Act 20 22 & Puerto Rico Life update – Long time no chat huh…

what's up everybody a long time no chat I just first want to thank anybody who's watching this video most likely you subscribe to my channel my Joey rocket Kryptos youtube channel and you know I haven't been released in much crypto videos I've been doing other projects and I don't want to I don't want to annoy you by releasing stuff and trying to like force you to watch content that's non crypto related you know because I've come across some crypto channels that have done that and I don't want to be that guy I think that's kind of rude alright because you subscribe for crypto content not for beach content or reviews on something or you know I don't know yeah I've been doing a lot of different projects working with nonprofit organizations and I just don't want to flood my you know my my crypto page and try to like force other stuff you know on you guys so but yeah as you know crypto starting to do better which is awesome you know my portfolio is looking a little better you know it's been tough mm-hmm surviving this crypto winter it's been real tough I did not sell enough at the top and yeah I just you know I got annihilate it plain and simple I got annihilate it and I learned a lot of lessons too you know just like many other people and and including probably you that that's watching this you know we learned a lot of lessons but I tell you one thing like I have even though I have it made crypto videos like I have still been paying close attention you know for a while I stopped making videos and I was just mostly just trading trading trading trading and like taking courses and learning how to trade right and then I was doing that and I did good I did bad I you know up and downs I made some great calls I made some crappy calls overall I think I'm in a good place for the next you know crypto boom which it you know I think it's coming soon by the way in regard to what we're looking at right now I just want to warm people like keep your heads up in regard to like or keep your eyes out in regard to another dump coming and I definitely don't want to be mr. naysayer right but you know one thing I've learned throughout this bear market is like and and all the research I've done in the process is you know kryptos crazy man and and and the whales they make things happen you know they make things happen in regard to making price fluctuate or making it go up and down you know it's you know obviously or I shouldn't say obviously but what I should say is now a lot of its stuff is obvious to me as far as their patterns and the way they move and the way they act it wasn't as obvious to me you know a year ago because I was still going through the learning process but you know I definitely I still have a lot to learn you know this this this uh this cycle has been a wake-up call for me I learned a massive amount in a short period of time and you know so I feel good about that but you know obviously I feel crappy about some things too I mean there are some things like it's it's tough you know making videos and talking about your experiences because people you know they're gonna jump into other things that you know you that you get excited about so right now I'm excited about token pay right some people jumped in token pay with me they rode it all the way down like I did and you know I think one thing I'm decent at is letting people know like the risks of things and pretty much everybody that I know wrote it down with me I mean we all didn't maybe expected to get as low but we all didn't like we didn't bet the house on it you know so we're all ready to ride it out you know there's my point but yeah anyway you know as a person making videos you know it's it's it's tricky because you don't want like I mean if you're making money and you're doing well off of something like token pay as an example you know you you want to show that excitement right you wanna you want other people to do well as well with you right and and but when it starts to go down you you if you got a conscious you're gonna feel bad right unless unless you know for a fact that they know 100% what they're getting into then you know you're gonna worry about them and you know worry about how they're doing and worry about how their investment went for them and if they got out and stuff like that so anyway it can be tricky you know but overall you know I I feel good about the place that I'm in right now as far as you know just where my crypto portfolio is it's not amazing it needs a lot of work and I'm gonna have to keep pushing and keep you know keep working towards you know building it I'm not going to just be able to huddle and hope that everything's great now I'm gonna have to work and also you know keep pushing myself to to make appropriate trades and and build my portfolio and get in on things early and that kind of stuff so I have a lot of work to do but you know I'm happy you know I it's been a crazy situation cuz yeah like you see behind me palm trees and a beach you know and looks amazing but yeah I mean I'm still struggling I got my ass handed to me I got beat up bad I mean there are so many things I haven't been able to do that I would love love to do like travel go back to see my family things like that you know just you know nothing crazy I still haven't even bought a car here yet I could but I don't I just want to push my luck you know and I don't want to spend any cash I don't have to and I don't need a car right now where I live so I'm just not doing it it'd be nice but but that's where I'm at you know I'm not not balling I'm not Bitcoin balling not at all I'm watching I'm watching and counting the pennies you know and and watching my investments you know but yeah I do I do really miss you know making videos about crypto and talking about crypto there's I mean I can't even count how many times I go throughout a month where I'm like I should make a video on this and talk about this but it's just like it's it's a lot more work than most people think especially when you're when you would like to edit you know and I like to edit but you know preparing for the videos answering all the questions in the comments and you know it's it's very time consuming and and you know one thing I can say is I got a I got a whole new respect for the og crypto youtubers that have survived the crypto winter and you know kept their pages going and kept making videos because it's hard you know I know a lot of them like it's literally their job like you know they get sponsors and and you know they do paid interviews and zero against any of that but yeah that makes it easier right because if you can earn a living off of it then you don't have to worry about oh I need to go do this because so I can make money off this to pay my rent right if you're if you can make them you can make money off doing crypto videos and you know get paid sponsors and things like that then it's a lot less pressure as what I'm saying so but anyway yeah you know I I got a lot of lot more respect for the people who the youtubers that have survived the crypto winter with their channels and didn't give up and quit like me you know I mean I wouldn't say I quit but yeah I mean it's pretty close I guess you could say I temporarily quit but I didn't I don't know it's hard to explain like I never mentally clear like I was never like I don't want to make any more videos this is screwed you know screw this this is crypto sucks I never did that like some people I noticed did I've been wanting to make videos like I get the urge all the time too but I just haven't anyways um I'll share the view cuz I know looking at me gets old but yeah that's that's condado condado and San Juan I'll show you this area so I don't know if you could see it with those parasailers everywhere not Paris Aires kiteboarders so we've got kiteboarder they're there they're there and they're there and they're there's a bunch of