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alright alright we got about two minutes everybody make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t done it already I’m upset of Facebook live to bring my people in on Facebook and then if we have 40 likes by the time I’m done somebody will be win it it’ll be a cool little video I got a new website some new data I’m gonna show on this one oh whoa whoa self will beat you will check in in 90 seconds and get this day started you I’m still trying to get it clean for Facebook group that’s not it hold on one second how’s everybody doing Bitcoin info was going on Charles K in Z beats right let’s see yeah all right looks good live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of credo is your boy BK and if you don’t like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is September 12th shout out to the 40-plus people rocking out live on the air with me I appreciate the support we are streaming on YouTube and Facebook live this is one of the world’s first syndicated crypto currency broadcasts so if you just now tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto traitor and I’m boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we are going to look at today’s bijon discussion what we see on the thumbnail you know is like the Titanic it said the waters freezin cold it’s a bloodbath all the humanity can Bitcoin save the rest of the market and pull it on this little piece of driftwood and slowly wait for salvation from the sea JB’s you know it’s always to wit to two sides of a story two different ways to a portrayed situation and so what we’ll be looking at is how some of the media outlets are portraying this situation and actually what’s happening what reality is right I was listening to rethinking a dollar last night and and he said there’s actually three sides to a story it’s what you’re told what you research and learn on yourself and how you put all that information in your perception of the actual situation right so your reality so to speak so there we go without further ado coin telegraphed the future of money this one was posted about 19 hours ago alt coins keep dropping Bitcoin breaks record dominance 20:18 right and I’ll get into this chart in a second I just thought it was interesting that they talked about the market capitalization 191 billion the lowest point since November of 2017 let’s just take that information and jump on over to coin market cap because I think you know it can be a lot of information gained from just the macro fluidity of the market itself if you’re familiar with differential equations and batch equations all my civil engineers out there fluid viscosity this is actually a diffi cube where bitcoin is one bucket the altcoins is another bucket and you know the total money in the market is a bucket containing both buckets you know exam and all that’s happening is money is flowing around from one bucket into another bucket out at a big bucket and so it’s a little bit easy to you know kind of kind of not recognize that all together right this is this is the total market cap going back until they said November 2017 so let’s tighten up on that area right there that’s bitcoins price right there and this is the one I like we’ll be looking at this one down here total market capitalization and dominance if you haven’t done it yet hit that thumbs up button for me one time we got 38 people live on air we got about 20 likes already I gave you one of them myself so if we get 40 by the time I’m done with this video somebody will win some free crypto and if you like free crypto free Bitcoin has that subscribe button I’ll do a live video every day so come on back for your chance to win so here we go November 2017 this is what we were looking at this was kind of a peak the pinnacle right here December 7th Bitcoin 65% dominance that’s a lot right and all we’ve done is slowly crept back up to that threshold now keep in mind keep in mind there are psychological levels built into this market as well right let’s just move it back a little bit because we always weren’t we weren’t always that high right and this is what I want it right here in October we were at 49% right we were pretty comfortable with 49% and then we jumped up a little bit then we fell back down where we fall 52 right then we fell 52 then we went up and we fell 52 so right there at 52 54 that’s kind of like a psychological floor so what I like to do you know is just do kind of like a visual representation and you can see that area held again on this side the floors become the ceilings the ceilings become the floor so now that we’re above that level we’re gonna be headed to the next psychological floor or ceiling which is right there right and all we’re doing right now is slowly grinding that out right if we do peak to trough on this thing and kind of copy that line over here that’s kind of like our run rate right keep in mind I can’t copy and paste it directly this is just kind of a macro general assessment but what we’re looking for and it’ll be coming up pretty soon probably in the next month or so Bitcoin is gonna try to test one of these dominant positions right and that’s gonna be probably this one right here that’s sealing 58% right now what 57.8 right and again we have a ceiling coming up here pretty soon all right so whatever I would say this low point is right here that’s where we should see some turbulence over here right and then we’ll fall back down probably to the 52 to 54 and you’ll see two all coins be able to run up right and again this is just regular macro market movement right so I would say 60% is a ceiling for Bitcoin right right now we’re at fifty seven point eight what does that mean that means the all points can go down you know another five ten twelve percent that is indeed possible during this next run and the only thing that’s happening is again fluid currency value is moving from one side of the market to the other if you followed some of my earlier videos I would say this is exactly like a beating heart and and in a sense that it’s all you know a lifeforce energy is a life force and currency is energy right only thing that’s happening right now in the market is that money is moving from one side to the other money is moving out of Bitcoin or I’m sorry money is moving out of the altcoins into Bitcoin and then it’s moving out of Bitcoin into u.s. dollars right and this is very very similar to the heart the love dub that you hear is actually two sides of the heart one is contracting one is expanding and both of them are working in the same system right the market is a closed loop system all that energy that exists inside the market is all the energy that will ever exist all we can do is correlate and correspond to the movements accordingly right and so this is what a macro snapshot of the market looks right now this is like from coin 360 I owe a pretty cool little visualization of you know the last 30 days to where you see right there in front of you Bitcoin over the last 30 days guys 30 days all to chaos and you know goldman sachs bobblehead cjb distractions you know it only lost less than 1% half of a percent dollars right everything else lost much much much much more right and so this is what we need to be cognizant of moving into this next part of the equation I think Bitcoin as far as a dollar value has pretty much flat lined out it could go down you know maybe another five ten percent we’re looking at 5,800 you know but as far as these clowns and you know buy it at 3800 they just wants you to be broke so don’t listen to them I’m not broke and I’m telling you that Bitcoin down here at 6,000 you know that’s pretty much where it’s gonna be the next couple weeks it might drop to 58 maybe 56 one or two days you know but for the past month it’s been between 60 to 65 66 