Amfeix Fund Withdraw to Ledger Nano S

Hi, this is Mike, I’m going to show you the steps to withdraw your funds out of the Amfeix wallet okay, first step is You’re gonna go to the Amfeix fund tab I’m gonna scroll down you’re gonna go to your deposit transaction ID. You’re gonna click the withdraw button Alright now on this advanced tab You’ve got the gas price and you got the gas limit you can keep it at the default. That’s fine Now you’re going to enter in your password for your wallet And you’re going to click on a request And here’s your transaction ID you can close out of there You can click on request it withdraws and this will show you your transaction ID within the next 24 hours your Withdraw will be confirmed and it will show up on the next tab of withdrawals So I’ll come back in about 24 hours to show you the rest of the steps Alright it’s the following day and the withdrawal went through now it’s up here in my balance where it says your balance 0.02. Ok, so all I’m gonna do now is just I’m gonna verify Down here. If you scroll down after you click the Amfeix fund tab click on withdrawals and There there it is with the transaction ID Alright, so now to get it out of this fund wallet into my own private wallet What I want to do is if I click over on the wallet tab and then click on withdraw tab And I’m going to want to enter in my Bitcoin address where I want to send it to I’m gonna be sending it to my ledger live or my ledger. Nano s So I got the Bitcoin address from there already. So I’m just going to paste that in And then the amount I’m just gonna grab the amount from up here and Paste it in It’s probably going to tell me not enough balance Because there has to be a little bit left over in here to pay for the fees So I’m gonna select regular and I’m going to Take out just a little bit from here. I’m not sure exactly how much it will cost for fees but I’m just gonna put like 202 That will probably work That’s the if 203 will work 203 will work 565 that should work Click Next so I gotta enter in my password and click Next Now I got a transaction ID so I’m just gonna put this up here so you can see how many seconds pass by until the Until the transfer is complete into my legend live Okay, your transaction has been set so I’m gonna minimize this screen and go over to my ledger live screen And we will see how long this will take. I Have in my ledger live just a Bitcoin wallet right now. Oh my goodness. That was so fast that Only took like 30 seconds in less than a minute that’s already here. Wow That’s great. Uh-huh. I Thought it would take like ten minutes or something, but that was really really quick All right, so it’s already in my ledger live in my ledger. Nano s that’s great Wow All right It’s my portfolio value now is 214 dollars and 54 cents It shows that I just now sent the Transaction this is the transaction right here. I Can click on that and it will show me that I sent zero point zero two zero three five six five on July 19th 802 p.m and from this Bitcoin address, let’s see if I’m going to copy it and paste it into the other one just to verify that It is the correct one. If I go to history, I think Yes, I just did a browser search and that is the correct Bitcoin wallet address and it came from wow, that was so quick. Alright, so just to wrap it up All you have to do is Under your deposits the blue withdraw button you click it Wait about 24 hours And it will show up in your withdrawals Go up to wallet Scroll up go to withdraw and you’re in the Bitcoin wallet address the amount Select the lowest fee and you’re good to go alright, so if you’ve got any questions You can leave it below the video. I have a review site where you can get all your questions answered So head over there and I’ll see you again next time. Have a good one

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