Altcoin News – Lenovo Blockchain? Tether, Crypto Scam, BitGrail vs Nano, Crypto Switss, India & GBF

what is going on shailen from all coin buzz here report the news for today so let's get straight into it so we have this massive news article from Lenovo which is looking to explore blockchain with document validation with an actual US patent so the Chinese PC company known as Lenovo has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a system to verify integrity for physical documents using security blockchain so it looks like we're trying to see more companies get more involved with blockchain of course in the last news we spoke about Atari which is a popular gaming company which actually created a pacman you know really get more involved with blockchain so what new companies are we gonna see in 2018 getting really more involved with blockchain because we're trying to see you know some companies just ride on this on the blockchain name and you know rise a stock prices but some of them are actually adding real-world applications so I'm really looking for 2018 as I think there will be a massive year ahead for crypto currencies as well as blocked rain and as a result guys you can see that bitcoin is sitting at about eleven thousand dollars today always keep see but going cash above a $1,500 and aetherium getting close to that $1,000 range so really interesting to see what these coins are going to be doing in 2018 so–but max has said Ted the possibility has enough cash reserves but could likely be shut down so the bit max research team released an in-depth report on tether today on February the 19th detailing the reasons why teller is most likely backed by C sufficient fiat receives after all so there's been a lot of controversy about tether you know what is it is it actually linked to the US dollar is it actually really doing anything and what problems with the regulatory bodies tether what most likely encounter well it seems like it actually is backed by sufficiency and reserves after all well that most likely is the case however there are some problems with the regulatory bodies so be very careful with this as it could likely be shut down also so speaking about being shut down cryptocurrency scams have affected over 1200 Australian investors in 2017 so we asked only see lotmore cryptocurrency scams you know really be absolutely crazy out there I mean on Twitter I see them all the time were people asking for private keys and stuff like that so I just want to urge you guys to be very careful with who you guys are following on social media please make sure you guys are following the right people and you guys are doing your own due diligence because the worst thing you can do is this fall for one of these scams and lose your hard-earned money cuz as you can see in Australia alone over 1200 complaints from just Australia that is absolutely crazy I can only imagine what this number is in USA it's probably much bigger and also other countries which are actually more involved with cryptocurrencies such as Singapore these numbers will be massive so I want you guys to be very careful and do your own due diligence so bit Grail is also in the noose of brick realist nano who is responsible for that 150 dollar 150 million theft because that was a massive massive theft so in February the a 2018 50 million Rai blocks were actually stolen from the Italian cryptocurrency exchange known as bit Grail so that is more than one hundred and fifty million dollars of us worth of Rai blocks so crime Telegraph has actually conducted an exclusive interview with the founder and operator of betrayal as well as an interview with the Nano team to figure out you know what exactly happened who is actually to blame and bit grail is blaming nano and nano is blaming brick grill I mean if we just look at the statement you know baseless and malicious accusations are done by the Nano development team the truth is is that they flocked Explorer is dated January the 19th the date of the theft since Roy blocked has no timestamps on the train we cannot find out what actually happened other than rely on they block Explorer which is already shown by private conversations they disclose which is totally unreliable so right blocks sorry Nano is blaming the is pointing the finger at bit Grail saying that you know it's because of their exchange and bit Grail is blaming nano so what is really gonna happen I'd really like to see some justice happen and at least some people getting reimbursed for this loss because this is a massive loss I mean people lost a lot of money on this I mean 150 million USD worth of Rai blocks is no laughing matter by any means so I really hope we see some sort of solution very shortly so why Switzerland is becoming a crypto nation with a flourishing iceo market so this is what experts are taking on this this whistlin has been a global leader for the wealth management industry of course a lot of people who make a ton of money always have Swiss bank accounts because the tax is always lower there there's also a lot of business like benefits also housing around two trillion dollars or 27 percent of the global offshore wealth so this is massive guys you know so with all of these updates I really like to see how this I CEOs markets are going to be doing I certainly think I SEOs are gonna be really big in Switzerland coming in 2018 and we're looking forward to seeing what Switzerland is going to be doing with cryptocurrencies in 2018 so let's head over to Twitter and let's see what new updates we have so we do have this update from a list and as you can see the list relaunch is tomorrow we're looking forward to hosting all of you at 7:30 CST due to full capacity we can only guarantee those who already have already on the attendee list so they will the YouTube livestream will start around 8:30 CET so I'm really looking forward to list it looks like they have a really bright future ahead waves also has posted this update around 6.6 hours ago and they go in and say why more i ce o–'s are choosing to play tokens on the waves platform so you guys interested in waves you guys can check out this article where they explain why more IC o—- is at refusing to use their waves platform electro neum is also in the news today we can see that five hours ago they had some problems with a online wallet well it looks like they fixed that and about three hours time and as you can see they go on to say that the online wallet manager is now live again you can proceed to use online transactions and pay for your stuff thank you for your patience so always good to see that they have