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I want to thank everybody for watching crypto revolution where I talk about everything crypto daily jumping right in little market today in crypto green day overall market cap of crypto right now is a hundred and eighty five billion dollars Bitcoin at 53 o six right now bitcoins market cap is up to ninety three and a half billion dollars so definitely it's been an amazing week for crypto and Bitcoin this is a Bitcoin one-hour chart we've got an ascending triangle this larger triangle you can see that we broke out of this smaller symmetrical triangle the target up here was fifty three forty it got up to about fifty to ninety six so now looks like we might get a little bit of a retrace there's a little bit of a bearish divergence down here on the RSI potentially the MACD as well the histogram also so it's important to know we'll probably pull back down to the bottom of this triangle and then bounce higher this is a bullish setup as far as this triangle goes technically it's a bull pen it so hopefully we get a break to the upside but Bitcoin is definitely respecting this level here this yellow line of resistance if this triangle breaks out to the upside the target will put it around fifty eight hundred I don't think we'll quite get there let's take a look this is some other things to consider is we've got on the daily chart we've got the three hundred simple moving average coming in right here and it's out about fifty three hundred as well so this is gonna act as resistance so this is important to remember and then on the weekly chart this is the fifty week moving average so this we're not gonna break through this on the first attempt you know unless China opens up its doors for crypto there's a good chance we're not gonna break harder than this so this is going to be at around fifty six eighty so would be look at how many weeks we've had green weeks we've had one two three four five six seven green weeks in a row when's the last time this happened can't even remember one two three four not even that huge run-up so one two three four five not they haven't had it in forever so we've had an amazing run with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency over the last few months Bitcoin shorts is important to know that now that bitcoins moving higher people are now betting against Bitcoin so Bitcoin shorts were down here at one point where there were this is the yearly low so shorts the way this works is the higher this goes the more people are betting against Bitcoin they're opening up short positions and they will profit on bitcoins retrace which is it's gonna be healthy for Bitcoin to retrace at some point we can't go straight up forever so this is something to remember just there's more people thinking that will move lower so this is kind of gives you a good idea as far as market sentiment goes on Bitcoin I want to really emphasize you guys know I'm the voice of reason no hype no fluff it's important to remember that nobody lost money in 2018 he didn't lose it it didn't just disappear somebody else took your money this is trading this is cryptocurrency this market people profit on your mistakes so you have to take your profits before somebody else does just remember that you have to take your profits or somebody else is gonna take them from you my trading group is going amazing so I got a comment from a viewer as well as a patron he said Chris your life changing for me and all the new people who are yet to come into your group the link to my trading group is in the description if you want to pay with cryptocurrency you get 10% off if you pay for six months and you get 20% off if you want to pay for the year so remember we've got four crypto to be really adopted by mainstream we have to spend it spend and replenish spend it and just use fiat and buy more so that's gonna help with the trading volume goes on all these exchanges possibly we wouldn't have so much fake volume if people are actually spending their crypto a lot of people want to just hoard it and hold it but that's okay you just want to recycle it a little bit now this is etcs mini-moon mission from earlier today we watch this play out so you can see from this triangle it broke out hit the target retraced and then broke out of this cup and handle or rounded bottom formation et Cie was up 30% at this point our trading group is going amazing people are doing it's it's phenomenal to see people come in the group they don't really have a clue what's going on and then they developed very quickly like that's how I know everything works perfect because people are making phenomenal result they're seeing phenomenal results or their learned learning at an astounding pace so this was a pretty good play today we we didn't quite make it up to this target for etherion classic you also you have some bearish divergence so there's a good chance there's earlier today that you get a pullback and so when you start to see these divergences but we did get volume to come in and so this is important when you're buying these breakouts you want to see volume and then we had a candle body close so that's your buy indicator this is TN b TN b was up a ridiculous amount i think and today it was up from 95 satoshis it's almost up a hundred percent at one point so TN b was on my watch list you can see march 13th crypto bitcoin chris watchlist TN be okay so this like life-changing money that's what this all about tron holders are gonna have a really good time ahead so tron there's a cup and handle here for tron also you've got an ascending triangle so you're gonna buy the breakout of this triangle which is gonna be a catalyst for the breakout of this Cup so the target up here is about three and a half cents so you want to set your alerts over here at about two or about two point nine six cents now there's bearish divergence right now when i made this chart so that means you'll probably see a pullback to the bottom side of this triangle and then you're buying the breakout it doesn't get any safer you want to risk a dollar to make two or three or four dollars you have to have your risk to reward ratios in your favor and that's really what makes a good trader an amazing trader is you're not risking a whole lot of money to make a lot of money so that's really important keep an eye on TRX bitcoin could skyrocket to eighty four hundred dollars in the coming weeks this analysts suggest so last week was absolutely monumental for crypto currency market bitcoin finds itself above 5000 for the first time since november bitcoin could find support if we get a pullback which we probably will this is stating you know 4300 is where we initially broke out it obviously there's support there 4700 is where I'm leaning that's where the 200 simple moving average is apfel you're gonna find support there more than likely bitcoins gonna have a lot of trouble breaking fifty five hundred fifty seven hundred which is a floor last year six thousands gonna be tough you know how many times we tested six thousand there's a ton of resistance at that level maybe four hundred if you remember this was a top at one point Bitcoin ran up to about eighty four hundred and then came back down to six thousand so there's a lot of resistance on the way high our first thing I want to see is is we really need to get to about that fifty seven fifty level and breaking six thousand is a game-changer so just know when that happens be ready we need some news we need China to just say you know what we're opening up