ALL APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO ABILITIES LEAK – Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Explained!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re well. I have some pretty awesome stuff to share
with you today. Thanks to that 1mining guy for finding the
files for this. Essentially, we now have the translation files
for Crypto’s abilities. What does that mean? Well, we can read exactly what the abilities
are called and get information on what the abilities will do. The text and information I’m about to share
with you comes directly from the in-game subtitle files and it’s very likely this is the exact
information we will see on the legend selection screen once Crypto is available. So with that in mind, let’s jump straight
in. So Crypto is known as the surveillance expert. He will have a drone that can be deployed. What I can understand is Crypto’s tactical
ability will place an aerial camera drone. If it gets destroyed, there will be a 40 second
cooldown. Crypto will be able to move the drone, or
park it. The drone will have a maximum distance of
200 meters. Now, you can pair Crypto’s tactical with his
passive, which is called Neurolink. With neurolink, you and your teammates will
get to see what the drone detects up to a 30 meter distance. Now from what I can understand, this probably
includes the same kind of things that Bloodhound can detect, so loot ticks, flyers and most
importantly, other players. So you can use the tactical to go explore
an area and then your passive will give you details on whether players are nearby. Unlike bloodhound’s tactical, I believe players
will actually have to be in line of sight of the drone but i’m not 100% sure on that. Now crypto’s ultimate takes the drone to another
level. The ultimate can deploy an EMP charge from
the drone which will deal shield damage, slow enemies, and disable traps. This drone can absolutely shake up the camping
meta and put some pressure on Caustic and Wattson. Whether or not this includes Gibby’s shield
dome and Octane’s ultimate i’m not sure. I think technically Octane’s jump pad, Caustic’s
gas traps, and wattson’s fences are all classed as traps, but nothing else is. Now, there are a few more things you can do
with the drone. Firstly, you can use it to remotely access
your team mates death box, which is a really neat feature. You can also hack doors, which I assume just
means opening doors, and you can hack loot bins, which once again I assume just means
opening loot bins remotely with the drone. So what else do we know about Crypto after
reading the game subtitles for him? Well, he will have four legendary skins just
like all of the other new Legends. He will have one execution called Drone Scan
and, well, that’s pretty much it. So what are your thoughts on Crypto? we still
don’t know when he will release. I’m honestly starting to think crypto will
be a season 3 legend at this point. What are your thoughts? Let me know. I also have the translation files for many
other legends and these include all of the abilities for all legends. There’s so much information to go through
so it will be hard to know how to get it out to you all. I was thinking about doing a video for each
legend seperately, but let me know your thoughts on that. Thank you everybody for watching, I will see
you all in the comments. If you want to see more videos like this,
make sure to subscribe too. Alright. Cheerio!

100 thoughts on “ALL APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO ABILITIES LEAK – Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Explained!”

  1. What about Rosie? Lets make a theory maybe after levithians get in island Rosie will try to repair Repulsor or she is just trying to stop apex games.

  2. It's been awhile and was worried my favorite apex content creator wasn't coming back but its nice to have you making videos again

  3. I would appreciate if you did one or two legends per video. It's a lot of info to take in but I know longer videos are better for youtube.

  4. I think, given that all the other legends abilities are more than likely subject to change, you should do one big video or possibly a couple parts rather than a separate video for each.

  5. You are amazing my dude! Also just do the videos separate and take your time on them that’s really nice information and I feel like we all like when the details are explain

  6. See you see him as someone to help stop camping but you can honestly use him to camp and give information about the squads pushing in. That will also allow then to have time to reposition for the fight and set up traps as needed

  7. I actually theory crafted a drone ability that’d work very similar to this! I love the idea if droning out areas!

  8. Remotely access your teammates deathbox sounds awesome!! If you could loot enemy deathboxes that would be so helpful in some situations. And his ultimate being able to destroy traps and slow enemies? Hell yeah! But surely to counter that they might make it so you can destroy his drone, in any case Crypto is gonna be awesome!

  9. I think you should put them all in one video, as long as it's not too long, say less than 20 minutes. I see you've also paid for the bloodhound skin, what're your thoughts on the apex iron crown event lootbox drama?

  10. Damm not hating just pointing out at least with the wraith heirloom you could be like ooooo that guy probs got lucky but with bloodhound heirloom you know someone just dumped money to EA. It's like yass Give us 8+ more heirloom that cost 150+ like wtf

  11. It’s a shame that wattson is the most boring legend to play in the game cause it feels like a legend wasn’t even added. Barely anyone uses her, let alone want to use her. Especially after how good and fun octane is I’m just disappointed in the job respawn did with wattson.

  12. I'm confused, wasn't there a leak that involved Crypto using a sword? At this point I can't take any leak serious. Not to say that this isn't factual but a lot of people are claiming to get their information from a data miner and explaining different abilities.

  13. Feel like these leaks come way too early. There's already stuff on Rosie and we're 5 months out from playing her. Kills all the hype and discovery.

  14. No offence, but these players you fight in many videos look WAAAAAY worse than the ones on Xbox ?
    It's always so shocking to see.

    People are not this bad on Xbox One. PC looks so ez in comparison!

  15. cryptos kit seems underwhelming especially since I've been loking forward to it, i hope season 3 comes with 2 legends or respawn dropped the ball with the last 2 becuase they aren't much fun, we need another aggressive character


  17. Drone looks Nice, the kit is ALL about using all abilities at same time, like Wattson, but it's all about the drone? Wattson isnt that… Limited

  18. Why would you need to open Bins and door remotely? I think it's like a trap, you heck It for the next unlucky boii

  19. Lol I totally had to restart the video. The action was so intense in the beginning I droned out his voice and missed what he was saying. Hell of a start.

  20. Interesting. I'm really intrigued to see how he'll play! I get the feeling he's going to quite underused, we'll see

  21. any idea on a release date? crafting materials burning a hole in my pocket waiting to see if i should buy his legendary skins

  22. A versatile legend! This will probably look like a radar in cod (sorry for the comparison) im kinda happy for my game after this huge 200$ heirloom leek that i wasnt happy with thanks

  23. First Octane (My Favorite Main Legend) And now CRYPTO?!?! I'm going to get him right away he's awesome he'll be my second favorite my third is Lifeline

  24. Crypto not using his sword is the most disappointing thing next to the iron crown heist. Way to let down everyone's Hope's since his discovery. All I have been preaching since season 1 was a legend that has a sword that acts like a arc star and has different uses and attacks. I see crypto with sword I get happy. I see these new videos and now I'm bummed. Guess blackout legend is the new hype for me.

  25. I think Crypto could be really good. Like especially for surviving later on in situations where you would have otherwise died in the early game. Being able to remotely access your teammates' banner is a GAME-CHANGER. And he seems like bloodhound except with a little more work but a much higher pay-off in the long run. I think people are underestimating him especially when it comes to seeking out enemies. Once people get really good with drone strats, you'll be able to get the upper edge in every match by either sneaking up on people are just avoiding them completely.

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