Announcing: MINECON Earth 2018!

MINECON Earth is back! Bigger, better and more craftier Gather your favorite friends, family and tame wolves to watch a Minecraft extravaganza on Saturday September 29th Featuring live gameplay and real talk from the coolest crafters on the planet Are you a creative type? Craft your own costume! Upload evidence of the awesomeness at then SUBMIT! The best costumes will feature in the show Are you the chatty and opinionated type? Send us your ideas for panels! Lydia Winters will be joined by some amazing community co-hosts We’ll announce them soon and game updates! we’ll be revealing what’s coming to the game live on air! Learn the secrets before anyone else… So tune in for the future of minecraft and more! MINECON Earth 2018 livestream September 29th!

100 thoughts on “Announcing: MINECON Earth 2018!”

  1. For the next update can u take less time giving to ps4 because I think console should be ur next priority after pc then I think pe should be last but that’s just me.

  2. I am posting this here, due to having no contact source Minecraft. This is not a Forum issue, not a bug issue. This is an account issue, and Microsoft/Xbox failed to resolve it. Attention: Minecraft skin developers, especially Minecraft (whoever you really are… who are you???) shown at the Marketplace as developers of the Star Wars skins. For over SIX months, my grandsons have not been able to redeem the coins to purchase skins. They wanted Stars Wars skins, since that time. Their mother has attempted to resolve this problem at least 4 times over six months. The most recent instruction from support was an email, to add coins to their accounts. The coins were purchased six months ago and the coins ARE already there. There are serious incompetencies at Microsoft/Xbox support. That family does have Xbox one console! so Microsoft/Xbox SHOULD be able to provlde a solution. No, they can't… It is not reasonable, nor possible, for contacting support to be a full-time job! The boys are no longer enthusiastic about Minecraft. Their enthusiasm rebounded after multiple issues over the past year, after the fiasco of the onset of Better Together, after losing about an hour of multiplay on and not on my Realm. Especially after nearly every update and hot fix. The enthusiasm always rebounded. Not so this past weekend. As the funder of their coins, I am disgusted that the coins have been sitting there for six months, and that multiple attempts to resolve the problem have failed. There are other corporate entities who know how to expertly manage transactions! Such as I perceive that Microsoft/Xbox have no concern and nothing to lose. The losses will be to developers, when families and consumers get to fed up to deal with Minecraft, Microsoft/Xbox pathetic management of family and individual accounts and transactions.

  3. I was playing minecraft and i forgot that it was the day of Minecraft earth I was like

  4. You think having Minecraft on the Xbox is bad? Well people like me with a Wii U get completely ignored when it comes to Minecraft Wii U, they ALWAYS forget about us! So much for this aquatic update I was exited for! (this is why I don't play minecart anymore :/)

  5. I want keep inventory not on cheats or at least make it you're able to activate keep inventory without activate cheats

  6. Honestly I have only one issue I wish they would have made a mechanic Edition of Minecraft for Xbox One or Android because it's only one issue how many times have you went to a world with someone some cool mechanics or redstone and ends up being billions of command blocks in hundreds of redstone it makes it so laggy that's why most of us want mechanic Edition because most of our redstone machines take us unreal long amounts of time can we just push or something simple but something like or we can make automatic systems for every person that reads this comment go ahead go to a YouTube video or a Minecraft world and tell me how many command blocks and how much Redstone are they because most of us redStoners wish they had it easier more simple way but we can like make automatic systems or make massive bases or create supermassive power source but that's impossible With command blocks supposed to take so long you just want to get it done and we can have fun with the machine or nothing like that that's why we wish we had like Auto miners or Auto Crafters or Auto sorters or just pipes so we can make items go the chest to chest and question y'all selves do y'all know how much pain we go through just creating those levels for y'all we just waits for something simple but not simple if you don't know what I mean he wish we can make the machines that does the most complex stuff but we can hook up power and transfer items from a long distance for people that wants to help us out so we can have fun in Minecraft again please help us out  please tell Microsoft or the people that's working on Minecraft to make a machine or a mechanic addition and try to tell them not to make it too complex to for us because we already try hard enough to make those maps we wanted a tekkit addition but we don't know if it's coming or not so please help us since we create those maps for all of you

  7. В версии майнкрафт пе страшные границы координаты 12550820 140 0 English. In the version of Minecraft pe scary borders here Kardinat 12550820 140 0

  8. Need more pixels and add Dogs please the dogs will spawn as pets right away, play with other pets, and fight attacking mobs. sorry for more coding. btw I'm your player Kayo4life.

  9. Can we ask here if more cooking stuff can be added to minecraft (like flour, cocoa powder, ovens, pots and pans that can be placed on the oven)? and can you make more food (like cherry pie and chocolate cake and strawberry cake and sushi and more meat? and vegetables and more plants and fruit)? and can you add paint and painted wood especially light blue planks and paint brushes and quartz fences? please and thank you!

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