Alexandre Dreyfus: Looking to adopt blockchain technology to monetise their fan bases through ICOs

so Alex I just want to say thank you so much for joining us here at block show Asia and Singapore I know that Chili's has a lot of things happening you guys are opening a new office in Singapore right now yeah we just announced that's we're opening in our face to a tree grown in Southeast Asia okay that's venta can you do me a favor tell our audience about chillies what do you do what do you do there and chili so I'm French with this accent I live in more tough for the last 12 years and I walk in the internet space for the last 22 years so it's like since 1995 well they're right scape all that hurt the Netscape name in awhile and and more or less what we are doing right now is so our company is called Chili's it's a 40 people based in Malta 17 nationalities and we raise the these are the amount of money we raise 16 million dollar before the summer from I will say cornerstone investors only or like nine hands ok ex and few other guys and what we were doing is we are creating a platform that will be launched end of q1 already that tokenized sports still what does it mean it means that you're working with the most famous soccer team not gonna ring a bell for you maybe but it's a Juventus Paris in German that kind of multi medium thousands of millions of fans all over the whole team and we are creating a token for the Chelsea guy but anyway go ahead and yes so we are creating tokens for these teams we have like a marketplace where you and me you can buy these tokens and these tokens give you a right to vote so if you're American you are familiar in the NFL you have a team called the Green Bay Packers where all the fans own the team and actually can vote right in Europe we have the same in soccer it's called for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona it's called of soft shows the so shows in Spanish means a member of partners right so the fans on some decision of the club's sports team whatever what we do is we created a platform where you can't organize your fan voting rights and you give a chance to all the sports club or sports team in the world to engage with their fans wherever they are and to monetize them so for this soccer team for example Chelsea team if you are a fan and if we were working with them you could buy a token and you could be part of the guide that they are asking when they want to change the color of the jersey where they should play next year in another country on staff like this now who decides on what is in exactly it's the club it's it's exactly not definitely not the fans okay definitely not us is the club eventually we addressed a platform we were just a marketplace okay the club decide what question they want to ask but most importantly they are committed in the relationship we have with them they are committed to enforce the outcome of the voting so if you decide collectively that it's blue instead of red it has to be blue interesting that's pretty interesting I wonder how they're taking that that process and working that into the actual venue yeah right there's so much feedback that the fans would love at these venues yes be an interesting concept and introduce incisors are you working with anyone yes we so because we work with these a stadium I mean not stadium we work with the club's right most of the club's own the stadium anyway so we're gonna give away I don't want to say the world add up doesn't make any sense but we're gonna give a way to their existing fan base a massive amount of tokens so the existing fan base gonna get free tokens with this free tokens they're gonna be able to share their voice we use to call actual your tokens now there are called fan token but they used to be called voice token right and the idea is really to give a voice and to give a valuable voice why because if you boat tokens you have a vested interest and you not point of view but your your vote is more valuable than you'll click on Facebook vote or poll on Twitter right right right and to obviously sports fans they are deeply deeply engaged in every single aspect of that sport definitely which again we don't want this is not this is not a decentralized app that's gonna change the war I write I'm gonna make a sports fan deciding what's gonna be who's gonna be drafted next year in that team but it's more about the fact that if you have a fan in your case in your in us in us you don't have a relationship with Chelsea you can go sometimes in London to watch a match you can go on TV you can buy Jersey sometimes half of the time it's a fake one anyway so they don't make money out of it we provide a digital asset that comes from the club that is limited supply and that give you a voice to the club and we gonna when we're gonna launch we're gonna have like 20 to 30 clubs in the world soccer / football cricket eSports is very big for us so we're gonna have massive eSports team as well and so the goal is really to help crypto and blockchain to become more mainstream by on gauging hundreds of millions of fans that can go into it what other opportunities are there in the blood change sport community that you're gonna engage in there is a little bit of in that space in a way that we've seen a lot of project that claim they want to do XYZ and the opportunity that will never happen it's difficult because I'm not a big fan for example and I would say I'm probably uneducated that's why but I'm not a big fan of creating a currency per se for every single clubs in the world every sport I mean why should you change something that works right right now I go in any sports team in any stadium and with my card I can buy anything I want what we do is more about on tokenizing not the currency but tokenizing the fan engagement right and most importantly I like to say that we don't like to disrupt rather we want to enhance meanings that we want to enhance this fan relationship and this fan monetization by creating something that didn't exist before which is the fan of voting rights you are creating an entirely new fan engagement experience and that is phenomenal and I absolutely wish you the best on this and what can we look forward to staying from you in the next six months well top 10 things I will say I like it 10 yeah love this top 10 will be distribution or token and they've not released listing or whatever especially that we were regulated on katene Malta so it's a bit different we just open office in the in Singapore so we are hiring like three to four people to grow to the local fan base because there is 300 feet 250 million soccer fans in the Southeast Asia onboarding 20 to 50 sports team launching the product is obviously the most important end of March early April and then it's going to be launched in Korea launched mainly in Asia we don't reach our us we don't targeting too much us yeah even though we've been approached by some NBA teams but it's way too early first it's way too early to scale it no scaling is in its regulation I mean I don't weigh a revelation no offense to Americans but us is only five or six percent of the global population we can focus on the 9500 other percent without being in trouble when you're talking about football absolutely seriously guys you know what we chose soccer because SEC doesn't give a about soccer so I'm in a safe environment exactly well I wish you all the best and I don't think I even need to do that I think I just need to see the outcome and just enjoy it with you thank you thank you so much for joining us you think you

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