Altcoin News – Bitcoin Similar to Nasdaq? MasterCard Cryptocurrency, IBM Latest Blockchain Computer?

hey guys what is going on this is shaylen from old coin buzz here to report the news for today so let's get straight into it so before we get into today's video let's have a look at the price of Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies but do you see that Bitcoin is up four point one four percent at the time of recording this video theorem is up three point two one percent as well as like going XRP XM r are also on the increase so what is new in the news well Morgan Stanley says bitcoins price story is Nasdaq 15 times faster so if you guys been following Nasdaq ever since 2000 he doesn't say that it's behaving in a very similar way so he told his clients this in a note on march 19th and according to Sheena Shaw an analyst at the financial service giant research suggests bitcoins rise and fall closely mimics the Nasdaq but events that are unfolding are about 15 times in the speed so what are we gonna see about the price of Bitcoin in this article he doesn't explain you know continuing the explanation of Bitcoin and Nasdaq correlation meanwhile Morgan Stanley also point the insurance of trading behavior of all coin tether so he doesn't say that you know a lot of people such as Goldman Sachs have continued to say that you know bitcoin is a bubble and claimed claim this on February 2018 that the bursting of the alleged cryptocurrency bubble will affect around 1% of the global GDP well a lot of other people are looking at cryptocurrency as being a new innovator and changing the world so I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see as time goes on but this is very interesting that they already finding a correlation between the Nasdaq because if you look at the price of the Nasdaq right now you know there's that's more than 1% adoption if cryptocurrency had that adoption the same adoption that the met that the Nasdaq cab this could be extremely crazy so hopefully we see this mass adoption come very soon so MasterCard is also news today so MasterCard opens a not anonymous state issued cryptocurrency and says all others junk so massacred received the idea after using a bank if you national digital currencies in the future according to a co-president of mastercards asia-pacific business according to the Financial Times which was reported on March the 19th he goes on to say so long as it's backed by a regulator and value it is not anonymous it it is meeting all the regular requirements I think this would be a great interest for us to explore he also goes on to say we are not operating trading off Bitcoin through the MasterCard Network the pilot is is a toe in the water we're fully content after its reputation reputation 'el risk so really interesting to see that they are taking this approach of course you know we've had some issues with MasterCard for instance on coinbase where they were actually charging too much when you were buying cryptocurrency well now it looks like they are looking to set they need their own cryptocurrency so how will this unfold I guess we will just have to keep you guys updated as it's not really much updates regarding this but they have filed a patent so really interested to see how this blockchain technology is going to be affecting MasterCard speaking of some big companies IBM is also news today so IBM reveals blockchain computers smaller than a grain of salt so if you guys know how small grain of salt is you know this is absolutely crazy so this is the track objects at devices and so forth so IBM announced today on March 19th the world's smallest computer is dimensioned less than a grain of salt I'm not really sure Holly do this but this is absolutely crazy but it will actually use block trade technology and will soon be embedded into everyday devices they go and say they they'll be used in tandem with blockchain distribution ledger technology to ensure that any project authentically from the point of origin when it reaches the hands of its customers so IBM is an absolutely massive company really interested to see how this new technology and the smallest computer is really going to be helping you know customers fully track their orders and be more transparent over the blockchain what else is new well not know trust partners with PwC to make real time equity audits via the blockchain so you guys are not aware of food PwC is there one of the biggest consulting companies out there up there with like Deloitte and so forth in this article doesn't say leading global asset management Northern Trust so on NASDAQ and it's an TRS has announced that and has announced that ordered firms can now access fund stored on private equity block trains to audit specific events in real time according today a March 19 press release so it goes also on to say that Northern Trust launched our first commercial implementing of blockchain technology for private equity on February the 21st which allows a limited number of clients to manage ownership shares on transparent distributed alleged ledger technology so DLT platform now own its firms that their own block tree node managed access to relevant funds that enable real-time ordered capability assist Northern Trust so I find this really interesting that they've partnered already with PwC and as you can see the most recent development they've made a partnership with PwC to provide instant access to secure global to secure golden copy of equity last lifecycle events according to a press release this will improve the efficiency and auditing process and making the online transactions more transparent to auditing firms so always love to see when you know these big companies partnered with some other big companies such as PwC especially someone as credible as PwC so I think this will be really big and I'm certainly keeping a watchful eye on it's just to see how this is going to move forward so some other news Trump orders sections against Venezuela scripto so we've seen Venezuela's crypto be a lot in the news in fact the government is actually teaching their users and their society how to actually use cryptocurrencies well seems that Donald Trump has signed an executive order imposing new sanctions against a Venezuela for its controversial petrol cryptocurrency so in this second of order it states all transactions related to provision of financing for and other dealings in by a United it's personal within the United States any digital currency digital coin or digital token that was issued for on behalf of the government of Venezuela on and after January 9 2008 een are prohibited as of executive date of this order so this is some really big news and I'm really interested to see how exactly you know Venezuela is gonna reach out and sort this issue out so they're going to say a controversial token has pushed back from the Venezuela borders as well the National Congress denounced it as illegal and unconstitutional so how will we see Venezuela really you know what I'm really interesting to do because you know executive orders are nothing you're very lightly especially coming from the President of the United States so I'm really interested to see or what Venezuela's government is going to be doing and how this petrol is really gonna fight back against these orders so let's head over to Twitter and let's see what in your updates we have so we do have this update from them so if you guys are in Sydney definitely go ahead and check up a meetup group as they are looking to collaborate and meet some awesome people and Sydney Tron is also in use today that runs weekly reports if you guys are following try and seeing what they are doing you guys can go ahead today Twitter and you can see that it has this verified check mark and go ahead and check out the a medium blog where they explain this more in detail so bye Nance also has this major update today so Finance we've recently changed our Twitter handle from Finance underscore 2017 to finance as a result we no longer have the blue verification tick on Twitter we're currently in the process of Rivera fication so just know this is not any fake account this is actually financed they've actually changed a they name so if you go over here you can check for instance they have a ton of followers here it is actually if you go in coin market cap it's actually linked to the official by net so this is actually financed this is not something fake you know Twitter content is still your cryptocurrencies or your private information or anything like this but they've actually change their details so hopefully we'll see the verification tech so you guys can be more aware of which account is legitimate but as far as I know this is the right finance account so that is it today from the news guys if you guys are new here follow us on Twitter and old coin bus uh-oh we're also on instagram at old coin buzz and we're constantly making updates all over the place if you guys are new here make sure you hit that subscribe button below turn on post notifications follow us on all of our social media such as Twitter telegram discord we even have a Facebook group called the all coin buzz ami and I'd really love if you guys could subscribe to our new channel called the Oakland buzz podcast where we actually document and interview the top cryptocurrency leaders where you can learn what they are trying to do with a perfect and where they are and what problems they are having they're trying to be as transparent as possible and we want to give you guys the most inside herbal information where you guys can learn about these awesome projects so that is it today from yous guys I will catch you guys on the next video

