Altcoin News – Amazon Cryptocurrency? Coinbase, 50 Cent Not BTC Millionaire? Jack Dorsey Square

on this assailant from Alcorn buzz here to report the news for today so let's get straight into it so you do have this article from CNBC saying Amazon coin will would be seeing an Amazon coin very soon so Amazon most customers would use a cryptocurrency if the online retailer actually created one according to a survey so more than half the respondents and a new land edu survey said yes to the idea of using Amazon created cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency for purchases on the site more than 58% are prime Mises said that they would consider using Amazon coins about 45% are open to the idea of using Amazon as they primary bank accounts so as you guys on aware Amazon is a massive online retailer I'm sure you guys already know that by now they actually bought the domain handles such as Amazon cryptocurrency so really interested to see what they're gonna do with that you know did I just buy the domains for the sake of buying it or are they actually going to be launching something soon I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see as time goes on so coinbase had some issues today and as you can see by this article they say corn-based exchange and wallet service known as coinbase reported today at 1:53 a.m. PST about five hours ago to press time the Bitcoin buys and sells are immediately available so a recurring issue with one of the processes causing Bitcoin fights and sell orders to become temporarily unavailable our team is investigating and working to restore full services as soon as possible so coinbase customers may experience immediate out outrages of Bitcoin buyers and sell orders over the duration as they look to solve this issue so they apologize for any inconvenience and will certainly keep you updated once this is fixed but right now I've logged into my coin base and I'm still having this issue so leave a comment below let me know if you guys are having this issue as well and we'll give you guys an update as soon as we get one so rapper 50 cent you know we've spoken about him in the news according to TMZ he had over 700 Bitcoin in his wallet and you know apparently he was bankrupt of something like that and now he has almost 700 bitcoins well he's actually denied this claim so rapper 50 cent denies that he is a Bitcoin millionaire at bankruptcy court so Curtis James Jackson the third if you guys don't know his official name known commonly as 50-cent has denied that he has made millions by selling an album for Bitcoin so a lot of people were assuming that you know he sold his album and an animal and ambition in 2014 for Bitcoin and he is made like so much a Bitcoin because of the rates that what it was then and how much he sold so he reported that he made 700 Bitcoin according to TMZ but he wouldn't say that you know this is not true at all I did not own that amount of Bitcoin and I'm not a big coin millionaire but I find this very hard to believe because on social media on Instagram you know when someone called him out for being broke he got stacks of cash and you wrote broke so is this guy actually broke OCU just pulling our leg here I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see as time goes on but he goes on to say I've never owned or does not own a Bitcoin account or any Bitcoin so what is really happening here I'm really following the story just to see you know whether or not he's pulling a leg or whether or not this guy is actually really rich in Bitcoin really interesting to see what is going to happen so Jack Dorsey Square will go further with Bitcoin than buy and sell option so you guys on show who Jack Dorsey is Jack Dorsey the CEO of San Francisco payment system known as square reveal at the company's planned to focus on developing increased options of Bitcoin and a conference call on Tuesday February the 27th with MarketWatch Dorsey which is also the CEO of Willis specifically discussed the company's cash app which now allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin telling market watch so you guys are to say Bitcoin for us it's not stopping or buying or selling we do believe that it is a transformational technology in our industry and we want to learn as quickly as possible so it looks like we will be seeing a lot of updates from Square and Jack Dorsey so I'm really interested to see how this is gonna play a pot and if you just have a look at the price of Bitcoin we can see that the price of Bitcoin is sitting at just over ten thousand six hundred dollars aetherium at eight hundred and seventy two dollars and ripple at 91 cents so really interested to see whether or not this update is going to be affecting the prices over here so this is some good news for you people who care about the environment so the moonlight project wants to mind cryptocurrencies with the environmental baggage but hasn't missed the boat so it looks like the moonlight project is focusing on making a new eco-friendly way of mining cryptocurrencies as you know a lot of people were saying that you know mining cryptocurrencies is so bad because it's so bad for the planet and it's increasing global warming and all of these things well it looks like the moonlight project is looking to solve them but are they too late to actually get this going well it looks like they are launching this thing so they launching today with the initial coin offering so an ICO so I don't think they fully miss about but I certainly think that you know they're a bit late to actually get involved but I'm really interested to see how this is gonna go forward of course if you can help save the environment in any way any shape or form I certainly think that is a good move forward especially if you can show that cryptocurrencies have application without killing the environment and more people will really get more involved with it wouldn't they so really excited to see how this project is gonna move forward so let's have a Twitter let's see what new updates we have some webs update from Walton the long-awaited Walton sorry what Walton chain website version 2.0 is coming soon so if you guys are following Walton chain definitely have a look and check them out here as you can see on their medium article they explained what their new website is going to be doing Tron has an update today so Tron will be listed on al bank exchange the deposit and withdraw of TRX and TRX to aetherium will be open on will be open on February the 28th 2018 so definitely have a check over there so blockchain is the last day off the ico so as you can see they've just waited the blockchain ico ends today this is the last chance to join their freelancing revolution so if you guys interested in blockchain we didn't I see a review offered you guys to check it out on a channel or have a look at they Twitter if you guys are following them and definitely check them out as I think they have a bright future ahead but again guys this is not financial advice by any means please do your own due diligence i'm just share reporting than use and that is it today from the news guys if you guys are new here be sure to follow us on twitter at all coin buzz I we're also on instagram at old coin buzz we also have a discoid a telegram even a Facebook group called all coin buzz army so I'll leave a link to everything linked below that way you guys can check it let us know what you guys are doing in the market what ICO is are you looking at what coins are you looking at let us know join our social networks connect with us and I'll catch you guys on the inside and if you guys are new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below turn on post notifications so you are always up to date when we launch a video as well as at social media so you know what new updates we are launching and that is it today guys I will catch you guys on the next video

