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  1. What’s up GV Nation 👋 Just seeing this video 3 years later on 9/21/19 but oh my what a difference and shift it’s made for me TODAY!! My biggest takeaway and what has stuck and resonates with me is don’t spend a lot of time to create, just DOCUMENT! Mind blown 🤯 Thanks Gary V and the GV Team. 🙏🏽

  2. The point I took away from this is that humans are social creatures, and we want to feel related and connected to each other on any scale,

    and when we as individuals share and expose the vulnerable aspect of who we are inform of content, I.e Documenting the truth rather than creating a false reality … This is is when we develop a connection with the world.

  3. START, don't think! Have your minimum viable product, get it out there, refine, improve along the way. I think there's no such thing as perfection. TODAY!

  4. I hate to say this but most of these kids have no idea. I feel like their ambitions are legit but ??? They think that Gary’s success is a formula (which it is ! But it’s Gary’s formula) make your own !! Do you! Also , maybe you’re not ready to be an entrepreneur. Live and learn , then sell and build .. what’s the point of trying to build if you can’t run yet . Learn how to crawl while you keep your eye on the marathon ..

  5. Fuck it, I want to be rich, I want to prosper. I ain’t making excuses. Either you will help me, or you won’t. Either way, I’m going to get it. @Garyvee.

  6. Starting from scratch and as a biker attorney I struggle with the balance of professionalism vs the rough biker image. I got that I need to be myself and place content out there sell the sellable and walk away from the un-sellable. I am not the best attorney, but I am not the worst biker. I have been listening so what I got from this specific video is just shut up and do it! Be visable………. Thinking about the 4-D's – might buy the tix and make it happen.

  7. #1 Take away: I'm gonna create content and bring value to people on my page and document the journey of creating music from the heart; from my heart! And thinking of my page like programing (Mondays Odd Corner or for me maybe Mondays are Original Songs I'm working on; Tuesdays are sharing my videos from Smule collabs, Wednesday peek at what I'm doing or learning business wise) bringing people on the journey and helping people who are starving for connecting and starving for joy. My dad passed away over two years ago at 61 and I thought, "Life is so short and he didn't do a thing he wanted to." And yet here I am with that same attitude: if only I had the money I could make the record and get it out there and build my fan base, start making money from selling music and licensing it on film or tv, selling merch, but always "experiencing" set backs: we had a crisis in the family, we've gotta pay for treatments, we're barely able to pay for rent this month; and then feeling like WTF. The shift is attitude and perspective: make it happen instead of waiting for things to be right to make it happen. That's what I'm hearing.

  8. I was watching this and my roommate came in so we're doing a double takeaway. What stuck to me the most is GO GO GO. We always need to be moving and on our feet and communicating with people. Ideas aren't shit, words aren't shit, you can say anything you want to but it doesn't mean jack till you actually have a foundation to stand on. My roommates takeaway was much the same, instead of talking about the fight, or watching the fight we need to join it and start throwing punches.

  9. Gary I need to write you. I don't want to wait or put it off because I'm 40 years old and need to figure it out. Please if I could get your email so that I can let you know my situation and get some inspiration to be happy and strong enough to push on so that I can succeed for myself. I'm so insecure and spent my life with my head down and worrying about what people thought and I need my ass kicked so that I can stop fucking around and start living.

  10. Ideas are shit, distribution over creation. Being creative is great when you have built a foundation and have the resources to do so. Documenting and leaving the raw entity that you have created is something most people are not willing to do. I feel like I have been wired to put on this persona that I am someone that has accomplished shit when that is so far from the truth. Being vulnerable and decisive just gives me anxiety and that is whats holding me back. Enjoy being the person that stands out because 10/10 the people you are trying to fit in with or impress would envy you for being your 100% raw self. Learn to look failure in the eyes and defeat it.

  11. Tbh the whole video was a gem and i wrote down a lot of info. But you ended on such a powerful note !


    THAT HIT ME SOO HARRRD!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. GARYVEE IS THE MANNN! I've taken all of Gary's advise, jumped out my Comfort zone and now I am on target to make a million! I've even just created a YouTube Channel to follow my progress, my last video was due to drop hours ago. I would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out peace

  13. i don't need to push myself to criate a show. My real lyfe actually is the best show. So, I just need to put myself in position and show up. This will bring a lot more value to the people instead of a lot of good fake phrases and cliches. Talk about the process.

