All Cryptocurrency Will Do This Soon

– Hey guys, I want to talk
to you about Bitcoin prices. People are too much in
the weeds right now. They’re saying Bitcoin went down because South Korea is stopping Bitcoin. Or this famous technology
mogul has bought more so therefore it’s going
up, all that kind of stuff. This is all in the weeds. You guys are all looking
at the right stuff. I’m gonna explain to you how you know where Bitcoin prices are going, and why, how far, and
when it begins and ends. It’s gonna come down to
saturation and fragmentation. I’m gonna explain all
this to you right now. And after you watch this, no one else is talking about this, saturation and fragmentation. As soon as I explain what it is, you guys will understand what’s gonna happen with
Bitcoin ahead of time, whether or not you should
be involved with it, if you can make money from it. And I say Bitcoin, I’m talking about all cryptocurrencies, the entire concept. Bitcoin is one player in a
bigger, bigger scheme of things. And so this is gonna come
down to understanding what is gonna happen with all this stuff. People always refer to the dot com bubble or they will always refer
to the tulip bulb mania. One thing that is similar is sure, the price went up like crazy and maybe it will come down like crazy. That’s how people see it
looking back over history. But what really happened? What was involved with
the tulip bulb mania? Well, it wasn’t 100% of the people. It wasn’t 50% of the people. Small fraction of people,
certainly a vocal minority. That’s the same thing that’s
happening with Bitcoin right now in terms of the adoption levels, how many people are
getting involved with it. But the point is, as
I’m about to tell you, it all comes down to two things that you haven’t heard about
before from anyone else. This is something that it took me years to develop and decide on,
discussions with my team members, and we’ve been looking
at all sorts of stuff. I’ve been talking about this in the media tons of times when Bitcoin was brand new, and now I’m talking about it now. When we come closer to the end of things, I’ll explain to you two things: saturation and fragmentation. This will explain everything to you guys. Check this out. Looking back at the video while we’re gonna put it
in post production here that it could have used a
little bit more saturation, the video itself. But anyways we’re gonna
start with fragmentation. This is more important concept, and it’s working like this. If you’ve got one cryptocurrency, which we’ll start with Bitcoin, and just so you guys know, whenever I say Bitcoin,
generally in this video, I’m talking about all cryptocurrencies. I just say it by habit or by
ease of language or whatever. Let’s talk about it for
example, a pet rock. If there’s only one
company making pet rocks, and they’re making tons
of money hand over fist, eventually what happens is then you have another company which says oh, I’m gonna do that too, and they start selling pet rocks. They’re making tons of money. And somebody sees that oh, the second company and the
third company come along making pet rocks and making money, so then all of a sudden, there’s dozens of
companies making pet rocks. And that number continues to grow and the industry for cryptocurrencies continues to fragment
until the actual piece, each piece such as Bitcoin and Litecoin and Peercoin and Dash,
they each are fragmented to different aspects
of the entire business of cryptocurrencies. But that fragmentation is not limited. They say, well Bitcoin’s limited, so the value is in demand
and it will increase, but the fragmentation is not limited and there will always be
more and more fragmentation as long as there’s money to be made. That’s why so many products
will be saturating the market. And so at the end of the day, you’ve got the fragmentation, which is going to make
the potential market for total dollars put
into cryptocurrencies being divided by more and more people so that any one cryptocurrency has a small part of a large pie. But you can only cut
so many slices of pie. You can only cut a cake so many times. This is exactly what’s gonna
happen with cryptocurrencies. It’s going to fragment to the
point where it will continue and continually fragment until
there is very little left in terms of total gains, total profits, and this is just something that happens again and again over history
in every single situation where there’s money to be made. Consider saturation. So the industry for
cryptocurrencies has fragmented again and again to an unlimited degree. Now the saturation is about how many dollars can go
into cryptocurrencies. If you think that
cryptocurrencies are going to keep on rising in price, what do you do? You are maybe a teacher or a
firefighter or an accountant, and you save up a bunch of money, but there’s a limit to how
much money you can raise. And there may be billions
of dollars going into it, but there’s a certain roof. There’s a ceiling where
all the people who want to be putting money into
cryptocurrencies have done so. They’ve raised whatever money they can. If you wanna buy some Bitcoin today, you’ve gotta come up
with 15 thousand dollars. And maybe you can only
come up with half of that. Maybe you can come up