48 thoughts on “Altcoin News – Amazon Cryptocurrency? Coinbase, 50 Cent Not BTC Millionaire? Jack Dorsey Square”

  1. Why on earth would you say that you believe in Blocklancer in any way? There are already several other startups in this space, and all are dismal failures. There is no real market for the product until banking or a stable value coin comes into the picture. Not to mention the amount of advertising and viral uptake that would have to happen for such a product to gain any meaningful traction. It'd be accurate to simply say there's a 90%+ chance of failure, but you never know.

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  5. this channel has tumbled so far downhill, jeff hired too many fucks to post videos. I don't blame him, he's made about $20k ad revenue. Why not just put "fucking flamer" in the title if its not jeff commentating

  6. I've said it many times, and it's just logical. Most major Corporations will create their own Crypto coin at some point. You can bet on it. The question is, which current or future coin will they pair with? Amazon and ETH? Walmart and Ripple? McDonalds and BTC? Who knows. The point is #ADOPTION. A rising tide lifts all ships.

  7. Dear Altcoin Buzz, This is kind of misleading news. Amazon registered three domain names in NOVEMBER 2017 called, and another one. But they said it was to protect the brand name. So im not too sure neither do i want to speculate they will create one in the future you shouldve added that part that they want to protect their brand name.

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  9. A recent survey? I'd need to know how many people took this survey before I took any stock in it. And If they did that would make the other crytos irrelevant imo.

  10. I have noticed changes in market place volume in Etherium. Is this why there has been a stall for days now??

  11. Please look at Skycoin. It is much further along than other projects and yet no one seems to be talking about it. I assume because it's not on a big exchange yet, but it was designed by some of the original developers of BItcoin and Ether and fixes all of their flaws.

    It deserves a review on this channel. Look at their github and research if you don't believe me. Testnet is launching in the coming weeks so lots of new developments that should raise its value.

  12. Please please please, no more new cryptos! Sick of all these new ones when I'm still waiting to profit from "good projects" that are dying on the table.

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  14. This channel is great but just not this Shalin guy, he ain't up to scratch. Like he even said Blockchain instead of Blocklancer. Come on Bro read the f***in screen.

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