37 thoughts on “Another Bitcoin (Bull)/Altcoin (Bear) Cycle in the Works?”

  1. I keep 55% in bitcoin. To me the value will never change to low or go away as long as alt coins keeps pumping. I believe as long as there is a Crypto market bitcoin will have a value.

  2. Thanks for educating us on how it works. Much appreciated!! I got fomoed into the market. But I'm now seeing how it works.

  3. People make it seem as if Bitcoin decides what Alts will do but in my opinion its the Alts which decide what Bitcoin does. We currently see tons of good Alts finishing their Market Cycle and once they did people will buy into those since they are very cheap and thus making Bitcoin go into a consolidation which makes those Alts fly to the moon. My advice is: don't stare at Bitcoin, stare at the Alts.

  4. I think your on to something here, going to look into it. I won't be exiting as my alts are down, but will take this in to consideration moving forward

  5. December was a notable exception. Lately, when Bitcoin pumps, alts dump. And when Bitcoin dumps, alts dump lower.

  6. Extrapolating a 2 week window during a comeback for crypto from recent lows into a long term view is dangerous… wait n see?

  7. Top 20 cryptocurrencies with the largest ANNUAL appreciation as of FEB 19, 2018: https://imgur.com/OZmcixr

  8. I'm 65% BTC, 35% ETH, missed the LTC run, no ALTs ATM. Thought Process: I'm horrible at timing and i don't want to get stuck in ALTs. However, I have a list of ALTs I plan to buy in the future. Also, I'm planning for the Robinhood crypto release. Probably not smart but figured ETH would be the "cheap" coin and maybe get a run like LTC back in Dec during the influx on coinbase.

  9. Too late to sell the alts right now. Many of them are highly oversold, alts will bounce back very soon..

  10. Rob, I was forming that strategy over the last few days as well. Watching BTC spike while everything else goes down or sideways is a good reaction, at least until it peaks.

  11. i think you are raising a legit play about be more heavily in BTC. But here is the thing, i don't think BTC is like it was in 2017 anymore so it is not going to be parabolic i can almost sure of it. there will be many corrections along the way before BTC gets back to the ATH… Here is another play idea: how about look for good altcoins that are dropping because of FOMO into BTC?

  12. Bobby, thanks, you're a steady voice, like hearing your point of view. When the altcoins swoon, as they are today, it's a massive broad sweep all at once. 7 coins/tokens only are green now out of the top 100, there's nowhere to hide unless you did it two days ago. I don't sell into weakness, but I am not buying in here either. Most of my alt coin investments are in the red, haven't as yet recovered from the bear we saw this past 30-40 days. These are the times that test your resolve to be a crypto investor, especially with the scary drops we just emerged from earlier this month. HODL everyone, this too shall pass!

  13. Looks like our 400 million dollar whale just completed his little pump and dump maneuver on BTC 😉

  14. I really don’t understand why bitcoins pumps like this. It’s still inferior to many of the alt coins. There is lightening network but there is still the problem of wasted power on mining. Anyway just my thought. I know it had a history, digital gold blah blah…;-)

  15. Traded BTC for ETH when that pairing favored ETH but it seems like I will need to go back the other direction now and trade ETH for BTC … Keeping my alt coins .. probably will hodl them for now.

  16. LTC is also a great position to have right now as it moves with bitcoin but moves even more than it because it is undervalued compered to the 1/5 1/4 ratio it will reach this year or next year.

  17. I would agree, I think around Christmas time a lot of people (myself included) went a little too crazy on the altcoins, without properly vetting each and every project. So when the weaker altcoins in your portfolio become clearer, that money flows right back into bitcoin. Plus I think within the crypto space, bitcoin just has this special attachment to people that's unlikely to be replaced by any other coin.

  18. I realized the altcoins pump when bitcoin just slightly goes downside. However, if bitcoin goes down heavily altcoins go down, which is logical in my opinion.

  19. Please dont believe me!! but you can build tokens on the bitcoin blockchain and you can hold ico's also …but dont believe me!! Do your own research!!!

  20. Been here before and will take advantage again. Now is time to buy ALT’s. I would be shocked if BTC didn’t go sub $7k again before summer.

  21. Hi Guys, I have an array of crypto currencies…and to be honest…I am not into pulling money out of this one, switching to that one, timing this, shorting that, etc etc etc. Frankly, I don't understand it well enough to do it successfully. So my question is…can I just keep what I have…forget about it, and check it in 2 years? See how it has done? I am a set it and forget it type of guy.
    What I have: Bitcoin—–> 0.60 coin
    Ethereum—–> 3 coins
    Litecoin——-> 7 coins
    Vechain——>250 coins
    Lisk——–>50 coins
    Cardano——> 1600 coins
    Monero——-> 3 coins
    Quantstamp——> 1200 coins
    Tron——->10,000 coins

    Am I foolish to leave these sit for 2 years and check on them in 2020? They're not going to vaporize are they?

  22. I’m feeling way more comfortable after this last crash. By that I mean confidence in crypto generally. I got in in mid nov 17, I hodled through the crash and I’m now good again. But I didn’t buy more during the crash because I was still unsure. Now I feel much wiser and will be ready and almost excited about the next crash. Hope that makes some sense. Love your videos.

  23. Hey Bobby, can you make a video in regards to paying taxes at the end of the year. For example, my question is, do you end up paying the same in taxes if you have a 20K profit making 100 trades compared to having a 20K profit with 1 transaction (HODL) at the end of the year?

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