with twice that much. But then you’ve invested that
money, and it’s an investment. You can’t use that money anymore. You have to wait until the
cryptocurrency itself grows as it has been doing up to that point. But there will be a limit where you take your 50 thousand
dollars that you saved up, you scraped up, maybe
you mortgaged your house, you put that money into
Bitcoin for an example. You put it in there, and
the money sits there. And it may increase in value. It may decrease in value, but the money is basically sitting there just as if it’s a place where money goes to wait. Maybe it’ll take years
and it’ll be worth more, but in the meantime, it’s gonna sit there regardless of how the
cryptocurrencies react. Even if they go up and they
double, you might not sell. Even if they cut in
half, you might not sell. And the thing is that there’s a limit to how much money can be gathered as a society of people who are going to invest in cryptocurrencies. And this doesn’t just keep
on going and going and going. It eventually reaches a point
where everyone’s maxed out. And I think right now everybody who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies,
they already know about them. Anyone who wants to invest,
if they haven’t done so yet, it’s not very likely
that they’re going to be mortgaging their house and
just getting into it now except for the latecomers
to the game, so to speak, just like with the tulip bulb mania. The minority of the
population was once buying and trading tulip bulbs
until it got to the point where it was more involved
with the overall mass market, and this is when it came crashing down. And the people who shouldn’t
be getting involved in cryptocurrencies
were getting encouraged by the continual media stories about it. They think they’re missing out and they think that it’s easy money because it’s gone up to
this point so much so far, so therefore they think that
it will continue to do that. So they gather whatever money they can, and that is a signal that
you are at a market top. When people who shouldn’t
be investing in it are jumping on board, that’s
when the game is over. That is what’s happening right now. I’m calling it. I’m saying that we are at
the peak of cryptocurrencies. There’s various ones which
may increase in value, sure, of the various hundreds of them, but you are not going to see
them as a group increase. You’re going to see individual ones where you can point out and pick out, okay so Ethereum increased
from this point to that point, and then maybe Litecoin increased,
but you’re not gonna see the overall industry increase together. And even the ones that do increase, such as Ethereum, Litecoin
as I just used as the example but they could be any ones, if you pick out the ones that will win, then you’ll probably be
okay in the short term. But overall when the market comes down and cryptocurrencies start coming down, they will all come down together. The concept will be what dies, not the actual individual coins so much, just as there were a thousand, eight hundred car companies
in the United States back at the turn of the century, and some of them survived, two, and the vast majority,
99.99% of them went bankrupt. So if you got into the right
two or three companies sure, you made plenty of
money, but if you didn’t, just like everybody else,
you lost your money. You lost, and it’s so hard
that the game now isn’t about whether or not cryptocurrencies
increase in price, the game is about now
picking the one or two which are gonna do okay
while the rest of them either disappear or decline in value or become a little bit more risky. And this is part of
the reason that I think between the fragmentation,
which is unlimited, and the saturation now, we’re looking at what is absolutely a top
in the cryptocurrency market. And I’m not saying it’s
gonna crash tomorrow, but I’m saying months from now, and definitely a year from now, you’re gonna look back and say
wow, that was a crazy time. We got a little bit ahead of ourselves. And it’ll be like, most people think wow, that was such a unique situation, but this has happened many times before. It’s happening now right
in front of our eyes, and we’re seeing it with open eyes. And a lot of people are assuming that cryptocurrencies are
gonna change the world, but it’s gonna happen again,
and it’s gonna happen again, and it’s gonna happen again. And for the rest of our
lives you’re gonna see these kinds of manias, and this
is not the appropriate time for people to be mortgaging their houses to put it into something
they don’t understand because they think it’s
gonna increase in value. This is a lot more chance
of you losing money than making money, starting now. I’m calling it. This is the worst time
to be getting involved with cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Great insight! I read "a random walk on wallstreet" and I learned about the entire tulip bulb craze and how that phenomenon repeats itself throughout history and crypto $ really does seem to be behaving EXACTLY the same! (I knew of bitcoin when it was >$10 but didn't know ANYTHING about the stock market at the time so I never got in 😔) I think you're absolutely correct on this Pete! You'd have to be crazy to try to jump in now.

