32 thoughts on “Altcoin News – BTC and Crypto bigger than the web, LTC transfer, NASDAQ, Malta, Kanye”

  1. Look into ECA!!!! The gem of 2018. Google it and fo your research. Lol. No scammy shitcoin. Thank me later

  2. hi Altcoin Buzz….Great video!… Have you guys looked into ECA (electracoin) – would love to see some video on that project.. have been hearing alot about it on twitter but no good videos on it…. Thats the coin that crashed Coinsmarkets exchange…. Really strong community it seems like… Love your videos and hope you will look into ECA at some point!

  3. Thanks for the video Matty. Always good info. Question, maybe this has been addressed somewhere else. Tron is switching from ethereum tokens to its own main net. Do you guys have info/advice?

  4. "Humbly apologized" have you seen what he said on Twitter. Why does it seem alt coin buzz is biased towards coin desk ?

  5. Peter Thiel the current ceo of Paypal, was a 10 percent owner in Facebook in 2005. He also bought between 15 and 20 million dollars of Bitcoin in 2017.

  6. hey man, could you make a review about electra (ECA) ? i read myself into it and i think it could easily replace verge or nano. but i would like to hear the oppinion of a professional

  7. Really appreciate what your doing guys!! Can you please review block chain terminal, only crypto crow has made a stream on this and I can’t believe more people are not talking about it.
    It’s I believe the next step in trading crypto!!

  8. Please look at EQL token! This project is about to explode with big news and the best part is nobody knows about it yet!

  9. I normally leave pretty negative comments on wannabe crypto youtubers who suck. But you bring a breathe of fresh air to altcoinbuzz and i will continue to subscribe to them once again. Great job.

    PS: Check out EQL token. Small market cap with massive news coming out. Very undervalued gem

  10. Hope this twitter celebrities will not just shill their bags but also educate their followers about crypto.

  11. Only 2.5 minutes to transfer that Litecoin. Lmao slow as fck. Try using xrp and ripple tech. That will be done in 2 seconds and for much less than 0.40 cents. Litecoin is already outdated

  12. PayPal and these Central Banksters don't like Bitcoin because it's too much competition for them! Because they are afraid that what they have is going to become obsolete!

  13. Great job! I was gonna say welcome, but you have been with AB for a year. Anyways looking forward to more content from you.

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