them out today but yeah I'm an awesome place I'm very fortunate to to live close by but yeah man things have been tough things have been things have been hard man this has been a hard crypto winter but at the same time like I've been very fortunate because I've been able to focus on other things like helping nonprofits and working with them by the way yeah follow Joey Rocket films that's where I release more content you know if if you're if you're cool with Joey Rocket kryptos and you enjoy watching my content and you don't only have to watch crypto content because I know that's how I am like there's some crypto youtubers like I'll watch other videos that they make that aren't necessarily related crypto just because I enjoy watching them so if you're kind of one of those peep check out Joey Rocket films that's my that's my pretty much everything I make goes into that channel I never really attempt to make that channel blow up or get big it's a small channel it's like where I jump all my projects like some of them I won't even give the right name because I don't want to take away Google search results from the people who on making the video with or for so but yeah that's that you know that I've been doing some vlogging and uploading it there so you can check that one out if you like and yeah I do want to start making more crypto videos hopefully I get to a better place I want to get a little studio I just can't afford to be you know to do it to be blunt right now but that is a huge desire of mine I want to do interviews with people because there's a lot of awesome crypto stuff happening on the island here in Puerto Rico there's like a ton they have crypto meetups all the time and like the space is just right with with a lot of like really smart people that are heading up projects and startups and there's so much I want to talk about I'm kind of confused to be honest whether I which channel to upload it all to to you know because I don't know like it's just tricky my Jo at Rocky films is more of like everything except for crypto really and then obviously the Kryptos is only crypto and then I have Puerto Rico is love which is only Puerto Rico stuff anything related to Puerto Rico I upload to that so I have three channels right now that I'm working with but I almost want to put it all into one and just see where the chips fall but I don't know I'll figure it out but yeah my point is is that there's awesome stuff going on here in Puerto Rico I came here as you guys know about a year ago and in one month it'll be a year and the goal was to you know obviously I'm an act 22 person so the goal was to you know to save some dough on taxes honestly that's costing me more money than its you know done for me as far as profit-wise goes but that's okay because you know when I did it I figured I'd do it for the long run so maybe it'll work out for me in the long run if not either way you know I love I love move you know that I love that I moved here but I've always wanted to move here act 22 was just something that really gave me a bit of incentive so Hurricane Maria and act 22 are the two things that really gave me incentive to come here and to finally do it you know cuz half my family's Puerto Rican I'm half Puerto Rican and I've always wanted to learn the language and I wanted to help you know I wanted to help with hurricane relief and I'm still doing that to this day I started doing it even before I moved here I started doing it March of last year yeah March of last year when I came down for the conference what was it blockchain unbound conference and then I went back home packed my stuff long story short and then moved down and then I picked it back up when I got here nah I haven't done as much as I would like to but you know I I've continued to do it and I'm and I'm I'm happy about it you know I want to do more I want to do so much more but oh yeah also I'm working on a project called Scott the playas Patinkin and I'm super excited I'm gonna be releasing the video soon we are gonna be releasing it soon so I'm pumped about that so if you are interested in Puerto Rico content cuz I know some of you guys who subscribe to this channel subscribe because I started putting a lot of the puerto rico videos up when i moved here so anyway those of you that are interested you might want to keep an eye out because i'm gonna upload that i don't really have intention than uploading it to this channel because it's not at all related to crypto well I shouldn't say that man it really is now that I think about it it is related to crypto because many of the people or whatever the people on the team came to Puerto Rico because of crypto so yeah it is related now that I think about that it there is I'm one of them you know so yeah there is a correlation between the two but yeah so obviously I'm rambling I have tons of stuff on my mind you know I don't want to keep this video too long but at the same time I just kind of wanted to share what's going on with me and don't matter if one people watch it or 100 people watch it you know I know that I have a small audience and and I just wanted to touch base with you guys and chat with you about what's going on with me what's new where I'm at and what else what else can i chat about yeah it's been crazy man crypto crypto crypto has been nuts it's been nuts it's doing well right now so it's nice I didn't expect this boom like right now I thought we might go back down and then come up this high but we're getting close to the sixth one eighth Fibonacci level which you know I've been eyeballing for a long time like because if you go back right and you look at if you go back to the height of 2018 yeah 2018 and you go to the peaks and then you go to the retracement or you know whatever where it dropped to a support and then bounce back up right you know it goes up to the peak drops down and then comes up and and they every time they came up not every time but a lot of the time they will come right up to the six one eight Fibonacci level and so once this drop came you know I just drew it and I had to redraw it a couple times right cuz the price kept dropping but right now we're sitting like right at that six one eight so what I think we're gonna do is I think we're gonna tap the six one eight maybe even the seven six to Fibonacci level and then I think we're you're gonna head back down how much down I have no idea you know what I think I'm leaning towards is we're gonna drop down back towards where we were I just think it's gonna be brief I don't think it'll be a long time but who knows you know it depends on where we are in the process we could be at the beginning you know the I don't think we're at the beginning but point is is like I think there's still gonna be a shakeout like what I've been learning about these cycles is it seems like there's almost always a time where it's like crazy fast shakeout or or or you can call it a capitulation you know a lot of people just give up you know but either way I do think we're due for one of those so I say at least a 30-person yeah maybe a thirty I'd have to look at the chart but I think we'll see a significant drop down from where we are now and it'll scare a bunch of people some people will sell and some people won't but yeah I think I'll leave it at that I just want to say thank you guys to all of you who watch and you haven't unsubscribe because I look at my subscribers all the time I'm still on the channel using it often you know cuz i watch crypto videos and stuff but yeah so thank you guys for not unsub increased eight that even though I haven't made a video in a while that's it's pretty impressive to be honest but okay so I'm gonna leave it at that it's been a long video thank you guys so much for still subscribing and I hope to bring you some great content in the near future I miss hanging out with you guys and doing live streams and and it's it's a good time so take care and we'll talk soon later

