46 thoughts on “ALTS: Ready To EXPLODE! – Proof: Institutional FOMO – $1.26b Bitcoin Moved – Whales Own 25% of BTC”

  1. In this bull market /run whatever we're in….. Are paid groups in a bear market???… Kidding…….. And I appreciate what you do for the space!

  2. I reaised a few months back that Binance has become the first BIG CRYPTO in the same vein as BIG TECH. The first Amazon of the crypto space, so to speak.
    It was around $12-15 at that time and I stocked up as much as I could afford.
    So far huge profits but even on the downside BNB doesn't seem to dump very much. Happy to HODL this one.

  3. Definitely recommend the trading group. I'm new, still heaps to learn, but already in a couple of weeks I've made enough profit to cover the 12 month cost.

  4. MIND BOGGLING video Chris !!!! ….. and EYE GOGGLING as well. That dramatic and fantastic intro you have will soon be mirrored by a dramatic ans fantastic rise in altcoins. Cheers …..

  5. Love the vids bro, I supported the channel and purchased a nano x from your ref link . Keep up the great work. Thinking of joining your group .

  6. Love me some LTC and THETA. Theta will easily run to over .50 during the next bull run. And I’m going to get flamed for this, but XVG at a penny is still a top 50 coin, and for what it does, it’s tremendously undervalued.

  7. I think we will steady our way to 19k over the next few months with minimal corrections in the mix. Once it breaches 19.5 and holds the lid will come off and god knows where its going after that. The next TRUE bull run i think we are headed to easily breach 100k.

  8. Set up the pump , run it up with your pump group ….then dump on plebs . Your entire existence is a pump n dump group , your “set ups “ are nothing more than you picking a coin that is legit and has been down for awhile and set it up with your pump group.

  9. Whales only own 25 percent of BTC? That's pretty good. Whales (top 1 percent) own 40 percent of wealth in the US and their dominance goes up every year.

  10. Use of crypto as a currency may not be important now, but just wait! Fiat is on its last legs! Once fiat implodes crypto will be there to fill the vacuum. Just look at high inflation nations like Venezuela! Crypto's day is coming and it may arrive a lot sooner than ANY of us imagine!i remember that John McAfee's said the chart for Bitcoin will surely reach 1million USD before 2030. If said thing is to happen, like his past predictions happened, One day on this channel, someone Recommended us to reach out to a man named Walter Aarav, who has made a great impact in teaching young crypto investors a reliable method to Increase their Bitcoins & Xrp, I can Proudly boast of increasing my Portfolio from 2Btc to 9Btc, its just 4 weeks since I reached out to Him. Y'all can reach out to him through His Mail *([email protected] com)

  11. BTC will definately retrace if it stays under 9k. If it breaks 10k though it does not seem like there will be resistance.

  12. I think we will see $10k BTC during June, then correction to $8,800, then back above $10k to $12k. Whats so exciting, is once BTC breaks $12500, the next resistance level is $19k! We are just about $3500 from $12500! Better lock and load!

  13. In this bull cycle things are different. The last cycle was widely speculative with little fundemental use case, entry paths, and infastructure in place. This bull run will obviously have pull backs, but in my opinion they will not be the 40-60% consolidations of the past. I believe believe 35% will be the largest pull back we have with the majority of them being of the 5-15% variety. I think this because more and more of the entrants into this market are hodlers instead of speculative traders and they will tame the pull backs.

  14. Chris thank you for your channel. I’m in a little bit of a panic and hope you or your audience can provide some guidance. Yesterday I received my Ledger Nano X and followed the setup procedures as directed. Made my first transaction of LTC from Abra to Ledger with no problems. Then I transferred my XRP and NOTHING! Abra shows the transaction, but it has been nearly 12 hours and my XRP still hasn’t posted to the ledger… I checked and verified the address multiple times and made sure it was Abra XRP going to ledger XRP. I read the Ledger FAQ and it states it may take days to confirm or unconfirmed the transaction and if it is UNcomfirmed by the blockchain it should be returned to ABRA. I have already contacted customer support for Abra and Ledger Do you have any Suggestions?

  15. thanks for the shout out.. guys if your watching this and your not in the trading group what are you waiting for?? quit losing money and join us

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