to crypto we're ready ready we need the ETF and China in the same week and we go to the moon its Bitcoin in a bull market no it's not is it bullish it's more bullish than it has been so the trends in both the long and short term have signaled that a bull market could be on the horizon and that's where we have to stay positive like the hard part is over we 2018 was not very exciting going forward we're definitely going to make life-changing money together and glad here to be here with you guys doing so global IT giant adopts ripple technology will it bring XRP and crypto to the mainstream so this IT consultant they have clients such as Citibank UK General Electric Microsoft and it's offering a new way to connect banks and financial institutions to ripples suite of cross-border payments technology so this is called TCS they've got revenues of about nineteen billion dollars for last year they've got a quartz blockchain solution that now works with ripple net ripple XRP gains a little bit of traction with all these partnerships that they have and definitely the price is going to boom I want to thank everybody that's picked up the ledger nano X hardware wallets the factory link is in the description it does support the channel Tron's TRX Justin Sun says that USD T Tron partnership is gonna make us DT more reliable faster and cheaper in the future I think stable coins are the future of currency okay I don't think if you guys have ever in probably most people haven't you if you try to pay for something all the time with crypto you realized very quick that if you don't go to tether there's a good possibility especially at a pear market you're gonna lose a bunch of money so that's not what corporations want but businesses want what families want when they go to Disney World to spend their crypto they wanted to to maintain its value so you have to remember so you got Tron giving in to us DT T us DT Tron you've got icon the icx they've got a stable coin on the roadmap you've got Fantasma the sole token they've got a stable coin that they're working on these Kryptos aren't going to just let everything run away from them they're gonna continue to evolve and they're gonna start producing stable coins so it's not really gonna change the game a whole lot they'll just have a different coins that will be used for payments which will probably be a lot more definitely a lot more susceptible by mainstream society and I think we once we start using a lot of this crypto you'll really realize fast that you don't want this volatility in a currency Justin Sun also mentioned that stable coins are significant to the crypto sphere he mentioned that stable coins unlike other cryptos are not tied to fluctuations in the market most traders want to keep their assets free of drastic fluctuations traders you know you're expecting some fluctuations we do for sure in families corporations they don't want all these huge swings either way this is the four minute 48 second intro of the spider-verse you can see down here it says Bitcoin hits new high with intros to the futures market so mainstream adoption one spider-man movie at a time this person comes out he says um guys can someone print some more bitcoins so it's kind of funny on the sign on this this Bitcoin ATM in Australia it says out of coins withdrawal unavailable you can help like I'm sure they can just send some over electronically gotta be away this is a post from reddit so this person stay at the bottom of the market was back in December 2018 on the 15th and then he went on the state that April 2019 we should see $5,300 Bitcoin this person is looking at charts and this is a data that they're coming up with july 2019 we're gonna see $9,200 bitcoin october $16,000 Bitcoin February 20 20 20 $9,000 Bitcoin July 20 20 big coin at $56,000 November 20 20 Bitcoin at $87,000 listen this would put the market cap at about 1.5 trillion dollars which would put it way over all time highs we are at previously if this happens so they're estimating that Bitcoin dominance is going to be about 40 percent at this point what does this mean moon city for the all coins I couldn't even imagine what these also do when we see $87,000 Bitcoin now then we talked about this is my trading group we have a discord meeting for about three hours every Saturday night so you can see in 2015 we put in a low for the bear market so this could be our 31 50 level right here then we shot up Bitcoin went up a hundred percent in two weeks this has happened before it's possible then you see again we're below this is a two hundred simple moving average we're below the price action and then like right now we moved above the 200 so this could happen this in back here it happened for a period of about two months and then it fell off and we put in another major low so there's gonna be a good buying opportunity ahead you know definitely I'd consider if we pull back to the 200 simple moving average around 4700 I think that's probably gonna be a pretty good place for an entry I really kind of focusing around here I want to open some long positions after all these fluctuations in price are in maybe I'm not gonna get the bottom and that's fine maybe I'm not gonna nail the top you give you the money and crypto is made in the middle oh you know I'm looking to open up some longer positions I'm a lot busier now than I've ever been and I looked at kind of when we start to after after a big pullback and it's probably gonna happen I really think this markets gonna look a lot better around October you know this is about a six month period where Bitcoin basically moves sideways but there's still enough up trends to make a ton of money and we'll have the same thing in these all coins so definitely excited about that bitcoin is the number one trending search word on China's biggest search engine during 2019 highs so you can see this is called bay-do and you can see hottest new keywords down here Bitcoin so due to the recent price surge bitcoins tops today's Baidu hottest emerging keywords China a lot of people will say well Chris they can't buy and sell crypto in China listen they got VPNs I talked actually I got a couple projects that I've talked to you over in China and they just yeah they use the VPNs and just work around it like it's nothing it's not even a big deal so China opens up its doors to cryptocurrency though they come out and say hey you know what we're just gonna let everybody trade crypt out all in crypto we need some news like that well then then we'll definitely go to the moon quick the SEC wants to hire a crypto securities advisor so this is a job posting on USAJOBS which is a government jobs portal so the SCC's division of trading and markets they're going to hire a new legal expert to help develop a comprehensive plan to address crypto and digital assets one of the key responsibilities they're gonna have to have knowledge of federal securities laws they want to have experience as a broker dealer and exchange clearing agency transfer registrations etc so this job pays pretty well a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and forty thousand dollars so this is a step in the right direction for the SEC they want to clear the gray areas invite as far as regulation goes for crypto currency as an industry member in the US last June they appointed the first ever crypto czar do you like the content that I provide on a daily basis be sure and subscribe to the channel like the video comment below if the Bell for notifications thanks so much I'll see you guys tomorrow

