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Welcome to Scientific Publishing, creators
of premiere Anatomical Wall Charts. With over 200 products, we are a leading publisher
specializing in human anatomy and health-related educational resources. Suitable for home and healthcare facilities,
our full color Anatomical Wall Charts cover a broad range of anatomical and health-related
topics. Our flash cards help in learning and reviewing
the study of anatomy and physiology. Our proprietary models provide the means to
study the complexity of an organ, like the heart, in three dimensions. Our flip charts provide an overview of a topic
one part at a time. The smaller posters reproduced in our portfolios
are conveniently grouped for study by anatomy, pathology or physiology. Our patient education study sets include a
wall chart, a flip chart and five patient education pads. Each sheet of the pad can be used as a hand-out
and take-away to use during a class or seminar. Give your team a competitive edge by putting
your brand or logo on our dynamic, cost effective patient-friendly initiatives. For details on Anatomical Wall Charts, visit or call 847-788-9100 today!

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