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everybody welcome to matrix portfolio we have on our show today our guest Joel Scouse Ken hopefully I'm pronouncing that right I'm sure you'll correct me has a long background of many different fields if you would I'd kind of like you to give a little update as to your background of what you do and and who you are and just give everybody an idea of what they're going to be listening to well I have had two separate careers I was trained as a political scientist my interest was constitutional law I got disenchanted with law and did not go into that subject even though my family was the family of lawyers I went into the military during the Vietnam area era and served as a fighter pilot for the Marine Corps got out of the military when I realized that they really didn't want innovation they just wanted yes-man and I wasn't a yes-man so I had to get out of the military and I started my career as a author of I was one of the pioneers in the preparedness movement my first book the survival home manual eventually became the secure home big 700 page book on everything from A to Z on preparation generators solar security tactics it covers everything and during the y2k of crisis I was called upon by dr. Gary North to comment on because I had worked all across the United States and Latin America and designing high-security residents and retreats he called on me to comment on the issue of strategic relocating if everything should melt down during y2k and even though I didn't think it would melt down that they would get it fixed there were a lot of people who really wanted to bug out a lot of people quit their jobs and went out to girls bill and after y2k passed calling me and said hey I'm out here I'm out of money now I shot my wad and I'm in trouble and I said well you've got to go back into society reestablish your financial lifeline so that you can do this right and I ended up writing the book strategic relocation North American guide to safe places based upon all my experience around the world and I've lived in many foreign countries and speak multiple foreign languages and so I was uniquely qualified to be able to comment on the relative safety of different countries as well as the United States in Canada so it's been the book on the subject of high-security relocation and still available on my website Joel Skousen comm now in my political realm in 1982 I got called to go back to Washington DC to head up the conservative National Committee during the Reagan administration concurrently I was editor of conservative digest and I started my newsletter the world affairs brief then it was in paper then and distributed to a mailing list in the year 2000 it went to an email list and is still going to a subscriber base my specialty is helping people explain why the government both foment terror and funds it and then fights it implements drug or hauling and then fights against it and all of these contradictory things which we called the deep state now and that's my specialty of really an expert in the deep state who's involved in what their agenda is in terms of world affairs that's pretty good so we talked roughly for a minute previously your book that you have out and I'd like to ask you can i is it okay to leave your contact information down the description box before watching alright so I have here your website I'll put in there and I have a have a little snapshot of your book that you had put together I actually looked through some of the book I know my partner Robert had got your book and I'm working on it this is a lot of fantastic information some of our subscribers there's a future maps that was done a while back are you familiar with Edgar Cayce um not really no okay this is a gentleman he had some ideas about future maps and where different fault lines existed and where he thinks things may end up going in the future and with a lot of talk of maybe a pole shift that could be coming I don't think it's anytime soon I think things gradually take time and that little by little all the it's not like just priming the pump and then eventually when it gets down to the end we may end up getting that last final Domino equivalent maybe with a financial system I going to Bank falling and then they all fall the same with the earth and what what's happening there with a lot of the earth change theories I don't buy into hardly any of them frankly because it's my theological position that this earth is very much a controlled entity by God for testing purposes I don't see it catastrophic delije being destroyed a lot of thing ores and major nuclear wars are very possible in the next decade but still in terms of the earth losing its orbit or the pole shift or the flooding or the dividing of the comet I just frankly don't buy it in fact most of the sources of that are what I consider spiritualistic type sources rather than scientific you mentioned a nuclear issue coming up in the future can you touch base on it yes it's a complex thing there are three predator centers in the world there's the anglo-american globalist our own conspiracy that tries to that controls the West there's the Russian and the Chinese conspiracies well each of these want to control their own version in the new world order Russia and China are in temporary alliance right now in order to take down the West they intend to do so probably at the earliest in the middle of the next decade when their top of the line weapon systems are in our finished cereal production they're going into production as we speak and probably through 2024 up to 2025 they won't have a full complement of their high-tech weapons and Bluewater navies built until that time so I don't well they could