  2. I was thinking about litecoin but when Charlie lee sold his I thought what!!!! there is a 30-40 year commodity cycle the last one was 2011 so 2031 -2040 is next one the downside is we will be in a fullblown depression , in retail howard davidowitz calls it in recessions/depressions the belieu brothers call it in the stock market peter leeds calls it

  3. Very solid call! I could not agree more with you. Hey just for laghfes do you remember sunshine in a can. Not only is this ponzzi scam fall apart on that. Let me help you out with some gasoline for your fire. Right now Russia and Venezuela coming out with crypto currencys. To get around u.s. sanctions. Note worthy the u.s. treasury has a black list that will not back anything with u.s. dollars. You know the world currency that is based on the barrel of oil. Pun intended. These other currencies will very soon be on that list. Pop go the weasels. You warned them fellow investor. One lesson I thought my daughter is this. If you see somebody who is ready to jump off a bridge and you don't say something. Your as guilty as if you pushed them off. But if you warn them and still jump. There blood is not on your hands. You warned them. Sleep well with a clean conscience friend.

  4. As we hedge our investments. Others drink that swill called greed. It an equal opportunity destroyer. It does not matter weather you have ten bucks in your wallet or ten billion dollars. You always want more. Make the money be kind,content and thankful. I find that combination peaceful and fulfilling. Just a thought. Be well:)

  5. Good heads up very informative. Definitely wouldn't recommend putting too much into it. I Only put what I am willing to lose

  6. Not late. Just starting. Not even at early adoption stage yet; many blockchain companies are going to launch exciting products and services THIS YEAR. Do your homework, sir.

  7. We are far far far from the top !
    The next four months is just the second wave. There will be at least three more. !

  8. You see the war you seance coming will be an economic one. That will be fought between the United States of America and China. What real economist did not see that one coming. Or like you and me Mr. Leeds fellow investor. China and the United States of America have derviseded consumer related products and goods for sale on a global level. What's Venezuela and Russia have oil and gas. It's like something you have after a bad meal. Oil being the shits gas the bloating. But the United States of America and China are tied together on a consumer based economic consumption base. An accord will be met between the two. After all death of consumers is bad for business. Just look at north and South Korea having talks. You really don't that that they came up with that on there own? The proxy States of the United States of America and China are having talks. Like your hedge stay there till the smoke settles. I see a bad mood a risen just like you and it's founded.

  9. Great video Peter. And well put, "Saturation, Fragmentation", auto and .com boom will always repeat history. Still money to be made but doubtful many know what they're doing. Bitcoin in my opinion is not the winner either, as the traffic is known to be vulnerable to geolocation through ISP's remote DNS logging. Better to play companies who use the magic word "crypto", in their news.

  10. I think you are wrong. because less then 1% is in it. furthermore the Dotcom bubble ended @ 7.7 triljon. -> Crypto 709Billjon 12-1-2018.
    There are lots of people unbanked in this world still. crypto will make payment to families abroad also possible. and lots of different tech. In my opinion everything will come to an end but only when the stockmarket does. and i'm not even sure iff it will have any impact on the crypto market because there is 0 correlation. Crypto exchanges are signig-up daily 100.000-300.000people A DAY. so In my opionion there is still lots of growth ahead. I GUESSS Time will tell………

    I appreciate your view. but I'm also looking at my own opinions and research.

