Another Bitcoin all-time high day, Korean Bcash surge, Ethereum on

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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august 2:17 2017 buying hold people alright I am tired I have been on a
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London time unfortunately andy hoffman had to cancel
he cannot make the show and i know everyone’s really disappointed but it’s
you know life gets in the way sometimes and not everything’s perfect
so i’m looking for a third person still but we’ve got aaron van weird um
bringing you guys know him in money Triggs who’s great tweeter out there i’m
gonna link to everybody’s links below eventually i have just not had time to
do that yet i didn’t even have time to hold up the that you can get at the
ledger nano holder or whatever you can get at my calm all right bitcoin hit an
all-time high again today i didn’t really even know it did it hit it
actually out to 4500 a day who knows i mean this is just like an everyday of
currents and the me i mean it’s like not even that big deal of a deal it’s kind
of funny i was a steam in check really just busy getting on planes in canada
and rain and all sorts of fun stuff over here but you know we’re going to see
surges we’re gonna see surges down also so have a strong hand and found that
like button people found it right now get some more people over here and you
know what for all lucky people here tonight there’s some
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right now for all you live yours because you’re going to give a special little
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haven’t put the links up yet I’m sorry everyone I will but brush my teeth yet
uh Bobby Lee has it Bobby Lee the brother of uh Charlie Lee Charlie leaves
the family who’s got his own exchange out there in Asia says just to heard a
rumor that North Korea is mining Bitcoin at the state level earning hard currency
makes sense other current countries will follow okay
you know that that’s really hard to you know a rumor about North Korea that’s
hard to confirm that’s really hard to confirm it wouldn’t shock me if a
country a rogue country like North Korea starts to mine a crypto currency because
there’s nothing stopping them and it’s actually a way to get real money instead
of whatever insanity they’re printing out over there and it could actually be
very harmful for their people it could prop up their regime on the other side
it’ll probably prop up the price of whatever crypto currency a rogue nation
decides to mine and you know we might hear it about other nations out there
that are aren’t really too cool with their people and want to go a different
direction this is also a sign of the times that some other countries will
some more mainstream countries will get interested in crypto currency and just
use Bitcoin as a reserve just as they well as a store value just as they buy
gold up and stuff many many countries supposedly hold gold I have said this
many times before vini lingham brought this up a while ago
as a reason why Bitcoin was going up in price and to my knowledge no major
country or even medium country is doing it yet and once it’s figured out that
they are buying it off cause quite a surge in Bitcoin and wow
we are just we’ve got a lot of surges in Bitcoin we’re getting used to bit Ivy
this is fun stuff ok what else is going on today in the world of Bitcoin what’s this a 2 area network Bitcoin
hundred oh yeah Binney lingham how much of your
he tweets us out how much of your net worth is currently sitting in Bitcoin
and other my noble trade of other crypto assets yeah I guess he doesn’t like to
use all the coins I don’t know as a term and the results of the poll are very
interesting they are would already have here it’s hard to read it’s hard to read
yeah 34% of people say they have less than
10% of their assets in cryptocurrency 17% say between 10 and 25% 13% say
between 26 and 50% and 36 percent of people on this unscientific poll say 51%
of their assets are in that cryptocurrency
now obviously this is biased because a lot of people are into cryptocurrency
but it’s interesting I will link to that okay we mentioned the Bobby leave room
are already countries are golden holders they are Galt they will become golden
holders of yeah I’m still way behind on emails I’m sorry people and thanks for
read my tweets I’ve been able I was able to tweet on the air planner today at the
airport I was able to check my comments on my youtube on the airplane for free
for some reason that was crazy I would not pay to login on the airplane unless
there’s an emergency there is a surge and be cash I told you something like
this could happen and will happen this time is because of Korea or the Korean
exchanges I don’t know what’s going on in Korea they brought up the price to
0.12 Bitcoin to Dan down from it was down and around 0.069 the 0.12 Bitcoin
and you know I don’t think there’s any logic behind it because the Koreans they
were pumping up all sorts of all coins a few months ago maybe they don’t
understand what’s going on who knows things like this can
happen again for all the people out there I haven’t sold my be cash any of
it was I haven’t split my be cash yet but my treasure is not even with me talk
about the treasure real quick I have not done enough research on this rumor
that’s floating around at the trace or I did receive an email from trace or
saying that they have a face to a problem and that it you got to upgrade
