Altcoin Fantasy crypto trading game – Walkthrough

hi everyone this is Elizabeth of Alcorn fantasy comm and today I'm going to show you how to sign up and participate in our free weekly crypto currency trading contest let's start by pulling up a browser you can use any browser and I'll be using Google Chrome for this video on the address bar simply type in alt coin fantasy comm but what is alkaline fantasy comm alkaline fantasy is a crypto currency play platform where users learn to trade cryptocurrencies risk-free users are started with a hundred and thousand virtual dollars and make trades during the contest period at the end of the contest the players with the most net worth will win actual crypto let's sign up using the sign-up link on the upper right hand corner of the page on this page you have the option to sign up using your Facebook information but for this video I'll be using the manual sign up instead fill out your information like your first name last name email address and the username you want to use put in your password and don't forget to agree to the terms and conditions then hit the sign up button once you've successfully signed in you will be directed to your dashboard this page holds a lot of information like the contest that you can join your past and upcoming contests as well as your profile page on your profile page you can update or change your username as well as see your past contests too let's join a free contest on your dashboard you will find all the available contests for you by clicking on the go to contest button you are automatically being joined to that particular contest on the contest page you will find your net worth your available amount to trade your current rank and the remaining time of the contest on the upper right hand corner of the screen you'll also find our tutorial link which can guide you if you've forgotten anything if you scroll down the page you'll see three tabs the first tab is where you can search for all points or cryptocurrency to trade you'll find all the information that you need about these out coins are from the following columns you can browse for the name of the all coin or cryptocurrency or you can also use the search bar you'll also find how much the all coin is currently trading at the change in percentage in the past hour in the past 24 hours and in the past 7 days here you also find the total market cap of these all coins the info column is a link that takes you to coin market capcom if you'd like even more information like charts social media news or historical data of highs and lows let's make a trade I'm going to search for vibe click the Buy button and allocate how much you want to trade you can choose between 25% up to a hundred percent of your total money I'll go all-in and buy at a hundred percent once you've bought your outpoint you will find this on your portfolio or the my portfolio tab on this tab you will find all the coins that you have bought or currently trading a few columns have been added on this page you will find the next trade in column which tells you when you can trade that out coin again the minimum amount to hold on to a coin is one hour after which you can either huddle or choose to sell it you can also see how much you own and their current value the last tab is your trade history this is where you can find the list of all the all points that you've traded for this contest and that's it you are now ready to play trade and win on all coin fantasy calm thank you so much for watching and please don't forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel

2 thoughts on “Altcoin Fantasy crypto trading game – Walkthrough”

  1. un support inexistant, une semaine que j'attend une réponse à mon mail aussi bien qu'à mon message facebook
    Une expérience désastreuse, passer votre chemin c'est le mieux que vous pouvez faire.
    0/10 ma notation de cette expérience.

  2. ok i can say i had a great experience with the team and i can tell you they are honest and serious ! it is , to me the best game to learn trading and win money ,i recommand it to every cryptos fans !! play NOW !

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