  11. I think there will be a lot of institutional investors that will enter the market this year and use cryptos for hedging. Don't you think ?

  12. The problem is people are looking at crypto as an investment to make money. And while it's true you can, that's not the intent of it. It's digital currency. Once the finance people look to get their money out, do you think people will hold? They talk about $100,000 per coin and in some cases $1 Million (for Bitcoin). Do you honestly believe that there will be thousands of people willing to pay $1 Million per coin? It will collapse at some point. It will only be a very small amount of people that hold and most of those people have been in since the beginning because they looked at it as a currency, NOT an investment. Another larger chunk will be the scam artists who promote the coins to 'pump up the price' and will cash out to the dogs that are chasing the gains. I personally know a few people that have cryptocurrency and NONE of them talk about how they are going to spend it. Instead they talk about how rich they are going to be. I am a Canadian and hold Canadian cash, both in the bank and in investments. I had some of this cash when the US and CAD dollar were at par. Does that mean I'm a bagholder? No, we 'use' currency every day and it fluctuates every second. When you look up Bitcoin in Google, the top search is 'How To Buy Bitcoin'. Not, where can I spend Bitcoin or How to Value Bitcoin (those are much further down the list). It will dip and it will rebound. It will do this several times. IF it hits $1 million per coin, it's because a lot of people will believe the hype. BUT do you think the stores that are accepting it will keep accepting it? Nope. Which means that when the price is TOO high, you will have NO way to cash out because people aren't going to sell you their house for $500,000 with a coin that starts to drop rapidly in value. I've made 300% and feel I can safely make 1000%-5000% then I'll sell out. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Good luck.

  13. I've started to hear regular people talk about investing in Bitcoin.  I guess that's saturation right?  I just don't know that much about (or trust) a currency that was invented on the internet.  Either that or I'm too old (46) to understand all this LOL

  14. I completely see your point Peter,and thought the same,every day there's s new alt coin.However, for the most part Crypto is still very lightly traded.You may be right,but I think it still has a ways to go before saturation hits.When this market corrects, besides physical Gold and Silver it may be Cryptos that people pick as a safe haven.Better Bitcoin then a Gold ETF..Right?

  15. Why would you mortgage your house to make any investment? That is so silly in my opinion. Doesn't sound like money that one can afford to lose….isn't that one of the priority rules of investing?!? Don't invest what you cannot afford to lose. A mortgage doesn't jive with that. I'm open to being corrected….

  16. I don’t think tulips could do the job of bank staff… blockchain technology is a revolution and bitcoin is the biggest blockchain. Don’t panic guys, you will be surprised when it hit 50k in a few months.

  17. If you mortgage your house to put it in crypto you deserve to lose it. No one should invest in crypto more than the amount they are comfortable losing

  18. Portfolio up 31% in the last month with help from Peter's metals picks. Getting in early is MUCH better than missing the boat! People here should check out his newsletter and buy the Penny Stocks for Dummies book. Loads of top notch info in each!


  19. Slightly off topic, but I just wanted to mention that your PLG stock you have been recommending for quite some time has gone up substantially over the last three days. I really didn't think this one was going to be a mover so I didn't buy it. Oh well, I will be ready though for your next recommendation. 🙂 As far as cryto-currencies, I think you may be correct that we are seeing a top in the mania phase and at the very least will be seeing some type of correction. Thanks again Peter for sharing your advice/opinions.

  20. I also think your are right. As a Day Trader I think there is a lot a money to be made but to buy and hold I feel is very risky. I have been studying it for a while but not in. Just learning and watching. I think it will come to a bad end for at least a while then who knows. 🙂

  21. It's always the wrong time to get in if you don't know what you're doing in any investment!
    Nothing new about that. Tulip bulbs were a product, cryptos are in the long run a whole new technology!

