Another Breakthrough! Another Impossible Feat for Crypto by this Project!!

hi everybody this is crypto rich working with you to get rich earth crypto filling our pockets with crypto profit and once again I have with me see a triple 3 from the comodo team he is the CTO and we're gonna talk about something which I actually do not think is possible right and I've said that to him in the as we were preparing this right but I'm gonna say to him as much in this video as well right so what is this thing that I think is actually not possible now before we start I wanna let you know this is not investment advice do your own due diligence and do not do not do not do not do not invest any more than you can afford to lose all we're doing is sharing with the it all I'm doing in all he's doing is show with you what we're discovering and inventing as we travel along on the blockchain all right so good afternoon CA how are you I am very very well I'm very very well I don't believe you I don't believe you it's not possible I can't believe it it's like you're saying to me that it's possible to circumnavigate the world that you go out over 30 miles and you're not gonna fall off the edge right it's not possible but how come I don't believe you right so what is it that I don't believe is possible tell me actually sorry sorry see again sorry see it before didn't they just say if I haven't said it right you are the chief technology officer for Komodo I covered Komodo loads on my platform I think Komodo is wonderful full playlist of Komodo at the end and I think we've done that we've done that we've done that bit yes but you're right we don't we don't and this is my third Komodo video this week are you who a you're welcome all right so what is it that can't be what is it that I say can't be possible that you've done so well in the media's and also from our social media channels which mean like actively the same iteration of our decent was exchange technology yes it's the second version and utilizing question and comic swaps and now it's like basically ported this technology natively to target devices so that was include like and growing smartphones and as well as iOS touch smartphones so with cover like most of the Android devices and and Apple as well okay okay no good right so over a week ago that we already like I mean as of now we are testing this on mobile devices we are actively testing mobile devices natively we are executing christian atomic swaps on mobile devices also natively there is no proxy talk there is no centralized gate where there is nothing you have your decentralized exchange not running on this little device and it's here your private keys are here the only the only network connection that you have from your smartphone is to the participant that you're trading and swapping tones okay so let me break down some of what you said for those that aren't techy right so a decentralized exchange is different from a centralized exchange a centralized exchange I would send my coins to the custody of a centralized server I don't have the private keys therefore my funds are at risk it's prone to the hat or shutdown has recently happened with crypto Pia right but with a decentralized exchange I have my private keys they're not exposed to anybody else you have your private keys and you know and we do the swaps over the blockchain somehow magically right so that's one then you said a cross train protocol so blockchain and so bitcoin and litecoin are the same protocol because like going as a fork of Bitcoin and flash coin is a fork of litecoin so they use pretty much the same programming language so it's actually the same protocol you're right it is the same protocol some light code is basically using 100% of so become critical and I think you just replace the parameter modifications yeah but they would still be considered to different change so if you did a swap a trade from Bitcoin to litecoin it would be an cross chain atomic swap if you on the other hand did it like from probably just be a cross chain right and and and that would be and that's different from saying change le or change now or how exodus or shape shift work because they have api's in the background that go to exchange centralized exchanges to do the can't do the trades but with the decentralized atomic swap you and I agree you're gonna send me I'm gonna send you one like coin and you're gonna send me one Bitcoin which i think is very fair so we we work that out and then you send me the Bitcoin I send you the like coin there's no risk because if one party doesn't go through with the transaction it's it doesn't go through based on trust trade so that's like that's right there's no counter party risk there's no agency there's no man in the middle it's just it's peer-to-peer decentralized Tomic swap and you're telling me that you can now you've got the technology you do this on a mobile I don't believe you it's not possible testing this on alpha level so we have like it's already more than a prototype it's functional application that we run on the smartphone and already actively debug and enhance and we invited like traders right experienced traders by people from the crypto community and even like so-called trip to ensure access I mean this is like a very broad term yeah like people like you have contact a lot of trip to community with other projects to join us to test an intern like to test the app inside and closed internal alphas stage and we're opening and basically we're starting this tutorial also by the sweet like the first run so we'll enhance a couple more things debugging on and devices on physical devices we'll have our second revision and by then that's um we're speaking about weeks right an invitation from us to just join and let us know like what you think right trading experience how's the uux how is the