Alt Season is ALREADY HERE [VLOG#96]

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto so with more crypto gains what’s going on guys so we are on
the eve of the fourth of july 2019 bitcoins bouncing around like a
ping-pong ball you know that’s a good thing though because if you watch a lot
of the trading analytics channels and stuff like that
a lot of them say is once you go into the parabolic phase and you’re going up
too fast that kind of kills you know kills the ability for it to keep going
up you know you’ll get that huge spike and then it dumps so you know it’s all
about the velocity at which bitcoin is going up so the correction we saw down
back down to 10,000 perfectly normal that’s really really good and actually
you know if you’re comparing this to 2017 we were parabolic at this point so
what does that mean I don’t know man I’m thinking that’s
that’s a question I’m asked a lot what do you think
hey slow what do you think Bitcoin will be by the end of 2019 I would say
between fifty and a hundred thousand I know
that’s a big range but yeah between fifty and a hundred thousand that would
that would be my be my expectation so the title of the video alt seasons
already here so you know I especially on Twitter a lot you know where people are
worried like should I sell all my alts and buy a Bitcoin well you know if
you’re a Bitcoin maximalist you’re gonna have at least 50% of your portfolio in
Bitcoin anyways the other 25% and you know large gaps and then 25% in the
vaults well that’s a traditional portfolio you know the reality is alt
season is already here you know most of the Tron like I got into Tron at a penny
so theoretically I’m up 3 or 4 X you know 4 X sometimes you know averaging 3
to 4x on my Tron so that’s pretty darn good games raven coin you know it was
that a penny for her nothing ran all the way to 1500 SATs
now ravens kind of a special case because if you cashed out when the SATs
were high when Bitcoin was low who you really made out but the Fiat value of
Raven you know that’s a 5 or 6 X I made 3 or 4 X on my Raven I do feel I should
have held longer that was my original intent because when I got into crypto
that’s what I how I got into crypto basically I I started mining Raven and
that’s pretty much how I got into crypto so yeah
Raven point 5 or 6 X Tron 3 or 4x e 3x then coin 3x
you know verge three or four X so I mean digit bite I think like two or three X
so the reality is is from the crypto winter lows all seasons already started
so you know if anybody tells you differently you know you’re just not
seeing the reason it’s a little different is because you’re not seeing
like you know like one ripple went from point zero zero zero one to you know to
twenty five cents or when Tron went from point zero zero zero to two thirty cents
you know which is funny because I had a buddy
he always tell us the story loves to own the story he invested like 20 or 30
bucks in Tron and this is when it was you know point zero zero zero
sold for 900 bucks and saying you know so there’s a lot of og Wales probably
out there from the original Tron run of when it was point zero zero you know
like they probably got millions of those things and I would say that’s you know
it’s probably some of the og Wales but it’s a little different now because with
all the tools the point market cap filters bit screener you know people are
more easily able to filter hours you know conditions for finding those and
you won’t find many solid projects that are point zero zero zero something you
know they’re just that have good you know have a good project and haven’t
already started to move you know everyone looks for that and
that’s what’s different is you know during the 17 Bull Run
we had a boatload of shit coins that would be triple quadruple digit you know
zero zero zero and those things would moon up and move multiple decimal places
so you know just put it in perspective all seasons already began you’re just
not seeing that thousand ex yet but the reality is most coins have seen three
and four acts which is you know in in parallel two big points three or four X
so yeah so I would say all season has started now
so yeah that’s that topic in other news bankroll as people saw I got my sweet
daddy bankroll t-shirt it’s pretty awesome I got the premium tee
I got a slim fit but I got a 2x so I’m a little over 200 and it fits like a glove
it’s so soft I’ll leave a link down below pretty
awesome pretty awesome here gets your bankroll gear I don’t make any money off
it it just supports it supports bank teller and the network and him to keep
creating these additional things on the bankroll network but it’s definitely an
awesome crypto sure to add your collection and on that note of bankroll
network I guess banker is gonna get put on
they’re gonna reply for coin market cap which is absolutely fantastic like
that’s really awesome also credits credits is churning along there was like
another million million and a half added to the network you know in a retrospect
I honestly think credits will end up having
a hundred million 150 million in it because it’s a viable product and it
takes people some time to figure it out you know that you know what as tron goes
up this thing mints you more more try there’s really not a lot of things that
do that even if it’s a small amount of tron as Tron goes up it’s gonna be worth
more to you so you know I love credits it’s it’s awesome waking up every day
I’m in the daily I’m still building my stack for the big cash out so I can get
as many banker tokens as possible but I’m gonna let my daily build to about
20k it’s gonna take some time it’s probably two three weeks but I want to
make sure when I hit that claim button that it is absolutely worth it and then
you know that pumps my my credits and then I get some bankers okay you know yeah yeah pretty awesome and
also big listing coming from banker token so i know tron watch is kind of a
smaller or low volume exchange even though the exchange the volume on banker
has been pretty insane like those like a hundred and forty thousand hundred fifty
thousand one of the top points on the thing yet the guy refuses to to list it
unbelievable so yeah whatever i know they’re shooting
for Tron Tron trade or deep v-necks I guess I don’t know but I’m supposedly a
big exchange is coming which is awesome that’s good for liquidity for the
holders but don’t go selling your banker yet because there’s staking coming yeah
so basically this thing was going to even become more scarce now keep in mind
that the coins out there there was the Genesis block which is being used for
air drops and promoting the network and then there’s poins that are mined and
meant it so the the cool thing about banker is as the tokens aren’t all
flooded out there they have to be minted so they’re mented as their daily is
claimed and you know luck is played so that controls supply but they’re burnt
when you move them and now with staking coming that’s even
gonna make them more scarce so you know I personally and I’m gonna hold on to as
many of my banker tokens as possible you know I don’t know if there’s gonna be
what’s gonna happen I mean there’s gonna be staking there could be additional
games DAB’s who know who knows man I’ll tell you what all I’ve done is hold my
positions and bankroll Network and then they just continue to add stuff and it
just compounds which is which is awesome you know it’s just you play to win man
you got to figure these things out and do what’s best for you but so yeah
staking bankroll gear banker token the daily air I’ve seen dude come on come on
you know big big decks coming coin market cap I’ll tell you Amanda Gosselin
Jenn he’s legit he’s legit and on that note we are working on I’m working on
trying to get an AMA with with bank teller so we can ask him some questions
which will be fun so yeah other than that have a safe and happy 4th of July
you know you know how we do it this is crypto slo they’re not talking game
then we’re not talking

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