An American woman was dragged from a Korean Air flight for refusing to sit in her economy seat… stay tuned…. Recently an American woman was forcively removed from a Korean airline flight as she yelled nuclear disarmament After it was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes The 30 year old woman paid for an economy seat but she was sitting down in the business class section on a flight bound for San Francisco It took off Incheon International Airport on July 27th The woman didn’t want to get out of her seat And she caused a commotion when flight attendants and airport police Surrounded her told her that she needed a sit in her designated seat Authorities had no choice but to drag her out of the plane as she screamed u.s marshals DDOS, korean air nuclear disarmament and threw up peace signs. The woman was then transferred to a local hospital as she seemed to be suffering from a mental illness Question for the day given the endless string of Cringe-worthy airline news these days. Describe your worst flight, Incident ever. Leave your comments for me in the comment section for this video. And as always remember to Like share and subscribe This is BobbieD saying Take Care, God Bless and Peace! A towering presence run like the wind be a king or queen Life in the Philippines Music Playing…..


  1. Actually outside of some arrogant customers the worst flight I never made was when I was bumped off standby on a plane that crashed in Chicago. United Airlines Flight 553 in 1972

  2. Bobbie, I have never had anything like that happen on an airplane… The second flight I was ever on was a continuation from Little Rock, Ark to Alexandria, La… Little Rock to Dallas, then the flight from Dallas to Alexandria, an engine quit about 15 minutes outside of Dallas, it was a puddle jumper, so only two engines… We turned around, and I spent the night with 12 other soldiers to be in Dallas… Our final destination was Fort Polk, La, for boot camp, and AIT… There were a few kids that got excited, including myself, but nothing hysterical… Why does the lady wait till she gets on the plane to have an episode… I think she was just a goofball… Thanks again…

  3. That Crazy Bitch deserved to be dragged and I hope she ended up with carpet burns on her Koreans will hold you accountable at all times. We do not mess around. That C&%# deserved what she got!!! * Respect the Koreans!!!

  4. People need God back in there lives. America and the world has spiralled downward since the majority of us turned against YHWH.

  5. Crazy… Hello, My name is Carlos Rodriguez. I am a big fan, I was wondering since I will be in Cebu on the 12, 13, 14 and 15th of August 2018. If it is possible, I would love to meet with you…..

  6. Pepperidge Fahm remembas. All kidding aside, why do idiots like this unhinged moonbat ruin everything for the rest of us?

  7. My worst flight experience? Back in 1987 I was en route from LA to my ship in Norfolk. I was in full uniform and had to change planes in Pittsburgh. As we were boarding the plane, I noticed a little problem. Somehow, the guy in the seat next to me had managed to not only board the plane rip-roaring drunk, but had also managed to smuggle a case of Iron City beer in his t-shirt. He asked me if I wanted a beer, I said" No, thank you". He said" What! Are you too good to have a drink with me?" He tried to start a fist fight with me but couldn't manage to do that and hang onto his beer at the same time. He was eventually ejected and I made it back to the ship on time.

  8. They should have given her shock treatment and held her for a month or two. She is crazy and needs to be put on the NO FLY list.

  9. She aint that stupid, trying to get over on people…she knew very well she wasnt in her seat, white people like her feel they can do and say whatever they want with no consequences.

  10. American trying to cheat on asian failed this time. This wont happen if korean have alots of oil, as american will steal everything including this plane for the sake of democracy.

  11. Hello Bobbie.D
    The way she was smiling and laughing while she has been filmed, means one of two things, she was really sick or she wants to be famous and get on the news in any way she can for somereasen…
    Best regards/Ned!

  12. For the record, as a family member, this entire situation is quite embarrassing and wanted to clarify a few things. The Korean Media chose to pixel the face to "save face", particularly after discovering the reality is that, we are Korean AND American. "White American" is smeared all over the press, but that is just the passport one carries. When you spend more than half your life in a country, raised by a Korean mom, you are Korean, or confused as Rachel Anne Doležal. There is no American domicile when your parents are ex-pats. My family is really small, not so many live in America, more than half our family still lives in Korea. The cultural confusion factor doesn't change anything because she didn't behave in a very Asian fashion, nor could you say this is the typical "American" in an asian country because, she grew up there… and that would be insulting to our American side of the family, which would not find this acceptable in any way.
    As a family we are asking ourselves what could have triggered this entire event, or could this have been avoided? The reality that we must now consider is that we have mental illness in our family. None of us were shocked by her ( yes, initially but we could imagine her doing it) nor what she broadcasted during the process ("Nuc-u-ler disarmament." "US marshal! US marshal!") .
    I chose to comment, ONLY because clearly, she wants and needs attention (Another Famous Airline's Passenger Was Just Dragged Off a Plane ..)., bad attention is better than no attention, and perhaps all the people who read this can stop hating, particularly the Korean and American ones, and feel some compassion and empathy for this faceless nameless girl who grew up not belonging in either country. This could literally happen to anyone. After spending many years apologizing for family members behavior, we are still looking for the learning moment but coming up empty. She is an adult, and must be held responsible and accountable for her actions. Many of us will continuing to set personal boundaries and take the tough love approach.

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