UI elements like the layout it's at or is it here is it like modern like for nowadays users and our goal basically targeting everyone with this application right from an everyday trader to complete like non-technical person who just like was looking for the wallet two star tokens on the crypto community versus such a not just like one specific user group okay okay how have you done this how can you reduce like all the programming in older the blockchain start of you so we have the very first iteration of the decentralized exchange right this was like 2013 2014 that wasn't that time right hmm the software itself shucks actually I'll just dig it out – not on then okay yeah yeah so basically the first generation yeah that's what that was like around 2030 that's when James or jail to Poseidon leave Komodo that's already started working on decent exchange implementations and the first generation of our decks technology that was like already functional by 2040 I was announcing was public there are records there are trades there are Atomics from transactions as a proof of those claims and we have by then started optimizing the whole decks engine and it was announced as a new software application in was called Bob – thanks there wasn't the first version was bartered X but it was already the second generation basically okay and last year we've had like the first di seals Ramon Komodo right so if you remember we felt like many project you utilize the market maker which was like AZ to the backend software piece from Bob – Dex from this that's technology and we said ok it's time to move it into a production ready system it still was pretty much like a prototyping engine although it was not functional we said we want something production-ready sort of platform we need to cover like all operating systems but first of all we need to cover different device technologies into device there so that means like apart from PCs and like computers we need to get to the mobile and the market that's like smartphones and tablets because that is the future in so when we ported part of X version 1 and optimized it we already said we need to ante natively for mobile we haven't announced it we wanted to keep it as a surprise for the community and sort of crypto industry and this is not now like in the last two three weeks which like basically like opened our doors and that the community look accomplished achievements and I was basically porting like decentralized exchange technology into a new application that is compatible with all devices and all technologies Wow that is just how come how come komodo is doing this or at the very least saying that you're doing this and I don't know of other projects that are that are doing this how come trying to solve like troubles before they change and also like how just the global industry like is evolving and we noticed that I mean even like in the web space the access to web platforms to games to applications it's all tending like more towards mobile yes you if you have a look at you if you check like all your friends families etcetera you'd see like people kinda tempt to probably get a tablet or a proper bigger smartphone instead of a laptop or computer we believe in a couple years from now computers met oops laptops and this stuff will be something like for professionals for developers for people who really need this who write a lot etcetera but the rest the consumer market they're the normal non-technical right average Joe the normal user is gonna move to like mobile devices devices like which don't have this route up times and which are kinda always in standby standby mode like you can use them pretty fast and and say yeah we thought okay I mean we see this is already evolving into this area why do we make it like complex and overly complicated if you can actually utilize all layers so we still offer like the application for like the desktop PCs and for the mac books and laptops but we put the major focus on the mobile segment because we believe that's gonna be the future also sort of a blockchain space and and and rather solve this sooner than later and here we go like it's 2019 and last year like mobile apps some on many planets like over 50% now the mobile axis is over suspicion and accomplished like Southeast Asia as etc you see that like to the smartphone segment it's evolving like a lot of people have smartphones yes but smartphones yes something that everyone has so yeah this is like some like major reason that we wanted to provide this technology on a smartphone because it also kind of forces you to to create as simple as possible okay so tell us why so what about things like liquidity on the decks how are you gonna resolve that and also you can you can do cross chain exchanges what about cross protocol you know going from comodo to immediacy 20% we cover like most of of the EMC tokens are already natively supported you come over assyrian make it be supported like our platform lee who tries to like cover all aspects that's why we okay and then what about the liquidity in me you know cuz okay so i'm sitting there waiting okay this is the focus on the end-user you look like that's like liquidity providers market makers professional traders maybe institutional traders they can still utilize this technology on server infrastructure like professional spin up we still have that capability waiting these steps so we remove like functionality so technology is just enhancement make it better more efficient and like it better that's that's the main thing okay all right now discommode to make any money from any other from the transaction fees if you like if you like creating the market this is earning money so you I'll pay you you earning money right right okay now is the code open source like somebody's our code is alright come a percent open source right so