18 thoughts on “AION Bridging Crypto $400 to $111k in Q2 '18 – ADA Cardano First Update 1.1”

  1. AION, ICON and CARDANO are Blockchain 3.0

    Plumber talking about a $50 investment I only had $24 back in 2016-2017

    I bought 4,000 XRP @$0.005 and told everyone a BOOM was coming on 2017 so I HODL and on Dec 2017-Jan 2018 XRP hit over $3.50 I sold and made more investments

    The same ROI is making me more money now

  2. I purchased MINT on cryptopia weeks ago and then moved them to coin exchange bc they sell for more on coin exchange.. I’m gonna hold them for a long time

  3. YES!!! I bought ADA using cryptoXchanger (using your instructions (awesome)). Cardano simply landed in my daedalus wallet.
    i will check out AION

  4. The math in that article was wrong if aion does go to 330 billion it wouldn't turn 400 into over 100,000 if it goes to 230 billion marketcap you would turn 400 to 40,000. No idea how he messed that up

  5. Your right Plumber, if I would have left all my cash in Alts I would have done really well. Still have some LTC left I bought @42 still up going in on alts some BTC which eventually all will return, & probably exceed their highest price. Everyone needs to just buy & hold patience is the difference between a loss & a win!

  6. Wow! So Oracle Crypto B̶a̶l̶l̶e̶r̶ Scammer is trying to look out for your best interest. Can someone please get this nut bag a psychiatric evaluation and committed involuntarily to mental hospital.

    I totally agree with you on Cardano & MintCoin. Thanks for Aion I'm going to do my due diligence on that one right now. Any views on Polymath?

  7. Electraproject.org (Be your Bank)
    ECA coin = $0.0007 (10.000% profits since July, 2017)
    Proof of Stake/Atomic Swap

  8. Posted that win on my Instagram an facebook hopefully they come check your channel out i see you goin big this year bro

  9. YES YES YES YES IM FIRST!!!!!🍩🍩🔮🔮

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