Anarchapulco – Latin America Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency and the Strategy behind it.

[Applause] [Applause] but for those who doesn't know me I've been working with as a youtuber for a couple for actually almost one year and a half now let me just wait into the presentation so I'm from Brazil I do live in the US my name is rod and Bracy I mean if this is working and I heard about – digital cache through another youtuber a couple couple of years ago talking about how you can request funds to the network I do have a presentations about 10-15 minutes and then in the end I'm got open for questions because there's also the second part of the documentary that I just put it up on YouTube last week when I went to Colombia to see what 2 million migrants are doing in Colombia from Venezuela so I do run a YouTube channel for – digital cash in Brazil it's in Portuguese for the past one year and a half I've been getting paid by a bunch of computers by the – dislocation Network the main purpose of my channel is to create content and interview the tapas name encrypted in the world and of course create videos explaining how this entire ecosystem work into a specific language so I presented a proposal to – asking force amount of money say hey if you guys pay me this amount of money in a couple months I will make videos for you in Portuguese or for the network let me just talk a little bit about the governance of – if you what – digital cache is comparing to Bitcoin Bitcoin the miner he gets to keep 100% of the block rewards where – it's divided with three different layers so the miners keep 45% of the block rewards there's an extra layer called the master node so if you're running a node and you're in charge of doing the transactions the private centered instance and you also get to keep 45% of the block reward and 10% goes to the Treasury that's actually where I come in I presented a proposal through the Treasury system where anybody in the world is allowed to present a proposal say hey I need money to do a project that she goes on the opposite of an IC o—- where an IC o—- you have people asking for money on – they have money to offer you as long as your project of course will bring value to the network – digital cash network is not in network where it's give monies away but of course you have to create a project that brings value to the network that's where I came in say hey I'm gonna create videos – a brand new market in portuguese – for the president actually import to go as well so i want to show you the power of those 10% that every month is generated automatically by the network in venezuela I put it there VIN as well and the cryptocurrency evolution they are adopting – and a mass scale which the numbers are wrong by the time I finish editing the documentary in August there was 600 business accepting – today there's almost 3000 it's not even one year later it's it's out of control it's out of control so VIN it and I was just in Colombia two months ago I shot another documentary there it's live on YouTube Colombia the cryptocurrencies evolution but cologne is a specific market where they are using more as opportunity the canonical situation of Colombia is doing better than Venezuela in a way they're the community members create a different strategy and of course in Brazil it's a total different game Brazil is the richest country in Latin America and people the economy never been so great in the past four or five years we just hit all-time high in the stock market so there's no need for business adoption in Brazil but there's the wealth grow there's an accumulation of wealth being happening and I'm gonna talk about that as well so Venezuela guys I wasn't planning to show the documentary so let's keep a few slides here so just a few facts and that today there's over almost 4,000 business accepting – digital cash in the world that's more than all the cryptocurrencies combined that's something to pay attention as well – this when I was there one dollar was worth two and a half million believers he got to six million believers which was a stack to even be more than that I have no idea and you can see there how much you would you pay for a roll of toilet paper you need a stack of money which makes you think the true use of paper because you can choose on a matter of quantity which one you want to use for your poopoo situation over there and and in the money is actually your better option for the quantity of paper but that's what money became once you have a no limit and you start printing money out of control and people do not realize this is United States in a situation worse than Israel with 22 trillion dollars debt but that's something for a different subject that section they slide and normally show me holding a stack of money which I got ripped off because I gave her one dollar she gave me back seventy five cents and she was supposed to give me back ninety nine cents plus a hundred thousand of a fraction for the gas one believer it's one liter one dollar was 2.8 million believers so I could fill it up 70 thousand cars full tank with one dollar and that's it's it's it's insane one of the things that's happened even as well and that's actually a a problem as well everybody over there just Sprint's the QR code which exposes your balance and that's something that we came up with a saloon which I show on the on the documentary about Colombia called electro pay where we're finalizing a POS units under $100 that switch is through QR code so we won't review your balance as well but we have to think about something extremely cheap specially if we want to increase mass adoption in Colombia Venezuela in Africa and third world countries see again that's it's it's easy to expose your QR codes not a lot of people know like the the normal user the business that you can scan this and know your balance and how many transactions you accept at your business which someone can say hey I see you have two dashes and pull a gun and ask for your funds right away so in a matter of increasing security we're coming up with a different solution those are the pictures for the documentary but let's talk about a little bit about Colombia so I was in Colombia four times less ear talking and cryptocurrency vents for a thousand people at least each event which I showed this on the documentary but today the exodus of migrants from Venezuela majority of them are going to Colombia Peru Ecuador Brazil Madrid Spain and the United States so Colombia used this as an opportunity and of course not an opportunity to make money but an opportunity to engage with every single migrants that needs the the means to send money back home because they're migrating to you to Colombia to to at work so Colombia today did a fantastic job accepting over two million refugees from an economic crisis that's happened in Venezuela this is something to be very proud of it and and then see as and give Colombia the reward of it so this is the picture of the bridge in cucuta where every day there's hundreds of people trying to cross through a legal process because they have good relationships and Columbus being accepting them and in a good faith but that's what we see every day in cucuta a line of people and those people they were not poor people there were the middle class of Venezuela they were the lower class and and in the