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  1. Yep. Bitcoin still looking good! The market may have been artificially low, as a result of ‘the hash wars’ between BSW and BCH last autumn! Now that those wars are over we may be returning to ‘pre-hash war’ levels of $6k for BTC and $100+ and more for ŁTC…..

    2019/20 ŁTC & BTC Block reward halvings closer every day……..

  2. Hi Chris I have a question in regards to your trading group. Do people get signals on buy and sell? Just asking because I don't have much time to do alll the analysis etc plus I'm a 60 year old female ? ?

  3. So agi singularity net named to 10 project along with xrp, xlm and a few others. Singularity net partner with project shivom. 600k market cap..if that's not a chance of a life time to make life changing money once that pumps ..Idk what is

  4. Wow, you called Tron break out man!! Tron will have a lot of growth in 2019! Soooooo much developments coming out, especially in the news about 2Q.

  5. Splendid, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your hodling that is primarily why I stopped hodling. I lost more than 3/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $8,000 xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Malthe William on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over hodling especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 80% on my ripples. Adrian never asked me to give him access to my account, and he would warn me against doing that with anybody as its a way many Fakes use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries reach him at via *<<[email protected]>>*, you can reach and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

  6. How is Crypto diffrent from fiat when XRP TRON XLM can come out with any maxim supply cap they want? Somebody please explain how crypto money is better then Venezuela money?

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