solved a problem like this and that is it today for the news guys if you guys new here be sure to follow us on twitter at all coin buzz i/o we're also on instagram at old coin buzz we also have a podcast a telegram at discord we're just all over the place we even have a Facebook group called old coin buzz army where do you know a lot of you guys have been dropping in your questions your thoughts what are you guys doing on the market and stuff like that so I'll leave a link to everything a link below where you guys can check that out you guys new here make sure you hit that subscribe button below turn on post notifications on all five videos as well as our social medias that way you are constantly up to date when we launch a video as we are looking to really grow our brand and really spread some value in the cryptocurrency landscape and I'll leave you guys with this video right now which is an interview that a member of our team Josh who is actually didn't interview with pretty kuma from the global block training foundation as he talks about the adoption of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and all coins in India and explains what is happening there and what they feature is so I'll play this straight after I finish this video so if you guys are new here make sure you hit that subscribe button below and I will catch you guys on the next video hi this is Franny's kumar i'm a co-founder of global blockchain foundation we are a nonprofit organization working in the space of building a consistent and sustainable blockchain community through global corporations I represent India and Southeast Asia and most of the leading conferences and education forum and the times are very exciting blockchain development in terms of adoption is at its peak Tripta side is even more interesting because regulatory frameworks are coming unfortunately we expect more responsible media promotion around this as far as India is concerned government is very very bullish on adoption of blockchain the government is even acknowledging the value of crypto economics however there are two major concerns one is how to assess the taxation part when data becomes a new asset class and second is how to regulate the use of crypto assets in terms of the legitimacy of the use and traceability so these are two very major concerns which most of the developing and developed economies are looking at and I am very hopeful that very soon we will have solutions for this my take on the way I add as far as regulation is concerned is no government can regulate this space but we can adopt a global standard which most of these comments participating government's can adhere to and then they can make compatible rules as per their mark kids are not going down I would always say that markets are getting corrected you take example of any big technologies and this is actually the trend how it happens so markets are going and this is in fact the best time to actually get into the whole points on the Bitcoin space subject to your analytics and the priority of your investment funding as far as blockchain projects are coming some very exciting projects around on the line and I see this as a in fact I'm very excited about this position because this gives the real perspective I will not blame the market I will blame the investors because there most of the investing has happened on the sentiments less on analytics probably the markets have seen some of the best growth last year you look at the stock markets they are also bleeding at this moment so it's a great time it's time let's all be together let's support this correction let's understand the concerns of government and support and see how we can best do responsible you know let's pay taxes on our assets let's include this time the digital asset as part of our taxation filing and let's make this world better so we are organizing world's largest blockchain summit in October and as part of it the Southeast Asia the South East Asia Summit is devoted in Singapore and we are existing up of blockchain summit it is she dude from 26 to 28 of February we have representation from Ministry of scale National University of Singapore is a partner academia Monetary Authority of Singapore has a representation Ministry of skill is coming from India Ministry of Commerce is coming attraction mystery of IT state of Andhra Pradesh which is called the blockchain state of India is coming some very very good potential blockchain projects are part of it as far as the integration of the event and the programming of the event is concerned we have got a block Pathan which is basically a hackathon project of blockchain we have bought six master classes we have bought trainers from university of massachusetts we have got being chain PB guys coming in Ocean Road of all guys coming in we also have a ward night where we'll be exact knowledge in people so we are very excited about it and we believe a lot in the way Singapore is approaching that option of the new technology in different tech as well as of the snake domain actually that's the right way to have a sandbox approach you allow the innovations to be part of the mainstream and allow them to start so that they should be very responsible for not breaking any regulatory issues until the time they don't do this there should be open to do business so that's from myself

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  1. ButGrail holds all the fault. Platform wasn’t secure holding ppl’s funds there not in cold storage like any secure platform witch hold ppl’s coins/funds offline in cold storage. Becarful our there guys. Shady world trying to always get your coins

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  3. ETN didn't say they had a problem but rather routine maintenance to improve the system. (can be either or I guess but that is not what I get from it.) They wouldn't want to give away something if an improvement was for something to reveal at the (MWC)GSMA event. I don't "think" they have even done a "routine maintenance" and shut down the system for 2 hours. Just my thoughts. ^.^

  4. Will you be covering the blockchain summit like you did for previsous event from Singapore? I really enjoyed the interviews, show me moreeee

  5. You don't file 'patents', you file applications for patents. After examination, an application may grant as a patent.

  6. The whole Bitgrail/Nano is most likely the exchange (Bitgrail) fault because of a security flaw. They don't want to take the hit for it. I'm curious to know what they are accusing Nano of?

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