  14. Am not gonna write shit or any takeaway, I just executed. I started my own podcast on anchor, and I post every day a new creative shit. Self care queenz on self awareness and the practical side of it

  15. biggest take away – You have no excuse as a young person in today's era to be doing nothing or thinking that you cant impact at any time. Also to know yourself and what you"re capable of achieving before making creating a team your main priority

  16. Knowing who you are vs who you want to be. We all perceive ourselves in favorable light. You gotta hold you accountable but also make time for life.

  17. that last bit saying "ideas are shit, execution is the game". I spent months with close friends trying to start a media and event planning group and the lead person would host link-ups at our expense sit around drink and talk ideas all day or night then nothing would take motion but we'd sit around on tons of ideas and whenever someone else took action in our city and did something or hosted an event they'd just sit around and complain that people are stealing their ideas. so that really stood out to me that one phrase really gave me visualization of the time we can waste thinking and perfecting ideas without any detail on how we're gonna actually get shit done. -Jordan from Ocho Rios Jamaica.

  18. my biggest take way from this is you are never going to get anywhere with just LUCK. Yes, luck is a great thing when it happens to you, but like you said LUCK is BS…. it isn't real. Luck is just another way of saying, "your taking a step in the right direction" because whether or not you want to self-inflate or credit your postive results to external means…. you, the individual put yourself in a position to succeed. So instead of noting your good fortune to LUCK you should instead credit it to your willingness to take a chance and be opportunistic at that moment. It is so easy to walk away from a great opportunity simply because you are scared of rejection, or failure but you made it clear in this video that in order for success to occur you HAVE TO stick your neck out. You cannot cower away and expect that the opportunity to present itself again because it most likely won't.

    I myself am in the process of starting my own photography business, and this video really helped get motivated again. I found myslef in a spot where I was lacking drive, and creativity but this has me back on track and so for that, I thank you very much, Gary Vee. (sorry the adderall has me talking….. GO JETS!)

  19. Biggest takeaway in 2019: You can have all the ideas in the world but they don’t mean anything without execution. Just do something and see what happens!!!

  20. Biggest take away was documenting the journery over creating the content.That way it's real and raw and relatable and you WIN!

  21. Yeah. I think I'm too overthink about doing anything that's why I always get too paranoid of doing any of my youtube project and I never give the best that I have. Thanx a lot Gary 👍👍

  22. My biggest takeaway is just doing what feels right to myself and nothing else, not trying to be something that I’m not and really expanding on the things that matter to me. Putting my head down and only working on not only my craft, but myself as well.

  23. Old video but fuck it, i'd say the big takeaway is to start and not to think. Failing is part of the process, but if you keep thinking too long about how to do it perfect the first time, you'll never start.

  24. The biggest take away was questioning myself. Do I know myself and am I fronting because I feel like I have to or because that who I am?

  25. So much good in this video! Thanks for sharing the full clip!

    #1 takeaway was to DEFINE the business to show exactly what people are investing in. Then put that into business words.

    So, for me, it would be accurately putting into words what my marketing agency is, where it is, and how, specifically, it generates its revenue. (And putting it in terms of growth, profits, revenue, and all that jazz.)

    For me, I have the creativity and science down pat. I need to work on the business aspect, so this nugget is INVALUABLE to me, and I'd love more content about actually going about defining the business and putting into business lingo.

    Another takeaway that was especially important that made me do a happy dance — while driving, no less! — was to create the structure from the top then create the content in that framework.

    And that level of strategy is exactly what I LOVE doing! Glad to know I'm on the right track here!

  26. What I got out of this was how to word things, to be more real and basically not come across as a total know it all, even if you think you do know it all 🙂

  27. Outstanding stuff man. Number one thing is to post stuff out there as much as you can, don't plan too much just do it and keep doing it the more you have the more people might or will see!
    The only thing is that I work full time and do my business on my spare time probably 3 to 4 hours every single day, by managing my website and post some stuff. Only stared a week ago but I do really want to get big and eventually just do my own stuff.

    Thank you for all the content and advices you put out here and everywhere it's awesome stuff and really love it. Thanks man

  28. This video was created uploaded in 2016.. Just think about that.. When you watch this.. Gary Vee mentions he just hired a full time person to follow with him with a camera

  29. Just keep at it. Never Quit!!! But what if creation is the Name of my Game? Still just document behind the scenes? #AskGaryVee

  30. What I got from this is the simple fact that you will always be your biggest resource/asset. You might have all the ideas and plans in the world but without working on yourself, your ideas and dreams will die with you. Without the ability and confidence to believe in yourself, your executions will always be lacking.

