29 thoughts on “Al Gore Analysis: XRP 4 Bursts To As Much As $200 And Ripple”

  1. Digital partnerships, and Global Custody heads…. at Bank of New York Mellon? How many banks are DOING this stuff, and not getting on to our radar? What's CitiGroup doing? They MUST know that the correspondent bank relationship 'game' is up, and that SWIFT will be beaten by several others: R3 Cordia Settler, xRapid inside xCurrent 4.0, etc., yada yada…….. 😉 😉

  2. XRP?!?! BWAHAHAHA!!! Total shit. The whole world rallies and this turd is still at .40!!! If you own this and don’t realize it’s a complete scam and POS you’re a hopeless retard.

  3. (42,116,677,673 XRP circulating supply)
    (100,000,000,000 XRP Max Supply) they literally sell 10 million coins every month just to keep the power on you think this will go up in price hah.

  4. You took one hell of a gamble on credibility by even providing this guy a platform. I have to say that this guy seems unstable, perhaps eccentric but certainly not trustworthy. I have sat and observed this guys comments and I'm sorry to say that they just dont add up, he is however super confident but his opinions and judgements lack credibility, they are just "his algo" whatever that means.

  5. This guys predictions are good. I've made some serious money 2 years ago in crypto.. and the algos I used are similar to this guys. I bought ethereum at $2.31??

  6. Anyone who even remotely believes in these youtubers needs to have their head examined. I listen to most of these videos ( on my commute) and 90% of them are just wrong in most aspects. Just listen back to any video a month or so old and you will start to realise this. People need to understand, these guys just have click bait titles, ridiculous predictions to get subs etc….

  7. statistically speaking this guy has 0% chance of success with his predictions and 99% chance of being a nut case. saying there is an algorithm doesnt mean anything. I can post a similar video – it doesnt make me a prophet.

  8. Disappointed that you are drawing attention to the Awake handle- if you know anything about technical analysis, you would know he has no business making those kind of calls. This is far from "intelligent". Hope you focus back on more credible work and news

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