  22. peter, short the hell out of $PFMT. check the chart and today's performance. you'll see why lolol. CCI(18) at 530. RSI (6) at 90. Someone bought 8M shares today and the average volume is 45K. lolwut

  23. great video Peter. human nature no one wants to miss the train. there is safety in numbers. Everyone is doing it Etc

  24. This guy shouldn't be speaking on crypto.. look at this guys profile he's fully stockmartet positive. He's heavily involved with stock market trying to show you how buy penny stocks hahahahaha…talk about saturation hahahahahaha

  25. Yeah there’s definitely more coins popping up. The problem with your fragmentation theory comparison to pet rock companies is a pet rock is just the same as the next, not all these coins can be compared. They are all different. I think the weaker coins will go away leaving the ones that have a real world use. The people that didn’t do their research will get screwed and that’s just fine with me

  26. I think the cryptos are the beginnings of a new currency system but they are a long way from that now. They are crypto 1.0 at this point. People gravitate to where $$ is being made like flipping houses and then the crash happens. No financial vehicle is immune from this.

  27. All cryptos will crash. And all governments will impose their own! This is one reason why. Also 100 Billion computers are hackable this is straight from the manufacturer. This is why I’m buying gold now.

  28. The fragmentation of cryptocurrencies till date has not even hit a trillion dollars, till date. Most small crypto ICO’s are like penny stocks and are expected to die over the years. The fragmentation of Fiat currency, such as USD, has seen money supply increase over 600% in the past 10 years with the government MASSIVELY overprinting money. Which one is over supplied? Let’s wait for the next financial crisis to decide which one is overfragmented.

  29. so what should we be investing in according to you? I don't think you know what cryptocurrency is or the technology behind it. I guess you're going to say invest in penny stocks. lol

  30. Bitcoin is terribly volatile, suffocating on its own ledger, terribly slow and the transaction fees are prohibitive….it will never reach acceptance as a currency….indeed, some retailers are actually moving away from bitcoin as payment because of the above.

    Moreover, the whole concept is laughable – digital air masquerading as currency…lol…it has zero instrinsic value.

  31. I don't mean to be disrespectful but you don't have much people really gave up to put bitcoin to this price. Life saving. Took equity from their home. Retirement savings. And now the rich know people will buy in January. They know they as much money that they can get. Now the rich take their profits

  32. You're wrong. While most coins will fail and disappear some will thrive and in the long-term strengthen further. That doesn't mean the market will implode or that it is a bubble. It means it will consolidate into the coins that end up adopted and actually useful. Everyone investing (and informed) is aware this is a long term play due to the fact that most of the currencies involved are still in development. While the market tends to become oversold from time to time it manages to balance itself out rather quickly. Yes, it's more volatile and risky but it is by no means unpredictable. The market is already showing strong signs of recovery as expected. The general advice is to only put money you are comfortable losing and luckily most people heed that warning due to the speed of the high returns.

  33. I wonder how many of these pro crypto people would pay $20k, $30k, $50k for a Bitcoin. A protocol which is like sending emails that crazy people have placed high value on it. Bitcoin will not go to Zero but will return to a mean value and rise depending which fiat currency it’s compared to.

  34. I guess this video was made for idiots, as in anyone who would mortgage their freakin' house to play in highly risky investments, like say……penny stocks. For the rest of us, not much content. Remember when the internet got saturated and fragmented back in the 90s, and then collapsed and went away? Neither do I. There was a .com bubble, it popped, the shit got flushed, and the real companies remained, changed our lives, and fortunes were made. Your fragmentation theory seems to rely on only being able to invest in one currency, as its share of the pie gets incrementally reduced. Go ahead. Fragment away. I'll own more different fragments. Your saturation theory is purely opinion. Sure, there is always a saturation point, but you gave ZERO evidence why a 500 billion market cap is it.

  35. Yeah, and to the gold and silver cult –>> diversify, you emotionally attached retards. I own plenty of both, and thanks to cryptos, a shitload more precious metal than a year ago. And, a little real estate outside the IOUSA isn't a bad idea, either.

