50 thoughts on “Altcoins About to Explode | Bitcoin Heading to $10k? | IOST Free BERM Airdrop | $BAT”

  1. That poor guy in the intro! Catching up on videos as usual. 🙂 I saw someone post on Reddit or somewhere asking what good are Berm tokens if they have no use. I don't know anything about them; is it true they don't have a use case? If not, then please answer the Reddit question. 🙂

  2. I am liking and commenting on every video for the maximum number of entries 🙂 ohh and just sub'd to Beards and Bitcoins!

  3. After this big losses of Altcoin everything will look as a Altcoin season ?? $BLZ Bluzelle will moon hope you check this project.

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