your firmware now people were spreading all sorts of lied about Tresor if I work
everyone I would go to the trailers website read up on what they’re saying
and do what they say to do if you don’t log into your treasure where your cool
correlates crazy rumors that are going on in stock again these store these
storage devices it once when they find a problem they’re open and honest and they
try to correct the problem with firmware updates so let’s see what’s going on
again I do not have mantras or with me out so I I know people have you tell
people you love the Tresor and everything you got to tell us all about
this I cannot I don’t wanna start saying things that aren’t true so go to their
website but I stole I stole at this moment I have every single like 98% of
my Bitcoin and all of them I be – all of my – which is not much – at all on my
Tresor okay what else do we have going on today yeah we talked about okay
Bloomberg article here some investor seed Bitcoin better than gold Morgan
Stanley says Wow I mean that’s an article right there it’s sign of the
times sign of the times gold gold people gold it’s digital gold
that hey I guess Peter Schiff isn’t like that article very much if you check
check out yesterday’s show of mine found that like when people if you uh I don’t
know if you just want to pound the like button if blockchain got info on out and
the black King got info is a big wallet a lot of people use it it’s an online
wallet and now they’re they’re doing etherium it didn’t make a theorem surge
and are the blockchain that info people aren’t they a little bit of the to exer
type so maybe and maybe that’s why they’re putting a theorem on there
they’re not the biggest uh coin that’s the list in the world but to
eat your own I mean that that’s good I have nothing against let him put it up
there because a lot of people aren’t aetherium and I believe it’s better to
store well I don’t know if I want to come out and a lot of people store their
stuff on coinbase I think to have a option like blocking that info to play
around with with your aetherium is interesting I haven’t researched it much
yet again but I got the email and I’ve seen the tweets so if you’re on
blockchain that info you know open the etherium a little Theory plan account
page play with a theorem they’re like 0.01 etherium whatever this is for small
time you should really practice sending Bitcoin back and forth between accounts
theory and back and forth before Kanak between accounts before you buy other
all coins and stuff just I don’t know it seems like a natural progression there
okay there’s the Bobby Lee rumor again I put that down there twice Oh God it was
very silver to share that Bloomberg tweet which is interesting I’m gonna
have to ask me anything on September the first but you might be able to ask me
questions here in a couple minutes let’s see what else we have here yeah I’m
gonna in a couple days I didn’t have time to do this yet I have some funny
old prediction but I have some shows from 19 2015 to 2016
when Bitcoin was like $200 and $400 I’m telling people to buy it they’re very
good you can search the archives you probably won’t okay I’ll get into it
more on Saturday alright so I think that was all I wanted to cover let’s see real
quick is anyone in the chat have any questions alright the bad virus gave me
five pounds thank you bad virus Mike not quite true you do have to update your
Tresor irrespective of whether you log in okay update you know it’s I you know
it’s scary when you update your firmware I know it is but if it’s coming straight
from the trays or you can be cool okay what are some questions here say put ad
on with your win app you have two minutes to ask me questions people we’re
also I’m just adding this thing ending this thing someone cos says the guide in
48 here you know one thing I want to mention
Eduardo always mentions iota the sky Eduardo
my chat every single time he mentions iota every and I don’t even care what I
owe it is I don’t give an iota about iota and his funny that what he’s Pete
persevered he persevered every time in this Chad gets did mention iota he’s
unbelievable there you got me too you got me to mention your your coin alright
they’re not they’re no questions in this thing there are no questions in this
thing today that’s great I do thank the people for using this
super chat to give me to give me support and I really I really appreciate it
alright that is it for today everyone we’re gonna be back in 12 hours sorry
this show was kind of all over the place but that’s you know and not that many
people going into watching it anyway I gotta do some updates I got to go to
sleep I gotta brush my teeth what are your views on the Paleo diet okay it’s
great it is good you should not don’t eat a lot of carbs do not avoid carbs
and sugar people that that’s the lesson of the day high fat diets are great good
the good type of fats the good type of festive animal fats are good so pound
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  1. @BitcoinMeister The Tresor's split function after firmware update works perfectly. I did it without any problems. Claiming BCash is as easy as any other action. If you need help with your Trezor … 😄 just hit me up

  2. this has got me worried… do we sell out BTC for BCC? right now I am holding more BTC… and have some BCC left over from the fork that i have not touched… this is really confusing when you are just so used to buy and hold.

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