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  2. Honestly one of the best guys on Altcoin buzz very knowledgeable very positive and very accurate most of the time.way to go bro keep it up

  3. If you're a believer in btc price manipulation, you might want to avoid buying breakouts because David Paul, successful stock and forex trader, says he sometimes buys stock breakouts but not forex ones because they're almost always a ruse to push you a certain way. Might be the same in btc. Pretty weird how they suddenly pop up like that and then when you buy in immediately it tanks.

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  5. what do you guys think about CampusCoin, I heard that they are going to have a partnership with Harvard the 26th of this month.. watch out guys, is good time to buy

  6. Hi Shaylen, I second the comment from 'on a silver platter below'. We all have most of the news installed on our phones as well. Perhaps you can use your indispensable talents elsewhere. Thanks for your efforts so far nonetheless.

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  8. Shailen you really need to work on your delivery – its horrible. You raise the tone of your voice on the last word of every sentence. EG: "Cryptocurrency has a bright future AHEAD. It will be interesting to see what happens at the G20 MEETING. Hopefully we get good news very SOON. And then we might see the next bull RUN." Jesus mate its really annoying.

    You also seem to stumble frequently when reading the news. If you cant string a few sentences together without making mistakes, you should edit your videos. Its beyond bad and gotten to the point where i feel compelled to tell you its sub-standard.

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  11. Can we put those podcasts on YouTube as well? That'd be great. I don't really listen to podcasts interested in your content


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