all right guys so I'm here in downtown Toronto now I want to go over what the problem is with the banks these are all TD towers just to give you guys the location of where I am I'm in the financial in the financial district in Toronto Canada on King Street so this is the the heart of the financial district for Toronto Canada now let's go over what the problems are with the banks so let's go over why digital asset will be successful just like the banks so this is why as I walk through this court right now all the banks are closed so they only operate 9:00 to 5:00 not open on the weekend digital asset is open 24/7 no age restriction that's why bitcoin is gonna succeed because these people just don't understand it to content with collecting a salary of a measly $60,000 a year and living their lives so why will Bitcoin succeed because the banks are closed and bitcoins open 24/7 banks are only nine to five so remember that CIBC closed BMO closed TD Bank closed stock and bond closed digital asset open Bitcoin

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