41 thoughts on “AdBank – Disrupting the Advertising Industry”

  1. Great video Lark. Found your channel thru AdBank and Angelo sounds like a very genuine guy who believes in the mission and vision of AdBank (which may be obvious but sometimes, it's not always so straight forward).

  2. Lark, another excellent interview with a very intriguing blockchain project. Great job. This looks like a solid team taking on a huge industry ripe for disruption. Plus, they are Canadians with a sense of humor, eh!


  3. I have been holding Adbank for awhile. Thanks for the content! I would value more. Just saying. 0x94D26dc11FBF751A85d6ecBA11efac3d7053712D

  4. Love From Pakistan to Crypto lark and adbank.And adbank good job and initiative.0x2e4196FC9083778731053cc8E4c4030D8eEE4951

  5. Haha agreed, funny ico ad! Thanks for all your content Lark!

  6. Iโ€™ve seen adbank doing some good PR actually!


  7. Wow i can make money on adds nice nice interview with adbank 0x8a2C04299F5376BeEaffd017ce91EA59477aeD41

  8. Great project, we need disruptors likeAdbank in the advertising space. Long live the blockchain.

  9. Hi, Luv keepin up with your channel, keep up the great work. Also AdBank is an awesome project, been looking to get involved..


  10. its better than money in the bank just hodl, adbank wil be interesting indeed.

  11. Great information. Answers a lot of questions. Yet another great interview.
    Look forward to watching your videos all the time. My daily Crypto fix!


    There will always be a potential market for Ads but AdBank seem to be thinking like Google, and their model is exciting. HODL.

  12. Thank you. Interesting project and their approach. Good presenter! Great interview !

  13. Fabulous project ..
    I hope they do well…
    we need solutions like this

  14. Great interview as always, Lark. Massive opportunity in eliminating ad fraud and providing alternatives to high cost networks. Very impressed with the AdBank team and excited to see how this project grows.

  15. AdBank's Ad was so funny and refreshing for an ICO Ad Campaign. Thanks for the interview Lark.

  16. Love that I have seen Gary V behind this. Best videos around Lark !


  17. I am really curious how will they compete with the Basic Attention Token project?


  18. really like the quality of your videos ! keep up the good work !

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