attack before then we have to remember that they've got to have a trigger been the u.s. the globalist intervention around the world has a large component that is geared towards justifying Russia and China attacking the west by making the US the bully of the world when we intervened in Slovenia for example we attacked civilian infrastructure we didn't attack military targets we went out purposely to aggravate the Islamic people against the West during the phoney fall of the Soviet Union when the Soviet communists faked their own demise in order to get Western aid in trade and slow down the problems that they were having the u.s. Americans were very popular coming into Russia in fact alternative churches Protestant were very welcomed into Russia after the bombing of Slav a is Lavinia the entire Slavic bloc including Russia started to hate the United States and all of a sudden we were persona non grata so it's working and that's what's happening in the Middle East as well when we there's another agenda – it's to create conflict so that you can fled Europe with multicultural refugees and destroy Western culture there's a conflict creation agenda aimed at Iran the only Muslim country that is trying to become self-sufficient in weaponry the globalist cannot allow that they've always used Muslims as cannon fodder during World War one in World War two so there's a there's multiple agendas going on but by and large the big I don't believe anything in the Middle East is going to lead to World War three Russia continues to show extreme reluctance in spite of Israeli missile attacks on Syria shooting down one of the Russian planes turkey shooting down you know Russia continues to not attack the West I think because she's not ready but it's important to realize that there's gonna be a tournament and that tournament has always been North Korea it's the perfect foil to have a the appearance of a crazy man or an unstable leaders start World War three because then Russia are trying to say we didn't start it the United States says we don't didn't start it but if if Kim ever attacks South Korea with overwhelming force and you know got two million man army versus fifty thousand there's only one way to stop that nuts the use of tactical nuclear weapons and that would be a trigger for World War three China and Russia could use that to launch at the u.s. now in my analysis I don't believe that Russia and China are going to try to attack American cities on a first strike their targets for a pre-emptive first strike are military targets only all the missile fields the two major submarine bases and all of your major air bases that where the US can project power as well as those in Western Europe especially Britain that has tried to Trident submarines but the US has been propagandized into thinking the nuclear war is unwinnable that is unsustainable that everybody's going to die and that just isn't true both major predator powers or all three are intending to survive a nuclear war and win the war afterwards that's why our US military has been building deep deep underground bunkers a lot of new bunkers dumbs and not not warning the American people you know they want the American people to be held hostage to the fact that in a preemptive strike in Russia in China their nuclear doctrine indicates that there'll be a pre-emptive EMP strike about 20 minutes before physical strike on military targets and it takes by the way it takes six high out at least six to ten high out to nuclear weapons to blanket the North American grid not one so forget about Iran forget about North Korea only Russia and China have the ability now you know you had animated and there are people who say our government will do it to ourselves to blame it on Russia China they don't have to do that they know and believe me it's both Russian China still communist countries even the Russia's feigning you know having defeated come or gone away from communism it's not true at all they did intend to take down the West but they don't want to destroy the economy of the West they want to blackmail the West into submission that's why you do a preemptive strike on US military targets and not on cities per se now they'll be about 15 cities that unavoidably will get major destruction because of the military is so integrated within those cities San Diego Seattle Colorado Springs Omaha Nebraska Washington DC Norfolk Virginia you know those are essentially dead cities because of this pre-emptive first strike but the globalist you see intend to be in their bunkers at that time they'll know that this is coming they want the first strike because you see if the American military is decapitated then they come out of the bunker and say you know we have no choice now if we're going to prosecute this war and and deny their blackmail is to join a militarized global government to prosecute the war only if we join together in a militarized globe and can we win this war now that the US has been decapitated and the Americans will just say give up their hands like in 9/11 so do whatever it takes do you think a main part of it will be nucular or do you think they use some sort of other maybe we have I think there's three major power plants that control a lot of these say electricity United States maybe they take out the main power plants instead of taking out the cities like you had mentioned do you think that's the possibility or is it no I mean an EMP strike takes it all out and you got to remember that there's very few micro grids in the country that can start up without being tied to the grid and that's what the United States is studying changing developing more micro grids that can start up because that's the problem as most of these power plants