25 thoughts on “Abra App – Why This Is Significant For Litecoin & Cryptocurrency”

  1. Hope everyone enjoys my explanation of why the new Abra App is so significant for Litecoin and Cryptocurrency adoption 🙂
    Article: https://www.theliteschool.com/the-lite-blog-1/why-abra-is-a-big-deal-for-litecoin

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  3. Abra fails to transfer funds to or from Wells Fargo, after opening a ticket they stated:
    "Unfortunately, due to security protocols from our banking partner, your bank and credit card integrations will not work with your Abra wallet."
    'just say'n

  4. This is how Cryptos are destroyed. You are not on the blockchain you do not own the asset. Money sucked up and zero demand because this isn't real! May help litecoin.

  5. Awesome concept, easier to invite friends to get involved in crypto, I also like the idea of virtual cashing out in usd, it's what you have to do with usdt on an exchange

  6. I love your t shirt guy. Thanks for the info by the way. I also put out my very first crypto t shirt design here: www.teespring.com/crypto-lovers. I'm hoping this will help me gain entry to the cryptocurrency world.

  7. Just downloaded Abra but when I got to add money I can only use bank, card or #BTC. No mention of Litecoin?

  8. ŁTC will be HUGE! So many people don't realize what ABRA has just done for everyone. Too many Noobs in this market.

  9. So Nugget, you're just putting up your videos and not acknowledging the market shrinking and dying every day? I have watched many of your vids talking up the future of crypto and the profits to be made – you have gone a bit quiet on that front I see

  10. I like LTC better than any other coin! I made the most money with it and the tech behind it is awesome. Also Charlie Lee is a good CEO

  11. I just download the ABRA app. I like it a lot. One small problem. My bank is not supported and the only other way to fund the wallet is Bitcoin, not Litecoin. So for whoever is outside USA and Philippines and for whoever does not want to use Bitcoin to fund because of the high transaction fees and slow transaction times, there is no way to fund the ABRA wallet. I don't understand why not let users fund with Litecoin as well as Bitcoin since they are using the Litecoin network, it doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something?

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  13. I don't like the fact you have to have a balance in order to see the exchange rates? WTF How can you see if the app is competitive with other exchanges? Also is every transaction a market order? For free? something smells weird here, or is it just me?

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