the earnings per share which is the monetary value of earnings per outstanding share of common stock for a company in the United States the Financial Accounting standard board the FASB requires earnings poor share information for the four major categories of income statement which is continuing operations discontinued operations extraordinary items and net income okay and then we've got earnings date which is basically the earnings announcement which is an announcement an earnings announcement is an official public statement of a company's profitability for a specific time period typically for a quarter and or a year and earning announcement typically occurs on a specific date during earnings season and is preceded by earnings estimates that equity analysts issue the next is dividend yield or the dividend price ratio and that is the dividend price ratio of a share is the dividend per share divided by the price per share it's also a company's total annual dividend payments divided by its market capitalization assuming the number of its shares is consistent it often expressed its often expressed as a percentage okay then we've got the ex-dividend date which is also known as the reinvestment date which is an investment term involving the timing of payment or dividends on a stock of corporations income trusts other financial holdings both publicly and privately held if a sale is before the state the dividend belongs to the new owner if on or after the date the seller is entitled to the dividend the one-year price target is the projected price level of a financial security stated by an investment analyst or advisor and includes assumptions of future activity it represents a securities price that if achieved results in a trader recognizing the best possible outcome for his investment okay I want to if we go back understand none of those things exist in cryptocurrency you can't go on and get your your price earnings ratio for a Bitcoin or your earnings per share for Bitcoin unless you were to crunch all those numbers and if you were to do all that number crunching yourself it would be amazing that'd be great because you can go back and check the charts a lot of these things are not companies so so you could call them companies a lot of them are technologies or platforms or I don't even know distributed Ledger's I mean you could call them anything so a one-year price target is not going to exist in cryptocurrency the dividend date is not going to exist unless you're in a crypto that gives you dividends the one-year price target not going to exist the earnings per share not gonna exist there's never gonna be a time when on Yahoo Finance all of these things are filled in up until the point when this becomes real and when I mean real I mean to the point 1xrp and Bitcoin and Cardno and litecoin are all traded on the stock exchanges and have the same regulation the same a credibility the same insurance is backing the funds that the regular stock markets have well as we're out into the next section of this video the Goldilocks and the Black Swan events coinbase listing would be such a Goldilocks events a lot of you guys hate coinbase if they listed XRP it would be huge there would be such an extreme inflow of volume not only under the coin base platform but it would increase the volume of XRP exponentially because you'll have instantaneous access through one of the world's biggest exchanges from fiat to XRP I believe one of the reasons coin base is holding back the XRP listing is a couple of reasons one I think Brian Armstrong the CEO of coin mace absolutely hates the ripple team no question he has an extreme dislike for a ripple net and for XRP for that matter their neighbors in San Francisco so maybe they have some kind of turf war going on or maybe coinbase in the future has ideas of trying to be a little bit more like XRP a little bit more decentralized and made for providing cross-border transactions from coinbase UK to coinbase america those are those are going to be things that that possibly happen in the future the second thing is regulation obviously we all know that regulation is holding us back many people do business with enemies name something down below where you know of a country or a business or an entity maybe Pepsi and Coke or Russia and Germany or China and wherever or Korea and North Korea and South Korea comment down below a place a time that you know where enemies have to do business together in order to move there both are situations forward so if you think that Armstrong just like digital asset investor has said if you think that Bryan Armstrong is going to be able to keep ripple out and XRP out of the circle of friends that's not possible the investors at coin base just like dai said will literally escort him out the building by his britches they will pick him up by his pants and walk him out the door and say you know what you tried it's just like the CEOs and the presidents of these major exchanges that are getting evicted from their spots because their exchanges have just been flatlined over the last year everything's been flatlined but that's okay so like I said give me some examples of enemies doing business together I'd say not only is coinbase waiting but I think the rest of the world is waiting for not only the SEC but the Department of Justice and the FDIC and everybody to come forward and validate this technology once this clarification comes for traditional investors in larger institutions the floodgates will open mark my word a Black Swan financial event now obviously you guys did not click this video to get some information about what could go wrong we're in this space because we believe that it's going to go right we have to know that things can happen and transpire in this industry that are not conducive to ultimate growth a black swan financial event EMP these are outlandish ideas I know I'm not saying that any of this stuff is possible a banking blackout caused by hyperinflation or a banking holiday or something caused by hyperinflation would not be good for crypto and currency or some war on Internet access yeah the government has all the power to shut down exchanges if you don't think that the you know States government can limit your access to by Nance or to coinbase or to put so much pressure on them that they have to fold you're misleading yourself if a government feels like they're losing control of their fiat currency because of blockchain and/or cryptocurrency technology and all-out war will be started no question but that doesn't mean that any one of the participants in this all-out war is just gonna vanish it means that you have to understand why you're choosing to stand in the middle of that war or why you're gonna choose to stand on the crypto side or the fiat side if you asked me I'm standing in the middle because I understand that there's literally such an important link between the past and the future which means if we don't utilize the fiat currency before it becomes a lesser commodity then we'll lose the access to transferring that value it would be like if you waited too long to sell a cryptocurrency that you knew was gonna be delisted from by Nance if you waited just long enough you would have your shares stuck there there was a coin that I bought a while ago called triggers and triggers amongst many other coins got delisted from coinbase not from coinbase I'm sorry from finance now I didn't react fast enough and the valuation plummeted and I stopped having access to trading it and so it's basically stuck in the ether it's time for us to pay attention it's time for us to know the projects we're investing in why we're investing in them why we're gonna be taking our money from our 401ks putting it into silver coins or putting it into cryptocurrency we have to know why we're making all these moves and if you were a traditional silver investor or gold investor and let's say like me you pulled all of your silver coins out and you put it into cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency has just completely devalued itself since that and now you're standing here looking with a bag cryptocurrency and no silver and you're watching the price of silver and gold exponentially increase every day a few weeks ago silver was trading at thirteen dollars is trading at $15.65 today which is a huge move it can make you feel really sour and it can make you feel like no matter what you do the decisions you make are gonna be leaving you behind the ball no matter what if I could explain to you how sick at moments I have felt looking at the valuation of the Kryptos that I possess and just thinking about the amount of silver that it took for me to purchase that I'm trying not to freak myself out because as a believer in this technology the exponential price increases that I believe will happen when this market turns back on will fly past the 20 or 25 percent that the silver is going to go back up and the time that I'm waiting for crypto to make its move so that I can reinvest a portion of my assets back into a hard asset silver gold platinum palladium oil things like that if you guys have anything to add to this conversation please do leave it below 21 minutes and 11 seconds what an amazing morning if you guys made it to this point in the video thank you so much please do subscribe please do share these videos with your friends and family and understand the only way for cryptocurrency to be taken seriously at this exact point is for us to start treating them not in a sense exactly like traditional stocks but if we're going to be taking information to traditional stock investors or real estate purchasers people that are indoctrinated with this typical investment pattern we have to be able to take this information to them and the way that they want to see it and the way they want to see it is in data they want to see the charts they don't want us to be speculating all over the place or saying x RP is going to the moon they want to know where it came from what it's done and where it's going and they want to know it on the charts pull up the charts yourself go to Yahoo Finance and take a look like I said I'm gonna try and add a couple pictures into this video of the charts just so that you can actually see the differences but do it yourself do your own research contact somebody that you know the trade stocks or somebody that owns a lot of real estate or somebody that makes a good amount of money that you can try and not seek advice from but pick their brain and find out exactly where they're standing and why thank you guys and we'll see it in the next episode

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