can't start up unless the grid is up and so you got to start somewhere and there's just precious few micro but the point is the EMP takes it all out there's no way the u.s. is going to get the grid and harden before this strike comes in sometime in the next decade it's going to happen and but the impeach strike alone doesn't do it because the military is relatively hardened to EMP so they could still retaliate but what your readers need to know is that there's such a thing as presidential decision directive 60 that's PDD 60 pass signed in 1997 by Bill Clinton it essentially was a directive revamping our entire military nuclear response from one of launch on warning and winning a nuclear war but to absorbing a nuclear first strike and then retaliating afterwards and that's exactly what it said be prepared to absorb a nuclear first-strike and retaliate afterwards in general butch Neil the Marine Corps said retaliate with what when you've absorbed a nuclear for all your missiles are gone there's not No all of your air bases and stuff and your airplanes are destroyed on the ground and worst of all PDD 60 also took away the alternate launch codes it used to be that if you didn't get direction from the White House that you could launch if after if actually under attack that was gone now you can't launch if you don't get it from the White House and it goes through three or four different stages before it actually gets to missile launch and any one of those stages the powers the beat could interdict and make sure that we absorb that nuclear first-strike remember this is what they want they can't start the war but they want the war and they want a preemptive strike on the military in order to to force Americans into a militarized global government that's been the goal all along for this globalist conspiracy everything else is is secondary it's not about garni more wealth these people are already the most wealthy people in the world how much more money do they need they want locked in control power and they want power in the very very atom about that so this I think is that an episode I'm a hundred percent sure this nuclear war is coming it's true that they could use lesser means but remember the globalist want something decapitating to the military nothing else will talk Americans into joining a militarized global government now in 1997 President Bill Clinton also said we have agreed voluntarily to keep 50 percent of our nuclear submarines import at any one time to make sure as a gesture of goodwill to make sure that they're more vulnerable to Russian attack to show the Russians that we have no ill intent I mean this is just plain suicide but to this day Kyle 50% of our nuclear service at least fifty percent are imported in any one time still to this day I don't think President Trump knows about PDD six to everything anybody's told them that we are intending absorbant if your first driver you'd be inclined to change it I think Donald Trump wants to do the right thing but I don't think Donald Trump is anywhere near prepared to to to handle the massive amount of information he gets disinformation and uttering false intelligence I mean intelligence convinced him that Syria had used chemical weapons three times against their own people and it's absolutely false it was the us-backed rebels who used the chemical weapons and blamed it on Syria so how do you how do you act as president when you don't know whose deep stayed and who isn't you know he fires James Comey whose deep state and you replace him with crystal ray whose deep state you bring in Brett cabin onto the Supreme Court as a conservative this guy was the fixer for George HW Bush he was involved in the cover-up of Iran Contra Iran gate and he was involved in the Ruby Ridge shooting there in in the Pacific Northwest and so this guy is deep state as well and so is William Barr you know who's supposed to be the new Attorney General I'm sorry William Barth was involved in the picture of HW Bose Brett Kavanaugh served as the assistant to Ken Starr in the Vince Foster cover-up murder so he was involved in a deep state activity falsify the suicide of Vince Foster so this is what we're up against this is a massive you know if Sean Hannity says he thinks that the deep state is Obama holdovers in the Trump administration that are sabotaging the Trump presidency that's baloney the deep state is much bigger and more deadly than that they killed Kennedy they did TW they've down TW 800 or covered up for the downing of the missile they did 9/11 I mean the deep state is massive and it's powerful and it's interlinked with the courts with the media and with about 75% of Congress not isn't to say that they know intimately what the agenda is they don't know the war is coming and what they're leading but they know there's a power structure and they bought into it because of blackmail NSA keeps spying on everybody in politics to get dirt on them you were going to say something kind Kyle's my partner I'm Ben oh I'm sorry [Laughter] males from Kyle so I thought yeah okay it's funny you bring up there's a few things I wish I could talk about and I don't think that would be wise however I do think with the NSA and some of the things that are going on what do you think I've heard news articles what's the possibility of the NSA had created Bitcoin well I believe that's very probable the United States vigorously prosecuted anybody who created any alternative currency to compete with the dollar put him in jail stole their fun stole the gold and silver you know they want a golden back golden silver back character but would–but came along there was no protest whatsoever none whatsoever when you look at the dark side of government the secret transactions