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  1. Thanks everyone so much for all the awesome comments!! I'm very lucky to have you all as subscribers 🙂 I look forward to starting to provide you with some value and I apologize for slacking so much! For those that would like to see some of what I been up to you can also check out

  2. Put all your stuff on one channel please!!! Let the viewers skip or watch whatever they want

  3. I hope i can use a credit union down there, I heard yall are having a problem with 1st bank and popular accepting crypto converted payments. Good luck either way! Yeah I started my Crypto Comedy skits at the start of the bear market, aint made a dime lol its been hard but ima keep going. Peace.

  4. Good video. i wish i have been buying crypto but i haven't bought anything .since late 2017. now all the prices are going up and i just got alot better job with job opportunities at a place called turner pipe. my starting pay will be 50k gross and when i make it to welder in 2 years 120k but now i am going to start buying 2k a month into crypto i want to get a full bitcoin but not sure if i am going to do that or buy 1k tokenpay coins. and i get my income tax soon little over 2k going to put all of it in crypto.

  5. Yo Joey! Looking forward to many more crypto videos from you. This crypto winter will end, actually, it Kinda feels like the beginning of crypto spring lately. What we have all been through will make us all stronger and smarter in the long run. The bull is coming!

  6. Good to see you Joey! I've seen you on your Discord channel so I know that you have been charting and learning during this crypto winter. Take care my friend!

  7. Joey you are all good. Lo ed watching your videos and when you went live. I'm still in crypto. Lol.. but I got a new found passion. Come check out my videos on my channel brother. It would mean alot if you stopped by. Crypto will be back

  8. Jooooeeeeyyyyy!! So good to see you. We missed you. BTW, your beard is the d-o-p-e.
    A lot of ppl got annihilated in this bear market, but don't worry. The long term trend line says the BTC price should turn a corner in June.
    Naw, you didn't quit. You just pushed "pause".
    I agree that it wouldn't be right if you flooded your channel with non-crypto content but I'd like to see a video on the pros/cons of living in Puerto Rico. Lots of people are saying it's great because you don't pay much income tax at all, the weather (without hurricanes) is great, the people are nice, the cost of living is sort of low, etc.

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