Altcoin News – France Regulation, Japan's New Cryptocurrency, Blockstream, The New Coinbase?

hey guys what is going on this is shaylen from altcoin buzz here report the news for today so let's get straight into it so France introduced a strict crypto currency regulation in order to fight tax evasion so the French Prime Minister Bruno wants to introduce a new legal framework for crypto currency new regulations to overcome tax evasion and ultimately terrorist funding so he goes on to say that although a ban seems unlikely at this point in time they will not cease cease to do anything at this point in time they ultimately urged a people not to use cryptocurrencies to avoid taxation as you know at this point in time most cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency in general is not regulated and a lot of people are using this to avoid tax so he says he's urging people not to use cryptocurrencies as tax evasion and he goes on to say that you know they want to be more assertive like economic power such as USA and China so at this point in time guys they are not banning anything or introducing no restrictions at this point in time but they go on to say that they will debate this cryptocurrency joint regulation forthcoming on to the g2 summit so definitely keep an eye on for there but we'll give you guys an update when that comes so what else is new well as China cracks down on Bitcoin in the encrypted currency exchanges wait and watch so it looks like the Indian government does not like Bitcoin unlike its Chinese counterpart and they are no rush to heavily clamp down on the virtual currencies so as you guys may know you know China has not been the most proactive country when it comes to Bitcoin you know they're bad mining they've banned exchanges and ultimately they've made a bottom line impossible for residents of China to get involved with cryptocurrencies and India too is very uncomfortable with this digital asset and they repeat lease say that you know it raises a lot of red flags with most that they finance ministers calling it a Ponzi scheme and speaking fears off a band but again guys nothing is confirmed from here also much like France they are just watching from the sidelines and they're gonna debate it later on if there's any new updates on this we will certainly keep you guys informed so what else is new well Japan's biggest bank is releasing its own cryptocurrency in March so that's right guys Japan's largest bank is hopping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon Reagan so according to reports Mitsubishi Financial Group so MTU that's sitting here is planning to launch its own coin which will be launched on March 2018 so with this coin guys you will be able to not only send money to and from people you'll be able to buy meals you'll be able to do basically anything that you can do currently with a cryptocurrency but being it more versatile so users will be able to create a wallet and use this cryptocurrency and it looks to be really big coming in the next coming weeks so definitely keep an eye on it for this but really cool to see that Japan is so behind this cryptocurrency and it's backed by the biggest bank so why st. polo wants to pay for infrastructure with cryptocurrency so if you guys are not aware at st. polar is a Brazilian state and they it is home to over 45 million residents and right now they're looking at more better ways to increase their infrastructure so they're looking for a better way to raise capital with the crowdfunding and right now they say that they want to attract more minds from around the world to compensate them with cryptocurrencies in a way that they can use it to increase the infrastructure and they go on to say that we like innovation and st. Paolo and blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general and we are followed extremly innovations and looking into more ways of making this better for our future so really cool to see that st. Paul is looking at more innovating ways to raise capital and ultimately increase the infrastructure so what else is new well New York Stock Exchange parent company launches a cryptocurrency data feed so the internet so the internet'll exchange so it's called ice is the parent company of the new york stock exchange so the NYS e– is partnered with a blockchain start-up called blocks team to launch a new cryptocurrency based data feed so really cool to see that a big exchange a partner to the New York Stock Exchange is getting involved with cryptocurrencies and they're looking to make this really efficient so that you can view data for information on how well it is doing against the dollar how well it is doing against cryptocurrencies and basically making it more efficient for us so I'm definitely very excited for this new update and I'm definitely keeping a watchful eye when this launches publicly so what else is new well blockchain cryptocurrency wallet launches Bitcoin buy and sell in USA so blockchain will be starting off a Bitcoin selling function by adding a bi service with other cryptocurrencies – according to the CEO which is Peter Smith so this cryptocurrency wallet is looking to challenge the likes of coin based in the USA so as you guys may know coin base is really big and most people use it on GD x + GD x + coinbase are basically the same thing and blockchain is looking to change that give coinbase a run for its money because right now in terms of user base coin base is the biggest by far so blood train is one of the biggest cryptocurrency wallets in the world and right now they've launched a service to buy and sell digital coins and USA on Thursday and it goes on to say that you know they're looking to channel to challenge coin base you know give them a run for their money since they already have such as big user base but having the biggest cryptocurrency wallets in the world you know it'll be really easy to push traffic from there and to get people to buy from there by making it more efficient because once they already have the user base all they need to do is just add the functionality so I'm definitely interested to see whether or not coinbase more people will start using blockchain as compared to coin base so let's head over to Twitter and let's see what new updates we have well a dragon change yes posted this update around 18 hours ago and they go on to say that hey dragon chain-gang due to what we think is network congestion we have decided it is best for our community to postpone the launch until tomorrow more details to come soon so if you guys are following dragon chain they're postponing their launch because they are having too many network congestion at this point in time so let's see what else is happening so bird voyage has just posted this update around 20 hours ago and they're going to say that we want to welcome Cod King comm they are the biggest supplier of cots in North America and they are now accepting Virg so really cool to see that cut King is now partnered with Virg and you can now and they are now accepting bird tokens so let's head over to Twitter as well and we can see that neo has just posted an update so the neon wallet so 0.11 has just been released and it has new updates and new fixes to make it more sustainable and more better for their consumer so if you guys are following neo definitely update your old wallets so that is it from the news today guys if you guys are new here be sure to follow us on twitter at alt coin buzz io we're constantly posting updates on here and we are also on instagram at old coin buzz we also recently just created a Facebook group called the old coin buzz ami we also have the old coin buzz army on telegram discord and a whole bunch of other places so if you guys interested in this I'll leave a link below where you guys can click on it and join our community we'd love to connect with you guys you know what coins do you guys want us to review what I CEOs should we look at leave a comment below let us know join our community would love to connect with you guys and if you guys are new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below that way you are constantly up-to-date when we launched a video and if you love what we're doing make sure you turn on post notifications on YouTube that way you are constantly up to date when we launch a video and that is it for me guys I will catch you guys on the next video

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