  36. This may well be correct, however I think there is a long way still to go before cryptocurrency's will max out. Yes it is potentially a risky time to invest, however l believe the next 5-10years will continue to see a growth in cryptocurrency. Regulations etc, may have some effect on its price rise, however this is inevitable in the process as it continues to become part of the mainstream. I'm certainly enjoying getting in to buying a few cryptocurrency to hold, hoping for some gains in price over the coming years.

  37. I thought the cryptos was supposed to replace money but instead it seems to be like baseball cards, not the old ones but the newer ones

  38. You sound like you may be right.. 50%. I do hope you are wrong though. I really do. The technology. There are too many smaller coins.

  39. I do like your comments. They are still supportive. I can tell you don't want people to fail. Good video. Im saying your wrong because i have coins

  40. I believe there's a good chance crypto will continue to grow enormously, but, the question is which one/s will attain dominance. The other problem is technical issues, or disasters that wreck the block chains or whatnot. Hackers, glitches, EMP events etc. The other thing is, at a certain point the pile-in of holders of the currency will suddenly reach mainstream currency levels, if crypto achieves ultimate success, and as soon as that happens the profit margins will likely be small and be mostly based on trading different currencies, cryptos and others, against eachother in systematic ways.

    I see long term crypto investments as something that shouldn't exceed 5-10% of funds, and crypto swing trading should not exceed 10-30% of funds depending on someone's level of overall wealth and expertise in that area. I see very high potential upside but also a lot of risk. Personally as I get started I'm going to focus on day trading penny stocks, although it looks like there may be some great crypto day trade opportunities as well. I'm poor, so day trading is the most reliable way for me increase my financial position in the short/medium term, with the resources and skills I have to bear now.

    I believe China has been pumping bitcoin back and forth a lot, selling on peaks and buying on dips. They probably have an army of hackers who are helping keep tabs on the situation so they will always know before everyone else if it's time to abandon ship and get out before it sinks.

  41. If you want to put your whatever into an electrical outlet to see if you'll get shocked, then you are playing with fire in a different form. It is just another ponzi scheme to skim from curious and unsuspecting, but then the world wide casino is full of games. They are the distractions used by every empire that is on a conquest. Any entity single or collectively mimics strategy.

  42. The fragmentation deal is true to an extent. Eventually the "ico mania" will pass as people realize 99% of them are garbage, and they move their money back into proven products, or at least projects with legitimate potential. Tulip bubble is horrible example. Tech bubble, railroad bubble, plethora of early car manufacturers, etc. would be better examples. Nothing new or innovative about tulips. Every new technology NEEDS a bubble to push it over the hump and into the main stream. I would be more concerned if there wasn't one. Total market cap $2.5T this time next year. Just watch.

  43. only 1.5% (innovators) of potential market are in,,, now early adopters to enter the market =13.5% … I respect your analysis but you may be wrong so we'll see. iPO and VC are almost gone (if they don't adjust fast), welcome iCO (barriers to entry are an internet connection away with a smart phone and no brokerage fees). The Crypto ecosystem is just getting started and will mature (with all its' bumps and bruises). Never speculate with money you are not ready to lose. 🙂 Great channel for analysis.

  44. There are many fundamental errors in this video. See the difference between a tulip and a crypto currency is that crypto is value or data transfer technology which is being valued as an asset. A tulip is only an asset with no security, utility or technology. So what if the market is fragmented….there are already crypto currencies dieing or stalling…..that doesn't fragment the market any further. In the end the crypto currencies / blockchain technologies with actual use and application are the onces surviving and defragment the market naturally. Once its regulated and governments declare it has value ….it will have value. It is like gold and silver which only have limited use in industry but are valuable because they are scarce and made scarce. Arizona just passed a bill that by 2020 you can pay your taxes with cryptos like Bitcoin etc. There you go its all smoke and mirrors ….By the end of day only food and,shelter are the only assets which truly have value to a human being. Gold, Fiat, Cryptos and Tulips are all worthless and only made valuable as a vehicle for storage of value.

