Acryl gießen (389) Mit einem Kaffeefilter feine Linien

Hello friends, hello together today a picture laughing a coffee filter has two holes down below I would like to test that. Maybe he works fine at the I touched this time from Amsterdam Expert the yellow green the king blue and ivory black and normal white I will cover the white beforehand the frame is 30 x 30 centimeters then let us start and see what happens So friend First, make white as a base layer mixed normally with the vinyl glue Artist Junior first of all cover everything nicely So I prefer to run. Then I have an even surface yes that’s just enough well measured Timo, laughing OK briefly make out the air bubbles OK get this now Coffee filters take but make the two holes I do not have silicone either in it no cell creator. So nothing I’ll see if I still have some white I’m dripping again, that’s not the point it has to be fast you see here I will start from the outside not that I have a spot, but leave it quickly we run over it nice Get lines Now let’s see if it works Hm now comes the other colors I’m watching Now we have a nice network a little blue, that comes from above now it will be dripping, now I stop starts to drip Just put a cup under me OK cool Heat the bubbles for a short while yes through the slight air bubbles Then a few small dots have emerged but that has something crazy ok, I leave it for 10 minutes that was it this time I do not want to now do something else like Cell Creator or Silicone I want to see how it dries up because I think the net has a cool effect and then I say see you soon So friends now from close I think there is a 3D effect due to the superimposed colors so I think it’s really cool. You can also do more or less should only serve as an example So I think it’s really good then sometimes these thicker stripes thinner strips fit ok, well i hope you enjoyed it? and I think you can do much more maybe i will do it too then I wish you something, all the best Until next time Bye, Bye

20 thoughts on “Acryl gießen (389) Mit einem Kaffeefilter feine Linien”

  1. Was für eine Super Idee 💡👍👍👍Das muss ich auch machen …. Danke fürs Zeigen !!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

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