  31. The biggest takeaway for me was to just do do do, explore your ideas and stop overthinking everything and putting things off.

  32. Gary,
    The one thing that was in my ear the whole time was, be true to yourself, find your center, and the world will open up to you.

  33. #1 takeaway: Put in work, Do More work and keep creating, keep inovating new ideas, Thinking is a waste of time just execute.

  34. I love this video because I feel like your describing every lesson I have came to learn. Theres no use and having the most positive intentions in the world if you do not have action behind it. You have to know who you are and where you want to be. Be willing to keep going no matter what, just get out there and try. Excuses just get in the way so keep it moving. I barely seen like 3 videos of this man and I'm hooked

  35. The way you provide value through your podcasts with thinking about the audience and answering questions of the person or people you are with is my take away. You mentioned how other people just interview people so they dont have to do the work. I now understand more why your podcast is the best!

  36. Execute! Someone will click with your content. So many people are talking about their success. Document the journey and it will click with a community and bring you too success! Thanks Gary for keeping us motivated! from small town Texas!

  37. The fact that you advised to post on social media often, make it like a TV show, just gives me inspiration also how ideas aren’t much unless you’re executing ❗️

  38. The number one take away I got from this video is that people ponder and have ideas and think but don’t start the process.

  39. Out of all the videos Gary has put out, I come back to this one over and over again. It resonates with me. The first time I watched it in 2016 a lot of the stuff he said kind of went over my head. After grinding as a creator for the last few years I come back to this video every few months. And stuff is starting to really click. Especially when he talks about money. "I'll give you money, whaddya got?" I never really got it until now. This is by far one of the most valuable videos on the internet to me.

  40. Number One thing for me was to Package yourself. You can only sell yourself to a certain degree for community building purposes but if you are trying to make a living you have to have something that others can invest in. The Moment you said , "When you have money and you are looking to invest what are you selling?" That hit me hard. I feel that we are so much in our own heads strategizing that we don't actually create something that others can attach onto. Thanks Gary!

  41. I took away the idea of not creating but documenting. Hearing that bounce around in my head made me see that documenting will humble you to see your growth as a whole. By documenting you can see the change in yourself as you keep going. And you can even see that in you Gary since you started all this going for yourself.

  42. Biggest takeaway: Dont think in a team if you dont have your shit togheter, it all comes round with that; you need to be worthy of respect to have a team that follows and respect you.

  43. “ IDEAS ARE SHIT, EXECUTION IS THE GAME”. Those last words really spoke to me! Cause the stuff ive experienced through life i always say “ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”!

  44. Talk about/document The Journey towards your goal. That inspired me alot and i think that is what its all about.

    Thank you Gary

  45. IDEAS SUCK!!! Execution is everything… Hitting deep man. I'm going to stop brainstorming and start turning the camera on. Love you Gary ❤️🙌

  46. I agree with Vida Veagana’s two points and the third is get your shit together before you build a team…be yourself and having self awareness is frickin important which lacks in our world bc it’s easier to blame other things/situations when shit doesn’t go well for us or if we don’t have the courage to just start doing shit.

  47. Yeah the do it don't just think about it part, is a message of so much value, it's the point of movement from safe or calm to risk and potential success or failure but even you outlook on failure makes it seem more like really just another opportunity. I gotta say it's been sincerely inspiring watching you videos

  48. I've been playing music half my life and have felt like thats what my life should revolve around. What I got from this video is that I dont have to be what I expect myself to be, I just need to do things and create things that will eventually define me. I'm on a soulful journey, trying to get in touch with myself, when I havent even done enough in my life to truely know who I am, or where I want to be.

  49. I dont need to create all the time, but document. There are so many contents around our lives, we are just too blinded by fanciness of creation.

  50. The biggest take I've got from this interview is in order to play the game you need to show up! Instead of thinking your way into what you need is that you need to start doing! Observe v create, open room for dialogue with others, be present and real, instead of fronting. That ties in with think v doing

  51. Many people have a vision, but turning that vision into something concrete, and building on that no matter what is how you really build something.

  52. Many inspiring ideas. One takeaway was to be myself and to tell my story on socials in order to promote my music. Don’t pretend to be this amazing established rapper, because I’m not. Be open and real with people so that they can come on this journey with the real me not an illusion.