they've got to do with pledge money a cryptocurrency is the ideal thing so I think it's very very likely that they had the expertise and if they did create it I'm fearful that they've got ways of tracking it and so it may not be as anonymous as people think especially if you're tied in to Bitcoin you know rather than starting your own blockchain so that's my feeling my understanding that the crypto currencies were originally created to monitor and track everyone better in neater cleaner way then how things were running before with the problem of caches you can you can't track cache you don't know where it's going you don't know what the individuals are using it for but what cryptocurrency you can track every single movement and a lot like if you ever go online and you do a search result for whatever you're trying to buy online or maybe you're just looking for both you're looking for something online a bit of information will say and maybe you take a break get off your computer but when you come back there's these popup news articles that will come up with advertisements those advertisements have been watching what you've been looking for so they automatically suggest what the computer program thinks you're going to end up purchasing then it works the same sort of way they know every two weeks how much toilet paper you buy they know a brand they know when you pay your bills they know what kind of bills they know so you would end up developing your own personal computer algorithm based off of your search results in the way you lived and so if everybody ended up having their own privacy or it would be prior to it would be a their own token in the sense or algorithm and we set a little token or crypto to you then it would be a lot easier for the governments to track and control how everything plays out especially with money all the people that have paying taxes the IRS they could have an app on all cell phones worldwide the minute you make a transaction the IRS gets paid immediately as soon as you made the transaction there's no more having to worry about paying taxes or w-2s or I think that a lot of end up coming but yeah that's why they're encouraging back taxes or you know international national sales taxes that's on the table right now in Congress and it doesn't allow automatic taxation you know it's it's not an even really less intrusive than income tax in the sense that you know everything that you do is tracked and paid for so governments ruthless about this but this is all aiming towards a new world order and you know it's gonna be very hard to evade that especially if you get into a global government they'll tell you you're still an independent nation but you really won't be free to resolve disputes you'll have to go to Brussels you'll have to hire an international attorney for a wetlands dispute you know just and and once you you know as we found out from the the sabotage of the brexit by Prime Minister Theresa May you pretend to be for the breakfast and you secret they sabotage the talks the first act of Teresa may was to cause her party in Parliament who had the majority to inculcate all European law into British law supposedly under the excuse that we can now pick and choose and throw out what we want well listen why don't you pick and choose and only put in what you want instead of putting everything and you know hard it is to get rid of law once it's inculcated and that's what happened and so this has been a sabotage for the day it's almost impossible to get out of these global governments once you get in especially when you get in through the vehicle of terror and war which is what I fear were headed for what do you feel with brexit I know they were given 90 days to come up with a solution and they a lot of people are concerned we have the yellow vest movement of France at least having issues Greece had issues Germany will end up having issues except they have the oil pipeline that comes from Russia which they won't admit to plays a role with their economy they won't admit to but brexit really has a effect on the 12 countries of Europe altogether and then we would be the director exit of anything that would take place in Europe what do you think will end up happening with the yellow vests but this out you know it's interesting that only in Austria have you got a political party now in power that is directly opposed to the EU the freedom party was robbed of an election to make sure they didn't get power but an ally of the free a more mainstream version ended up getting elected in Austria and he ends up being having about the same program as the freedom party and so the EU is just livid it's it'll be interesting to see how long he lasts but you look at the National Front in France which has not been allowed to ever be a majority brutal even though it's pulling as the largest party the others gang up against it in in Britain for example there's a hard brexit coming in March 29 I predict that Parliament will postpone that deadline and then allow them to call for new referendums will they try to talk to people with fear tactics into going against the brexit Scotland is probably already probable that we go against it as well as Northern Ireland so we'll see how that plays out but I'll tell you the the globalist don't take no for an answer these people are ruthless this is not just political this has got you know this is a real evil agenda I think the secret and EU army which is now being formed in public now it's being admitted in public is probably the seed stock for the global military government it's not NATO NATO's gonna be gone probably within a couple of years and superseded by the EU army but I think you know even Teresa may gave several hundred