Analysis of the cryptocurrency market 2019 with the help of the software

This program is for more successful trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. This program is for beginners and experienced traders, for all trading strategies. This program collects all the information from exchange, on all trading pairs and gives it in a table format. The resulting file with data can be opened in any editing program for electronic tables. The table lists all the data from the exchange, which is divided in columns. Every column can be sorted in any order and it is possible to choose the necessary parameters. For example, you can: – choose a specific base or quoted currency; – choose pairs with a low or high spread in percentage; – choose the maximum coefficient of decline or growth of the current price; – choose pairs with the highest volume of daily trading and volatility; – and so on… Moreover, you have an opportunity to compare these values between different cryptocurrency exchanges. By having all the information, you begin to see simple ways of making a profit! Go to the website and start making more money! Sorry for my English, I am just a digital voice…

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