America’s Got Talent Finals YOUNG MAGICIAN GETS HEIDI & MEL B TO KISS | Collins Key

– Did you feel that? – Yeah. – Check it out. – Oh my world. (laughs) – To me close-up magic is purely skill. You put hours and years of your life into learning one move,
and then when you do that move, you don’t
want anyone to see it. In the first auditions
I did close-up magic. – Wow. – Come on everybody make some noise! – [Collins] But you can’t do the same magic trick twice, but what I can do tonight is, go back to my roots. Close-up magic, and give people an experience that will be very intimate. And very magical. (mysterious music) (cheering) – Alright, now in my first audition, I did close-up magic for
you guys at your table. So tonight, I thought
I’d bring it full circle. And do some close-up magic. So Mel B, we’re gonna
start off taking cards like this, and you just say the word stop. – Stop. – Okay, gotta marker, what I want you to do is take this marker and I want you to sign this card. Perfect, alright, great, let’s actually, this needs to dry off
a little bit, hold on. (blowing) Okay, actually, we’ll
give it a second to dry. So then, Heidi, we’re gonna do pretty much the same thing, alright? What I’d like you to
do, say the word stop, whenever you want. – Stop. – Right here, this will be your card. Take the sharpie, sign it. Great, we’ve got Heidi, your card and Mel B, your card alright each of you guys signed one. Now this is where it begins to get crazy. If we take the cards, just push them slowly together like this, the edges will actually line
up, that didn’t work. Hold on, sorry, this is the most technical part, you
need to get the edges to actually line up, just like that. See how the edges line up? Gotta keep the cards together. Heidi, I want you to bite down on this end of the card, it’s
for the trick I promise. Alright Mel B, bite down on this end. Over here. (cheering) (laughing) Alright now, ladies, ladies, put your lips together on the card. – Whoa! – Now what’s gonna actually happen, your gonna start to actually feel the card heat up, I can sense like
the tension right here. The card actually starts to heat up. – Can I ask Heidi something? – Yeah, I don’t know is
she can talk right now. – Whoa. – Oh. – Whoa. (cheering) – Alright. – Okay what’s gonna happen these two cards are gonna heat up and
start to melt together. You’re actually gonna feel the cards start to melt right now, they’ve melted. (laughs) Let me take the card for a second. I can see the bite imprints, look at this. – I know. – Oh. – Actually, you can see it’s one card, here, I want you to feel it, they’re not like glued together or stuck together. It really is one card. – No. – This is where it gets crazy. – There’s only one card we had two cards. Shut up. – If you’re wondering
where the next one went. – Oh my God. – Check it out, the one card is actually infused into the back. – Shut up! – Oh my god! – I didn’t feel anything! – Here I want you to take the card, just pull it and just go through it it’s really legit-ly there, right? You can see the same thing Mel B. – Yes! – Actually here let me
see the card for a second. (rips) Here we go, you can each keep a half. Thank you. – Wow. – Thank you Heidi. – Wow. – What a twist, on a card trick. Collins Key ladies and gentlemen. Bringing some real excitement to the judges table, forget
seeing Howie and Howard kiss that was a moment. (laughs) Heidi, you still seem mesmerized. (laughs) – I mean when it’s this close, especially, you know my eyes were like full on focusing, I mean, first of all why didn’t you not have the boys do this. You know how much they like to. (kissing noises) (laughs) It could have been
another moment, you know. – I’m up for it, let’s go. – Wow, I’m shocked, I
don’t know how you do it. – Thank you so much, thank you. – Good job. (laughs) – Wow. – Howard. – You’re a terrific performer, 17 years old, let’s
remind America of that. (cheering) And I think you’ve got a great future. – Thank you so much. – I though this was pretty awesome. – Mel B. – Collins, I actually think that that was one of your best performances. You listened to Howard you sped everything up, it all made sense. I nearly got to kiss Heidi, thank you very much for that, I
thought that was great! And I do hope people vote for you ’cause you’re young and inspirational. You really are. – Thank you so much, thank you. – I loved it. – What’s up guys it is Collins Key and welcome to my YouTube channel. (techno music) (screaming) – I think that you are
the new face of magic. – Now every week I am posting a new video. So be sure to subscribe to this channel to make sure you can see ’em first. And also if you guys
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