Andrew Yang & Cryptocurrencies

hey what is going on YouTube you already know who it is I am Luke that intelligent hustler coming at you once again with another video if you're brand new to the channel I basically talk about businesses finance money online businesses technology and a little bit of politics so in today's video I'm gonna give you guys my thoughts and opinions on what a Andrew Yang's presidency will look like and what effect it will have on on the cryptocurrency market right in what difference will it make as far as cryptocurrency adoption right of businesses and things of that nature not just speculative trading and investing but just basically what will people use more Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after Andrew gang is elected right because we primarily know that he's very Pro Bitcoin he's very Pro cryptocurrency as opposed to Trump Trump already said that he's not for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at all which we all know that Trump is basically anti decentralization right of markets and in financial markets and things like that so it's gonna look interesting because once there's there's just this notion right that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is just this out rights and tighten governments anti-establishment tool right that a lot of Fringe extremists and hackers use and that is not that is not that is the furthest thing from the truth right it's primarily a lot of libertarians use it but they're more concerned with you know centralized decentralized power and authority of institutions and in the government but it's not I just think that it's not it is extremely dangerous to just call Bitcoin aficionados right-wing extremists right because there's there's people from all over the political spectrum that use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or mine Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and there's going to be a lot of people in the near future working as entrepreneurs or freelance freelancers that are going to use you know these alternative methods of currency and we just have to see and wait what yang will what he'll do because as of right now we know that there is there's more cryptocurrencies basically floating and trading in other countries there's more there's a higher percentage of market adoption in in those countries as opposed to here in the United States so it would be really interesting to see what happens once Andrew yang puts some type of regulations or III underst I think I understand that he knows that a lot of people prefer cryptocurrencies to have as little regulations as possible but at the same time there's so much market manipulation out there that I think sooner or later is gonna be necessary for some type of regulation so to to be implemented and I believe that he knows that he knows that you can't just be this free all like this Wild West of Wales pumping Bitcoin and in other outs of coins sort of sealing and then at the last minute they just jump off board in every every everyone that invested later on gets stuck at a loss right so it is going to be interesting to see what what happens so dance that's pretty much it that I have for today if you like this video please click like please subscribe to the channel also hit that notification bell and I will see you guys soon peace out and keep hustling

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