  45. There are three types of money. Money created by God such as gold and silver. Money created the governments such as dollars which the they keep printing more and becoming Worth Less every year and Third is money created by computers. In Twenty years Gold and silver and Cryptocurency will be here. The Dollar will NOT be around Twenty Years from NOW!!
    Not all Cryptocurrency are going make it. But the major ones will be . The dollar will lose more and more value as they print it like playmoney and it will collapse. If you invest wisely you can make money in crytpcurrency but you can also Lose money if invest at wrong times with the wrong ones. He is wrong as if you hold on to your dollars for twenty years it will only be worth less than a nickel.

  46. I 'invested' 8,460 across 26 coins/tokens just before the latest crash. I then crapped my pants and felt like an idiot for a few days but am back up to 10,875.68 today, was over 12,000 on Monday.
    Its a fun ride!!! EEEEEK!!

  47. Bitcoin has been around for 10 years. People have been saying crypto is at it's peak for 10 years. I do think there will be some consolidation this year in the amount of coins, but not total market cap. Coins with no utility will be a thing of the past.

  48. It’s not the paradigm you are used to. Gives people the choice to use central banks or be their own bank. It’s empowering if you think about it. The idea will grow on people. Doesn’t your money just sit there in stocks?

  49. You assume money come to cryptos and disappear? Money just transfers from one person to another person, the person who sale you cryptos will have that money, and he cashs it out to buy something else.

  50. cryptoes cannot be any metric used today.They are basically a game for the rich and way to hand down their money to family and friends while avoiding taxes.Any extreme movements in the markets well destroy cryptoes .A locked safe supposedly to hide from the money printers who by rights should be the ones hiding in their cars and living in tents.Cryptoes are handy indicator to use to measure fear in markets.That's about all they are worth.When every statistic is being fudged by the fed and the schools accept this as real learning experience ,you get what you sow

  51. Sir, you are not quite right this time around!  Crypto-currency's adoption is still in its infancy. There are a lot more people who are still; not in the know how yet!  Your scenario will eventually play out but I think towards the year 2020.

  52. Peter…You are right about crypto not being for newbies who can, and have lost investment fiat money. Blockchain tech is taking the world by storm. Like the PC in the 90's crypto tech is growing at light speed. What's hot today may not be hot when something better comes along. Changing technology is as big an enemy as "fragmentation and saturation". These are all good reasons to be careful. Crypto is not for the feint of heart because volatility can be brutal.

  53. You obviously don’t understand the fundamentals of what this movement is all about. Maybe you have seen the light since this vid. Jamie Dimon has. Was falling is central banks and govt as we know it!

  54. If I look at crypto then I see 1 huge cycle ending now and another one thats going to begin and that you can also see on your charts and if you listen to the media then you would also recognize that people are getting more confident and learning more and more about crypto. And you know the 3 p's to invest in.

  55. Great job on calling the top at the right time, I wish I watched this and pulled out as I would be sitting at a 9x return. I only started investing in later november before it became too crazy but managed to make good money as I pulled out at a 4x returncbut could have made more if it wasn't due to greed.

  56. I get the message of do not buy high and sell low. You are right lots of people have FOMO for Crypto. There are going to be plenty of people buying in on the pumps, and they will be left bag holding for a long period of time. I also think that the value of Bitcoin will go up and then back down and then back up, and so on and so on, but it's still a bullish market. There will be a lot of cryptos that don't make it. But the riskier cryptos are also the ones to 10X and beyond. I have most my crypto investments in large cap, and diversify in a few in small cap in projects that I like. Nobody can really predict crypto. It's a world mega bubble to replace current financial system. Tulips, houses, and dot coms do not compare except that they were also a bubble. If and when the banks screw up again, do you think the people are bailing them out again? I also have silver, for when the market goes bearish. Thank you for the FUD. I will be catching those falling knifes down here in the bloody streets.

