All Cryptocurrency Projects Should Have a Blog

thanks to everyone who participated and the lifestream yesterday it was a very quick stream it was with my mobile phone just like him recording just now had a lot of fun and unfortunately I can't do one today it was hoping to do one but I'm a la bit busy and as you can hear from my voice it's even worse in year so they've been carrying the flu for the last two weeks and last night was over friends it was very loud so I had to show to talk and my voice is about to disappear and during their life seem yesterday I cannot brought up the issue of vlogging and this came because someone was asking about ether one and I Britian note there and that's why we talked about in this video I believe that more cryptocurrencies should have blogs and not just launch a blog in to allow article every month or two I think more cryptocurrencies should really make a blog a priority this should really make a blog a priority it should be transparent and they should be posting updates on a regular basis and we are seeing us with the table with the top cryptocurrencies if you look out and you know alloy that the more popular coins are being developed over the last year or so and although the beggar projects do have blogs but I would say that those are the exception and not the rule most of the coins I check don't have blogs they don't have any kind of update system what they do instead as the update everyone via discord or telegram now admittedly I am coming from a very biased possession I've been working online for 19 years I've been blogging since like 2004 or something like that in writing on the internet for a long time I write for the safe coin bloke and you see the t-shirt behind there and that's what I'm doing today I'm writing a few articles for the safe coin blog just very short 200 to 300 word articles to update people about new things happening on the project and so I am coming from a biased possession I've been blogging for years I used to run a website about 1112 years ago called blogging tips that's how much I was involved in blogging and I've published books on blogging so I've got very biased possession I do that but I think I see as true we don't need more capital currencies to have blogs we do need more capital currencies to be transparent to give up these two people and it needs to be out so excuse me it needs to be outside of this court telegram or any kind of application like that it needs to be indexable and needs to do online something that can be shared anywhere and everywhere that needs to be posted online and needs to be indexed by search engines the reason that I'm bringing this up during the livestream yesterday someone was asking me about ether one note and my comment was that you know the place had changed much and the number of coins I was getting from the node was going down but nother thing was that I hadn't really been following the updates now if you go back a few months on my channel I made the decision to leave just you know the vast majority of discord grips I used to be a member of like 25 to 30 this current grips cryptocurrency grips and I left them all I was going absolutely insane with the number of notifications and tags and trying to keep track of all and I should have done that along a long time before that leaving all those discord groups was one of the best things I did it really was and you know being part of all those different groups yes it was great connect with connected with people yes I did learn a lot but it was also making me less productive and but as I said most capital concept projects that's how they update people they've got an announcements a discord Remy and they will post a lot of updates in hey guys with that does he guys know that that I do think that if you've got our website if you got a capital concept project you need to have a website and if you've gone away a website you really do have to have a blog and as for a number of reasons as I've seen ether 1m it becomes hard to follow multiple projects you know for a loyal projects if you're if you buy some coins or you main some coins and you've got those coins sitting in a wallet most people don't have the time to check the scored all the time but what they could do is follow multiple blogs and you can follow multiple blogs very easy you can set up all else you can you know set up an RSS manager that just checks the latest articles for those blogs and send you an update whenever there's a new article it's much easier to track what's happening if you're just reading the blogs or the coins at university then and I don't think enough projects are doing that and now you could disagree with me and say that maybe a blog isn't the best way to update people I recognize some people disagree with that maybe some people think that they should do it on Facebook or Twitter or you know anybody else I strongly believe it blog a blog is you know the official website is the best place to do it a website and I'm excuse me me my voice has stopped going a website should be the headquarters it should be the HQ it should be the home of all the activity of a project of a cryptocurrency and it should be where someone goes for information about the Wallis of a diagnose about features with specifications about everything and I believe that's where the blog should be I believe that's where the updates should be but we're not seeing ever not seeing a lot people doing that now one of the reasons for this is because now is hard to get someone to write for you and the main way that I contribute to the safe coin team I said I said in team meetings and I do contribute my opinion to many things but I would say that the main way that I contribute to the safe coin team as to add blog articles now again I am a biased possession I'm coming from someone whose blog for a long time excuse me but I do think that you know a project shouldn't be held back by the fact that they don't have someone who's going experience with blogging they should have someone in the community who can post a quick update to the community and tell people what's happening firstly for transparency but I think more importantly as just about updates it doesn't have to be you know prefer to play you should do a high quality article with images and videos and all that but doesn't have to be done I think first and foremost has to be about updates you know the people who are mining the coin the people who are following the project people we're investing in the project want to know what's happening so they need to get updated or not and I think that something I've said that a dedicated application the official website the blog as the best way to do it and so if you're involved in a project if you're involved in a project in your hangar and your score to know that I would I would voices opinion and I would ask them if they can make official updates on the blog as well I think it's the best way to do it but we're not seen us we aren't seen yourself you couldn't coin market copy looking back coin talk the back up projects tend to have blogs they tend to be transparent and are posting updates but most ones aren't and I think that needs to be changed I think you know for projects to be taken more seriously they need to be posting more updates they need to have a bear conversation with anyone who's investing in the project time or money and hopefully in 2018 I'm sorry I'm talking like an idiot there and all that but hopefully in 2019 I don't what's hopefully we will see more projects adding a blog updating your website more and I think you know this is just part of a bigger picture about cryptocurrency is becoming more transparent and more legitimate and more professional I'd like to see this and I certainly want to see it from any coin any project that I invest and I want to be updated about what's happening and I shouldn't have to go go on some sort of sales to finder it should be easy I should be able to check online let me know what you think about it guys and I apologize for my voice I'm really struggling to talk which is why I'm doing a one eight minutes I was going to say a five minute video so I am doing like an any minute video instead of a live stream my voice is ready to go any minute so do apologize about that lemon will you thank guys I'd love to hear what you think about this topic I think this is a an important topic and if you're involved in a capital concept project and particular yes please do leave a comment thanks for watching guys I'll try and do a video tomorrow but if I don't have a good Christmas and I don't speak to you very soon take care

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