24 thoughts on “Altcoins have found a new leader! Bitcoin dominance up but altcoin influence DOWN!”

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    Altcoins have a found a new leader! Bitcoin historically lead the way for altcoins. In 2019 altcoins have found a new leader. The cryptocurrency market has experienced some dramatic changes in 2019. Everything from institutional Bitcoin platforms to the most trusted exchanges getting hacked.

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  2. fact 1) they washed out the whole market from weak hands and small investors

    fact 2) big investors did accumulate the whole 2018 like crazy greedie bitches

    fact 3) they bottomed it and now they pump it out of nowhere

    question: what makes you think that they will dump it again to hell? to give the oppprtunity for the weak hands buy again?

    answer: NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….now BTC has BIG players target group!
    they are making BTC out of reach from common people/pockets

    i wont be surprised if 1/1/2020 will reach again ATH

  3. Aye Binance and bitfinex have no withdrawls for another week plus USTD
    Pretty fucking simple really, why you have to complicate everything lol
    I for one will be taking all profits as soon as i can and can only do so when withraws open again.

  4. Ok.  Here's why I watch and subscribe.    — U often ( 80% OF time) stick to your knowledge regarding mining, and closely associated aspects.   Yep…. I love the unsubstantiated guesses about certain things…….for instance OTC, etc.        Good stuff.        Reminder—  stick with what your 'in the know' with,.    Seriously…….Please don't become a shill,  ……..or become a 'cartoon character (i.e. crypto daily from England…who spends more time editing his broadcast than producing content).          Keep going….be genuine,…..and we'll love ya. ( I will)

  5. Very interested but not all are so techy. Please be clear in future instruction. Im 58 and didnt know how to "copy and paste" until i started into crypto in Nov 2017. Enjoy your channel and look forward to every video.

  6. Yep! Another good video. Those Łitecoin and Bitcoin 2019/20 mining reward halvings getting closer every day….??‍♂️

  7. New money is having a tough time filling orders. BTC liquidity is not where it used to be and it will never be where it was. The traders that sold their BTC to the new money are not able to replace it so they are no longer risking the rest of their stack. And the new money is all HODL money so supply and demand economics has taken control of the price. We will see new highs every week until a whale wants to drop the market by selling. But the new money will not be weak hands like last time as most of the new money is long term investment money and not rent money looking for a fast profit.

  8. The only reason Bitcoin went down to $3100 is because of the b** slap fight between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV. We're just back to where we were before that all started. I've always thought that was a ruse to bring down the price of Bitcoin so financial institutions could catch the tail when going back up.

  9. I am so done with Binance. Do not trust them anymore. Maybe its FUD, but as soon as I am able, all my funds are gone from that exchange.

  10. FOMO is doing a lot of the panic buying, and I don't think it's too late for this party. I'm looking for 10,0000 BTC in the next 90 days. SUM.ZiL

  11. it could be a tether dump thats pushing btc. Chico crypto has a video on this
    food for thought

  12. Pull profits now??? How about $250k!!!! Nobody gonna sell, this is real gold and real scarcity. We are going into hundreds of dollars.

  13. curious how you plan to have multiple external ip addresses for that server mate?
    And bitcoin price hypothesis, look at recent news and compare. They have pulled the plug on some darknet markets very recently, and after alphabay was taken down the bitcoin bulls were released…
    Those who have confiscated bitcoin have an interest in pumping the shit out of it so they can dump the confiscated coin…

  14. BTC goes up, altcoins go down. BTC goes down, money flows into altcoins. It's not too hard to follow, and yes, individual coins have individual moves.

  15. I think the US and China 25% tariffs will fuel btc to go a lot higher and for Binance and the other coins it's about the problems they had this week. They will go up! bc1qytrefyp2q4unejkge3xnjkw8fk8dc3z0wfl5lf

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