  57. How do you know what saturation is , when this is not confined to the USA , this is brand new and since it's a WORLD WIDE phenomena, it doesn't seam that we are anything close to a bubble? This is more of a thought/question than a statement? Even though my portfolio lost 100k in value I'm still holding, now can't afford to think about selling…

  58. Obviously, "Peter Leeds" either doesn't know about or understand the significance of how Morgan-Stanley is about to open up their crypto-trading desk (May 14, 2018), which will lead a whole bunch of other banks into the crypto space. Also, the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee's annual report just addressed cryptocurrencies for the very first time and is highly reccommending that "everyone" (govt., banks, private individuals) needs to learn more about this new technology – because they see it as a major thing in the future. Indeed, I've heard estimates that just the households of the world (not govt, big business, or banks) need somewhere in the range of 5 Trillion dollars just to function on a day-to-day basis – so the need for "currency" is bigger than ever, and electronic tokens are much easier to deal with that paper money, gold, and/or silver. It is the way of the future – whether it be for good or ill. It is just now getting started. When the Petro-Dollar fails, some type of cryptocurrency will be next up to bat.

  59. Much respect for Mr. Leeds! But in my honest opinion, I feel that crypto is such a different animal that I don't think you can really, truly compare it to anything else, thus far! Once I personally started understanding the power of the Blockchain technology and saw how it could solve so many problems, and make things much more efficient, cost effective, less time consuming, more secure, etc., I knew crypto is here to stay and it's going to revolutionize society as a whole. This is the reason I don't think you can so easily put crypto in some type of box structure and declare ceilings and floors etc, because the sky is truly the limit in all the new and creative ways we can utilize the Block Chain technology!

    But I believe that Crypto has to go through the fire so to speak (dips, bear market, stricter rules, regulations, etc.) and I believe that this will be a good thing. And I believe what will end up happening is very similar to the stock market. We'll have some way of identifying quality startups and they'll be placed on more quality exchanges and the more questionable ones will be placed on other exchanges. This I believe will sharpen the decision making process in who to invest in.

  60. Comparing Crypto to pet rocks is ridiculous. It’s about the death of fiat. Crypto isn’t a product. It’s a trust machine. Typical of goldbugs to fail grasping the true fundamentals

  61. Once you figure out that precious metals are only used because of rarity, that central banks use the physicality to run their derivatives scams and that digital rarity is the solution to derivative manipulation, you will have an Ah-ha moment.
    Nobody with a brain will ever accept a representation (derivative IOU) for a Crypto. It’s deliverable on the Internet to anywhere and it’s Cryptographically rare. Only leveraged side fiat bets in US dollars will exist. Bitcoin futures DO NOT deliver bitcoins. Hopefully I have given you the Ah ha moment.
    The infinite fragmentation is irrelevant, the useless crap coins go to zero. This economic system follows Metcalfe’s law.

  62. Your math is way off -This is pretty linear thinking……There are much deeper macro dynamics going on here than a single use case like the auto industry. Or even Dot Coms. Which was primarily the uS and the UK. Cryptocurrency is global with way more money to work with. and way more money being created. The main attractiveness of blockchain is the saving of trillions by shareholders by using it. Which creates competition globally. Although you are correct about saturation and fragmentation. Some of these cryptocurrency use cases have money flows going back into the coins value based on it's white paper/business plan….We are nowhere close to that yet. 500 billion market cap is tiny compared to the 225 trillion of total international markets. institutional money, and other sources enter the market.
    Peter You are not addressing the money that is transferring over as a hedge from other asset classes. The recycling of assets around the world does not need "New" money.
    You could have made this argument in the very beginning of the dot com bubble. Yet it continued past 7 trillion before the bubble burst.
    *Secondly nearly 80% of crypto market cap is from only the top 20 coins/tokens. So The other 1580 currencies have very little effect on the over all market.

  63. I have mix reactions with this one. But honestly cryptocurrency is just starting, payment mode was started by bitcoin, eth, education is already being revolutionize by LiveEdu and Bitschool. Other will be following the cryptocurrency trend for sure! 🙂

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