22 thoughts on “ALERT: The Next MASSIVE Bitcoin & Crypto Market Cycle Has Started! | BTC Halving Approaching”

  1. Do you think the next big market cycle has begun?

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  2. It’s coming! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019….?….?‍♂️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets’""

  3. Unless it breaks the $8400 (will test it again) with high liquidity, it's a bull trap imo. Wait for the weekly candle to close for more clearer opinion. Careful guys.

  4. what's not to believe?…you show that cheat sheet and i have never experienced ANY of those feelings….anger? what's to be angry about?…it goes up, it goes down, it goes up, it goes down….etc.

  5. Trump is spurring a crypto boom, by tanking the economy. Your choices are shorting stocks or longing BTC, and BTC has a lot bigger upside than stocks have a possible downside, which is only 100%. I spit on a mere 100% gain. Longing something is almost always more potentially profitable than shorting something.

  6. Euphoria is my Favorite feeling holding cryptos 🙂
    …. plan ur trade and trade ur plan
    … never get over emotional about trading

  7. "a very steady climb"…. nope…. hyperbolic climb more like it…. begs for some type of reasonable correction

  8. Phil, I agree with you on the most part, but I notice on the 4 hour chart there is a fairly obvious head & shoulders pattern in the making. If BTC drops to the $6950 – $6900 range it would confirm it. Then the price could go down to the $6200 – $6000 range. What do you think ?

  9. It's pretty clear just by looking at the chart that sunny days are ahead. If you notice that on the right side of every rise and fall, the candles are orange (lighted) and on the left side they are blue (shaded), this clearly indicates that the sun is shining from the right, and since the chart flows from left to right, obviously there are sunny days ahead.

  10. Great video!! The only thing I just give dont give any credit to is the Greed Index. I just dont belive in it.

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