billion pounds to the EU and a secret sauce fund to help their part of pay for the EU army at the same time she was cutting British defense contracts because she claimed she didn't have enough money so where'd the money come from well they printed it of course but there are consequences for printing money in terms of inflation and other things and the fact it has on bond so you know they can't just print completing with abandon only the US can probably print with abandon because we've spread our money so far and wide over the world I mean when the 2000 year 2000 banking crisis hit Argentina over fifty billion dollars came out of the mattresses of Argentinians who have been squirreling away dollars and that savings happens in Iraq and Iran and every country of South America it's it's the reserve currency it probably dwarfs the petro dollar frankly to work much more is it interesting is the petrol live here Venezuela recently and stuff that's going on with Maduro behind the scenes I don't think he's got a chance I think his catch-22 was the people in Venezuela they seem to be all forward with their own but everyone else is against Maduro any no Maduro has lost the majority in Venezuela he used to have a majority of about 60% who were socialists and communists but he has I mean his Castro type version of socialism so decimated the country with hyperinflation he's turned most people so now it's about 70 percent against Maduro and about 30 percent hardcore communists that are with him but he went and / the military were actually shabbos started this purging the military of anyone who was right-wing or pro free markets or against communism so that right now that military's pretty radical is not the common soldier they're just peasants but the the mid-level and higher military all very much yes-man to this miserable gene so it's pretty hard to say you know how they would collapse I mean if Castro is able to hold on power with with terrible ratings and approval ratings of the dural can – unless the US is able to get in there and do some of their dirty tricks mm-hmm but it's a bad situation I ended up finding out that 80% of Venezuela's it's not only on the oil but not 80% for what 80% of the world's coltan supply coltan is going to end up being needed as a mineral equivalent to what the industrial uses for silver will be except it's used in a lot of supercomputers a lot of advanced I think will end up going to supersonic weaponry in the future and some of the technology in order to be used would have to use this mineral coltan they sit on 80% of the world's coltan supplies I think it's phenomenal and after knowing that against we've already known oils down there but I don't think that that's the main consequence of everything that's happening he has definitely ruined their economy and he's done a lot of bad bad things to the people I agree with you yeah normally I've been against you you know globalist intervention there are certain interventions you know that are really are an existential threat North Korea is an existential threat to the west and it needs to be taken care of Trump unfortunate is not gonna do that he has been flattered he has shown that he's completely subject to flattery both by President Xi Jinping of China who telegraphed that message to Kim flatter this guy and he'll be eating out of your hand the Trump is eating out of his hand despite being thumbed you know thumbing his nose at him on denuclearization but I can tell you the new North Korea is still building as we speak and nobody's building nuclear weapons it isn't going to use them someday so that trigger event is still alive and well with North Korea yeah I agree well we said we would kind of cut it short here towards the 30 minute mark can I ask one more question before we go yes everybody always asked me and I'm not as expert my expertise is and as large as yours were some of this I would like to ask you your thoughts on silver and gold I know brexit is going to play a huge role here before too much longer with some of the pricing coming up how bad do you think it will or won't get here the next year and a half well you know for almost a decade now civil and gold prices have been heavily manipulated downwards and the reason is is that your major stockpiles on their hands of central banks and for example the central banks actually sell on the open market to drive the price down and then they buy back in private there's a private line that isn't reported where they replenish their gold back so that's a mechanism you know there's other mechanism they used to falsify on the markets in London etc you know fixing the price of that but the big one is selling in public and buying back in private and not Reggie you can't beat that system that's why you know we've been real inflation has been seven to nine percent for the past 20 years Gold should be going at least that much and so I'm not enthusiastic about those say that gold and silver have to rise yes they should buy fundamental six should be rising but this manipulation is powerful and I I fear that it won't be allowed to rise I want to say something prior to more though to because I think cryptos are going to cease to be negotiable if the internet goes down and gold and silver will be very difficult to barter with just because nobody knows how to assay and sees a valid coin or not my brother who's a fairly wealthy individual an economist gives out tips in New York and other places cities of silver dollars and increasingly they don't recognize what it is no reputable I you know how do you get changed for a $1,200 or gold coins you don't so you're gonna end up losing a lot of value I recommend that most people accept for silver dollars which I