35 thoughts on “Altcoin News – John McAfee Electroneum, Ripple on Amazon, Bosch and IOTA”

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  2. RIPPLE XRP is gonna be fucking huge !!!! moon shots!!! iv been putting everything i own in xrp since 2016, i live like a junky till iv got what i want out of it. need 5million $$$$…. comon baby give me my fruits before 2020 :))))

  3. Let's also encourage The Electroneum Team to add a web based QR Code for the referrals program. The "old school" web is what brought us the record setting ICO. Right?!

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  7. Hi Jeff, love the vids. How do you get % 1hr and % 7d values on your coinmarketcap? Been struggling to find this function!

  8. Everything have went down 🙂
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  10. Breaking news is…Hempcoin THC will be next "verge" a privacy and anonymous coin to be launched in Jan 2018. Development team had tweeted there will be an epic announcement tomorrow. It is likely to be a partnership deal.

  11. That article was 3 reasons why XRP should get chosen by Amazon but as far as I'm aware that has not been officially confirmed as of right now

  12. Jeff, you're right for defending Mcafee, he a insider and doesn't have to do what he's doing, he's giving valuable advice and will make many rich and he's giving it for free. Let people try to follow Gates, Buffet, Zuck, or Bezos and see what they give of what they know….NOTHING….Thanks man

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  14. Question, which cryptos are available for purchase on amazon currently? Secondly, where are the best sources for these types of rumors?

  15. litecoin in facebook? isn't litecoin not escalable enough? ripple on amazon is more credible, as it is much faster.

  16. If you want ETN on another exchange, you can now vote for it to be added on Kucoin. Its currently in second place, but only down by 40 votes! https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E5Vxtx

  17. Off topic question … which website is best to view coin prices on? Been using Coinmarket cap but it seems to lagging, prices not up to date…

  18. Hey guys. Hashflare is still profitable! Believe me. Open an account and start a referral string. Steps are easy. Thanks! Ive subscribed!

  19. I got 40 Litecoin at $259 not sure if I should hold or spread them across with other altcoins can I get some suggestions

  20. all these coins seem tied to Bitcoin when bitcoin goes down so does Electroneum and litecoin and ethereum

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