anyone can check our progress and that it it really is decentralized yes check this out it's a rust application and this is like natively target like you can define a target for the compilation process and okay but what's to stop another organization coming along and say okay we're gonna take the code and we're gonna implement it ourselves and run on our own decks on mobiles but users won't forget like who created the Dex itself right so if you had like the choice like using something that's like original and like using a copy I mean it's always I mean of course we love like someone comes copies and Forks our road project and it has them because we will merge back okay so then I could use this and then I I could use it say for example instead of going to digital priced or i/o to by various coin or ores X or Pyrrha I would be able to do it through the Dex know does this does this go for pirate chain as well because that's all the transactions are shielded so no privacy coins can be a bit difficult indexes this is something that is like not not achievable right from a deaths perspective this is just like some little additionally force which would make it like hundred percent comfortable attacks right this is there there should be like we promised there are like additional layers that have to be integrated would would kinda either allow to trade the proofs of machine of the ship cons right so you'd have like your proofs and there's some validation layer so tries to keep it right but you know you get very technical right let this one option other option is like to kind of allow a transparent pool just for the next something like that that's incredible and then so then I assume that once this is up and running and I'll come to that right I could go to the mobile the comodo mobile decks to buy and purchase particular coins and tokens and it would be way more secure because I have the private keys there's no counterparty risk and it would also be cheaper because I wouldn't be paying exchange fees because I imagine exchanges would take a larger cut then I imagined that this would be cheaper so certainly be safer and more secure because I would have the private keys there's no counterparty risk and but I imagine that it would also be cheaper because the exchange fees would be much lower yes our exchanges are definite lower than the average of any centralized exchanges and we should not forget that like that this little tiny feel like floats back into the ecosystem right so okay unlike some profit oriented corporation or company with us we really like kinda furtherly boost the ecosystem it could flow back into the initial supporters of the decks chain etc right so it goes back to the community okay is there any listing fee like if a new project comes along with their coil and they want to list it on the decks no it's all hot essentially okay so then what's it okay now the finance are about to launch our decks and there'll be other organizations and projects doing Dex's they could use your open source dude many are using our code many are actively using our code without naming specific projects and pointing to specific repost but many many have like short our vehicles and are actively using our code many of them are treating this like officially written part of their white paper so this is really good for us we like businesses and for adapt this is great this is like adoption of your technology on the lowest level possible is named Wow okay I'm speechless thank you so much when when when when will this be out without any specific dates and times and as for the internal test like I said before that's like a matter of weeks so you like very with some invitation with the testing guideline it's gonna be like a little video basically a screen capture on the phone and my voice explaining me like what we want what to tell us that's amazing this really really human okay all right SIA is there anything else you want to say about this anything else you wanna let us know questions ask us and if your of deaths would love like to chat with you and yeah very good absolutely absolutely so please subscribe hit the notification bell all links in the description below comments questions do you think this is possible what that's it even if your comment is right put it in the description below and between now when I see you next please keep filling your pockets with crypto profits this is crypto rich and crypto CA signing out all the best bye bye

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  2. Hey crypto rich hope all is well I was wondering if you have an email address I've check all over but can't seem to find a way to contact you.
    I have an idea and wanted to ask you something

  3. How do they plan to get around Apple and Android app approvals. Crypto trading would fall foul of the harsh rules imposed. Could you ask this question Rich.

  4. Awesome, just utterley fricking AWESOME. KMD is going to be like a box of tinder just waiting for a spark from the inevitable smartphone driven vector to global adoption.Hop on the dragons back and don't let go.

  5. @Crypto Rich: Your videos are much appreciated, love the Komodo Interviews, but maybe you can try and fix the sound/volume, always have to manually decrease/increase volume depending on who is speaking..

    @Ca333: I want that polo! You KMD guys rock!

  6. Komodo is awesome, they just keep delivering….he is right about mobile devices, wallets are much better and slicker on phones, I use my phone for all my coin transactions and dont even have a SIM card….to date I have wallets….Wirex, ETN, Agama,Coinomi, Flashcoin, Waves,Skycoin,PundiX,MWAT Red Platform,Dent,TOMOchain……They take seconds to download and set up and work better than windows wallets…..and of course use Nord VPN

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