Adoption of Cryptocurrency with Jon Najarian and Charlie Shrem

Hello, Jon Najarian here with Charlie
Shrem. And Charlie, you can’t tune it into a television network these days and not
hear a discussion about Bitcoin and crypto. So tell us where you think we are
as far as mass adoption of these technologies. Charlie: I still think that we are in the first inning here. This is relatively early adoption stage, but we
are seeing somewhat of a turning point I think going for maybe the first to the
second inning. In the early days of crypto we have to go to like a
supermarket and beg them to accept crypto. We’d have to explain to them and
we’d have to turn them and that’s how you know like Dell and some of these
major company started accepting Bitcoin when Bitcoiners would go and
meet them and convince them and bring them to our side. Now what
we’re seeing with people like Mark Cuban is these people are turning
cryptocurrency enthusiasts on their own and then because they own big
companies they’re gonna say I want to start accepting crypto. Mark fell in love
with crypto on his own and he said he woke up one day he says you know what I’m
gonna have my team the Mavericks a major NBA team decide to accept cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and so that’s the adoption curve we’re seeing now. Then further, it’s not just a United States-based thing it’s not a local thing it’s a global thing. I was just in South Africa and there are companies there and stores there that
accept Bitcoin just as quick as there are stores that accept Bitcoin down here
in Florida. It’s happening on a global scale at the same time it’s not
happening locally in one country first so it’s gonna be a lot quicker but it’s
also still very early days very new but it’s very exciting because as it grows
it becomes more legitimate. It’s become stable and scalable and people love it
and it’s exciting and it’s one of the most amazing technologies and
single-handedly probably the greatest invention in our lifetime is cryptocurrency

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