middle upper class from Venezuela that just became one entire class of refugees and miserable because there's literally no more jobs or economic growth at all and all they have is a backpack with a few clothes their kids couple documents and off they go on this horrible journey so this is what the global community and all this was organized independently there's no one from – telling these people what to do all this happens organically the community from managing and from Bogota ended up going to cúcuta the city where those migrants first get in and they start creating meetups and organizing our conventions to tell those migrants how they can actually work in other countries and send money back to their families using a – digital cache right this is the Jorge Donnelly he's the community leader in in Colombia he did a fantastic job the way he approached every single merchants because Colombia sits on a better economic place than Venezuela so they're not using because of a desperation that they need to hold the value of their money they use it because what he said was it's the way he approached was we have a new payment system in town and we actually every week we give away a couple dashes to people they need places to spend would you like to get new customers so this kind of talk actually ended up he's from us but he's been in Colombia for I think over 15 years as well so this kind of talk ended up increasing the number of a business accepting – from one business in January 2018 to over 300 business by this January now 2019 and those are he is always posting old Twitter all the new business he put up to a team that goes to visit every single merchant on every single town explaining how this magic internet money works and in a matter of minutes you have to talk about politics economics and technology yes mark five minutes thank you so in a matter of minutes you have to explain to every single merchant about money economics and technology so it's it's a pretty hard task and it's a door type of offer of work you can see these on the documentary the second version at Columbia and the cryptocurrency revolution about Brazil which sits on a better location economically speaking Brazil has today over 69 exchange dealing with cryptocurrency that's what I mentioned on the documentary we had this president they confiscate the money from everybody's savings account in 1992 he told the government he told everybody hey the government's gonna use your money we gotta pay you back starting 18 months Brazil had a horrible economic collapse for 20 years what's been Israel's going through now I experienced this being a kid in Brazil and I remember a little bit what my father suffered and what he had to go through this is the type of money or how many type of bills we had in Brazil in a matter of 15 years with over 1.2 trillion percent hyperinflation and as I say today in Brazil we have no more heroes because today in the back of our bills we have the birds the turtle we have the fish we will lost the identity with this sovereign country and we have to deal thank you we have to deal with callers and play money you know let's hopefully there the animals will save us but this is the picture of the stock market in Brazil as well where they took 100 years to establish their business where in five years those exchange they have exchanges in Brazil they have more users dealing grip the currency then the stock market managed to attract in over a hundred years those exchange the top ones they have more users than the stock market in over a hundred years the power of the ten percent doesn't finish there that's what the – Treasury allows anybody in the world to present a proposal and ask for funds communities in Argentina are starting to gather specially Argentina seems to the next place where the economic collapse will happen communities in Africa are happening every day with more and more people talking about cryptocurrencies and we can't stop this nobody can stop this and this is happening Nigeria and I Roby can yeah Ghana and every single time I see a new picture a new Twitter that's following me like my Twitter accounts that is from a counter I'm like wow how did they heard about this it's all of their of their own YouTube and the picture shows how they can get funds and organized meetups a business adoption and marketing program sponsor basketball teams and and other support teams as well we also have a community now grown in Thailand they just got approve with the proposal that they are getting money from the network to start talking about crypto and organizing meetups there's a community called – embassy that's in Germany Austria and Switzerland as well sponsored by the – community there's the – community in Switzerland also and all this is due to the 10% of those 10% that is generated automatically and there's no one behind this controlling it's all done automatically inside the network it goes up for voting if the masternodes decided that your proposal has value – whatever you're trying to do enter the – Network they will vote yes or no and and and more and more integration just now our wall of coins are being accepted in more countries in Latin America integrations with a Visa credit card payments this is actually brand new I just saw this last week the marijuana industry share masternodes be reviewing more and more wallets there's even a phone operator company that creates a hardware that those crib phones they're sold for less than $100 and they come with a – wallet with some – inside for you to start using today – has almost 5000 businesses being accepted there's a new program now a new platform called – evolution 4 – pay which has got a turn – into a system more friendly user like paper so that's something to take a look as well the official website is – org so take a look into that if you want actually get all the new the latest new about – – News org is the web – official website as well and of course if you want to suspend son – you can check it out – discover – calm where we have listed all the business that accept – digital cash in the world there's the documentary about Venezuela and the cryptocurrency revolution the new one now is Columbia and the cryptocurrency revolutions on YouTube download watch I gave to the organizers the file in case there is space or room in the next couple days it's 25 minutes long if it's available they're gonna play here as well so stay tuned once again everybody my name is rod and Brizzy I'm a youtuber for – no cash thank you for your time [Applause]

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  1. "By the time I finished editing the documentary in August there were 600 business accepting Dash. Today there are almost 3,000. It's not even one year later. It's out of control." — Rod Ambrissi

    Nice! Lots happening in South America. To highlight a few: ample shoe leather (as George Donnelly described it) to net merchant adoption, point-of-sale solutions, organic outreach, solid content creation, and synergistic efforts between individuals and projects in different nation states.

  2. Very very well done Speech!! wish i was able to attend anarchapulco. Maybe next time, anyhow i really think DASH is going to go really well soon. So much amazing work you guys are doing, as always great work, sincerely JR

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