hundred dollars that’s good if you know anything about Bitcoin up and trading in this market long enough to know that when Bitcoin flatlines that is a very very very very good sign for the future now what’s happening during that flatline is money is coming out of the other side of the heart money is coming from that right side and flowing into that left side right so what’s gonna happen when the Dubb comes around right anybody know about John Madden when you get dubbed on you know I’m saying you got a you got it you got a pay double mm-hmm that’s what’s gonna happen when these alt coins come back all of that money and that’s when that’s when the money that’s flowed out of Bitcoin into dollars that’s when that comes back in tenfold directly to the altcoins I apologize if it’s a little loud I don’t know what they doing outside but um you know and that’s that’s what we trade for that’s what we wait for that’s when we make our most gains in the market is during that time when money is coming into the market when new blood is flowing into the heart from out of the heart and now both sides can be even stronger enough sided a heart that was the most deprived is the side that will benefit the most in the future this is just a system of balance everything happens in balance right and so just keep in mind that Bitcoin over the past month has lost less than 1% dollars that’s a very very very good sign for Bitcoin moving into the future how has it done that it’s taken a lot of dollars from the altcoins what does this mean this means that the CJ B’s value Bitcoin much much much much more than they do the alt coins and that is our opportunity because with that information we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable transition to the black tank right from a stock market right I was looking at a stock market chart I might do a video on it but right now if you go back to 2009 the bottom to 2011 the top of that little micro cycle because those who were in the stock market knew that 2012 was gonna be they started talking about that double-dip recession you know look it up if you don’t believe me I was trading back there and I know what it was they were talking about double-dip recession back in 2012 stock market drop about 30 percent but anyway when you do a Fibonacci correlation between the low point and the low point I am stretch it out we’re coming up on that maximum cycle right now between now and January of 2019 what does that mean that means a lot of money is gonna be moving out of the stock market very soon where is it gonna go real estate uh negative yield interest rates savings bonds no Warren Buffett already said he’s not he’s not doing negative interest rates he said they can do it if they won’t you know they’ll be uh they’ll be they’ll be putting a nail in their own coffin he’s not doing it businesses are in business to make money that’s the only thing they’re doing right and so they don’t care if they’re making money on Bitcoin or if they’re selling you know Eminem’s the little kids in a grocery store they are in business to make money and if it comes on the blockchain that’s what they’ll be doing right and so just understand that over the past month they’ve shown their hand they value Bitcoin they value the black team they have not been speculating on the altcoins because it all coins are provement bitcoin is the longest working proof of work protocol prototype in the existence of financial history that has like a 99.9 percent success rate success time it’s only been down like point 0:03 percent of all the time it’s been exposed on the market right and so we can use this as an opportunity because it’s inevitable that their money will return to the blockchain right and so all we need to do is prepare accordingly right with this information and when that time comes we will be waiting with open arms if you are in the chat right now it’s out your country out I’m gonna do this I mean when you look on my phone let me see how many we got I’m doing this lab on phone I’m do that’s all I got that’s all I got let’s see yeah we got 56 people watching actually you know what I’ll just pull it up on the video because I think my phone might be a little slow how many likes we get I gave you all one of them 36 likes 37 mics that’s not enough that’s not enough right I get you a break yesterday so if you’re an attached out to country out this is the website we have four resources available also Bitcoin calm you know it gives you a little bit of information about myself some of the sequences and patterns to look for in the market and then also the free resources that we have available 20,000 of my best friends have come together in the number one Bitcoin group in the world typing in hash tag one Bitcoin on Facebook this is no joke I believe one of the best resources available for everyone out there right so we have the number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin right go back to the website and then we have the chart like a boss playlist if you’re just getting set up this is no joke one of the best resources I found right you don’t gotta pay 995 for you to meet course you don’t got it you don’t need a big connect referral code even though my brother got a got a nice little uh blazer on and he don’t cut his hair off young sandy he I think he understand now you don’t need no bit connected for Cole to be successful on the watch and all you need to do is learn how to chart like a boss right and that’s what we doing over here so watch that video watch that video watch that video and you will be well on your way to making money in the blockchain and once you making some money once you ready to put down tool and pick up six like a boss once you’re ready to double them you know and you jump down to the crypto trader products 35 bucks this one will be updated every month the profit package this is the proper pack 707 Maximizer to where you get the profit packets every week along with a detailed analysis of what I see in the markets and this one this is when you get one-on-one access to yours truly just to you know get some exclusive video priority updates I’ll be making another video update for these guys showing what I see in the market right now as soon as I get off the air here right and and that’s what we got this is this is just the beginning guys we got 101 lessons available with either myself or Nani crypto and you know we’ll take it from there and and so you know I appreciate the support I appreciate everybody being a lot of on air with me looks like we got my C in the building a C had a couple other people let’s see who we got on Facebook or my facebook group back miss Barbara Lucy what’s going on San Diego boss walking on the west coast Michigan in the building Diigo holding it down in the morning you know I’m Sam for fur for the blue and gold what is that the maze maze and go amazing blue blue I think Michigan Wolverines shout out and shot town big Ruben you know I’m saying holding it down for the Windy City hey listen you know this is what I do guys I try to try to make it educational entertainment enlightening and amazing so if you appreciate that copy and paste this URL text somebody you care about tell them to check my channel out you know the doors are always open the more people that understand the possibility of this new life-saving life-changing technology to better we all will be as a result but that being said is that time of the day signing out this stuff both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil debate telephone ia all the way out dude jerk money shout-out to press deal goodnight good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time if that thumbs up button one time for me if you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic y’all eggs

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