  53. Execution is everything, even when you fail at a point , you still end up winning because you learn and make it right the next time.

  54. My main take away from this video is “If you can’t create, DISTRIBUTE”. I love learning but not as much as informing others it’s a thrill to know you added data to another just by knowing something they didn’t know or already knew you just broke it down in layman terms. I was taught the library of knowledge is free and is to be shared with all. I have a bachelors in sociology and my goal is to open a non profit to not only inform but elevate the mind. Anticipate my dissertation, I would greatly appreciate it. #AskGaryVee

  55. The biggest takeaway for me was to create content from the top down. Instead of trying to be uniquely creative day by day, pick a thing and just make everytime. Writing a blog post, recording a podcast, interviewing strangers or whatever. Have fun and make make make.

  56. Thanks Gary for your authentic videos!!! This may be a long shot but I really hope you see this #AskGaryVee … I am a personal trainer in London doing 1-to-1 personal training but I keep feeling that this might not be for me and i begun looking for a career in regulatory affairs in pharmaceuticals . At the same time there is a voice at the back if my mind that says " what if you haven't explored all the possibilities and you might miss out if you switch careers now". this drowns my motivation to do anything. So my question is when do you understand that what you chose to follow is what you actually are and not what the media/parents burnt into your subconscious?
    I am really struggling to the point of depression so any advice or constructive criticism might be my wake up call!
    Zacharias (Zach)

  57. My biggest take away is to find ways to do it! Expand your vision of what it means to do your "thing" and do it… Just do it.. And be as honest as you possibly can be with yourself while doing it. I love the quote @the beginning "you should just do stuff for 3yrs straight, because you already know what filling journals is like" Also the part about creating pillars to create under and pull content from was great!

  58. Powerful!! Man, I would love to be on your show.

    Your point with the truth and documenting the journey was exactly my thought going into this year when I knew I would make the relentless move back to my calling. Phenomenal!

    Grateful to you, Gary V !!

  59. Thanks man, I'm. Really inspired by your content.. I'm. Struggling exactly with the things you talk about.. I should just go out there and do my thing, inspire people with my talent because I have something big to share with the world. I should not be afraid of making mistakes, just go out there.. Making videos and talk, and indeed if I don't have anything to say I should interview people and ask them questions, they will answer I'm sure of it, so thanks for the motivation, really appreciate it!

  60. 1 of the key takeaways is just do it! In order to get things done you have to hold yourself accountable. You have control over what you put out!

  61. I think the "know yourself" is what sticks to me as the biggest takeaway as, I feel like the person I was before remains a mirage. Mirage in the french definition, "to look and wonder at", all I ever did was think and do less and less because I feared taking risks. Right now I'm working toward making long-form content which will take plenty of time but I am more than willing to put the work into. While some of it I will hold-back for the sake of documentation and easy public access, others I will express myself much better. This one video I've been working on since February is nearly done in terms of script and I feel much more confident now than I did in those months, merely being carried by the river of time. There is something about finding people, talking to them, asking questions, and exploring different view points along with lengthy analysis that makes me feel full. Not just in the same fullness of eating pizza, a genuine satisfaction I don't think sex will ever do.
    I was recommended to watch this channel and this is the third video I've watched so far… I'm going to continue watching more so that I may improve myself and figure out which sides of myself are too jagged or tempered in need of relief.

  62. The #1 thing for me was developing a plan and structure for content creation. #2 was doesn't always have to be from me- this was a business course on its own- I am an introvert and have no idea how I will create tons of content, but with a structure it will spur my creativity and I will find a way- 62 years young and ready to kick ass and take names

  63. Action, I spent the video, subscribing to instagram, because I've recently heard it's a great platform for guitarists (thanks to Rick Beato)
    I've been prevaricating over whether to start a podcast or a social media show of some sort, the biggest take away from what Gary said was to tell ones own story, many thanks. Instagram, camscottmusician.

  64. Biggest takeaway: if you’re not making something you’re wrong. I need to build my confidence by putting my thoughts and ideas out so I can learn what I actually have to offer and build myself up along the way.

  65. Biggest takeaway was to be genuine, with yourself, with the content, with everything that I am doing. When you can’t find that motivation to create, there is another way to continue that momentum. Life is always gonna be a climb up and if I genuine about the battle to get to where I’m going, when I get there everything I was looking for was already in me. Thanks Gary Vee, this videos help out a lot especially for us younger minds !

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