still think is the best barter coin is not that expensive it's big shiny and beautiful probably the best sparkling but most of the larger demand denominations I believe you either convert to cash because once nuclear war starts government's not going to be printing a distributing government isn't going to be operating for quite a while in a grid down situation and so I think packets of gold k I mean a cold cash as worthless as they are it's the only thing that the dumbed down people recognize when it's gonna be able to buy an awful lot of stuff you know I would have to go along with that and this was something I had always been told while buying silver or golden know what you know Gold's only for a certain period of people but silver if you were going to in cash would be king for the first one three weeks to a month in some sort of real crises well we may we're probably going to see a grid down situation for at least six months in an EMP strike and it could last as a year I think we'll have famine up to a year and that means within three days they're gonna have the start of pillaging it'll start moving out in waves being absorbed into the suburbs it won't get out of the rural areas until after the suburbs have been pillaged but that's why in my book strategic relocation I talk about the main enemy is not the weapons themselves it is population density it's what masses of starving people are going to do that you simply cannot counteract you don't have enough ammunition of guns to everybody who's trying to pillage there's you know I talked about in my books about having concealed safe rooms that you can get out of the way so that you don't have to confront if you don't wish to how to have a retreat what are the best places to set those up so these these tragic events on unfortunate are going to happen as I think you know and so I think it behooves people to get prepared in a much more serious way than just a little food water and fuel I would have to agree on every single thing you've just said so it was pretty good thank you for coming on the show if there's anything you'd like to add I I mean you're more than welcome to I'll definitely link your website down in the description box below for the people to see if you would please tell them the name of your book again and where they could get it okay the I have three books in the preparedness realm strategic relocation North American guide to safe places the secure home this is my big 700 page book on how to do everything inside and a smaller book which is probably the cheapest way for people to get a safe room in a home that has a basement an existing house is called the high-security shelter book and each of these books have big appendices with lots of hard to find sources about equipment to buy etcetera all of these are available at my website Joel Skousen dot-com that's sko us am calm or amazon and my world affairs brief is found on world affairs brief calm my weekly news analysis where I talk about what the deep state is really doing to us in society that's pretty interesting I saw that on your website and I would anybody that ends up getting to the end of this video if you yeah I definitely check out his website if I thought it wouldn't be worth checking out like after you but I do think it is something you guys should at least take a look at and review for yourself okay let me just interject people could get a free sample copy of my world affairs brief just by emailing me at editor at world affairs brief calm pretty good thank you sir thank you for coming on today my pleasure Ben

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  22. North Korea isn't going to start anything. Everyone is not paying enough attention to what's happening between Iran and Israel, through Syria. Guess the six day war did not teach any of those folks the lesson that GOD is on the side of Israel. I am not a Christian or a Jew, nor do I live in the USA or Israel. I am a psychic medium and know there is a civil war coming to Europe (predicted Paris riots in August 2016) and that the third world war is going to happen where we least expect it and I am paying special attention to Israel and Iran's skirmish. This could turn into a problem. North Korea is fine. Nothing is going to happen there and both countries will be combined with the South leading.

  23. President Maduro had his economy sabotaged by USA engineering. Why would Skousen be for stealing gold, oil and minerals needed in high technology? I'm not trusting his judgement on Venezuela. Wall Street is behind this overthrow of President Maduro and their free elections.

  24. Sounds like 90% BS to me. If there is a nuclear war, both sides will be in the same room peacefully planning it against their own people. People the world over will do whatever they are told by the media. Getting a group of opposition together is impossible now that we are so divided. There is no truth, just an ocean of misinformation. Checkmate.

  25. Everybody either doesn’t know or ignores the fact that communism, the Bolshevik revolution etc etc, is a creation of the banking families. Rockefeller bankrolled the Bolsheviks in the exact same way that Soros bankrolls Assholes. It’s all planned and orchestrated by the ultra elite Satan worshipping bloodline families.
    G Edward Griffin wrote the book The Creature From Jekyll Island. A must read for everyone.

  26. Hi Ben, great info ! If you interview Eric Dollard, he can explain how an EMP attack could kill millions inside their own homes especially in the USA in detail, he is a Tesla American electrical RF engineer scientist. He was able to sense AI in the electric lines…Just sharing, thanks !

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